I See Your Face
Ronald Meador

Song Reviews

Dreamy Vocals

Ronald, even after such a long break from your music, it hits you so much stronger when you come back to enjoy and enjoy cannot explain enough how your vocals, lyrics and music all blend together into a fine performance over and over again. Remarkable!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lester

Soft Rock

Good evening I just got through again your song I really like the title I like the creativity I'm a big fan of all types of music and country music thank you for sharing you'll be afraid to take a chance just keep on making great music and never stop saying you'll get sometimes with the world. I hope you and you on your way so far thank you again to be posted and informed on any new music have a wonderful day may God bless you and all your creativity and I'll let you go to do

United States, California, Every Where

I See Your Face

Nicely Done! Ronald. I love music arrangement and lyrics, the piano is awesome! It's also a very good social dance song. Keep these great tunes coming. I look forward to hearing more of your songs. Take care!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal


Ok. I really like the song. Very traditional almost a Hank Sr. type feel and thats a really good thing., Good writing and very memorable melody line. That being said the performance is sub par at best. The backing track sounds like a bad "band in a box" cut and paste music and the vocals are really awful and the harmonies even worse. I would like to hear Colter Wall sing this .

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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