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Good Old Fashioned Love song

I got a request to review this song from Ronald up in Wichita Falls. He said it was, "His attempt at writing..." Well, Ronald, you didn't attempt do a dog gone knocked this one right out of the park, ole buddy! This song has all the fixin's of a Country classic. Straight out of the gate the introduction reminded me of George Jones's "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" It had that sound and it had that feel from the slow elegantly played piano melody to the lilting twang of that pedal steel floating above it. The vocal delivery of his sincere heartfelt lyrics makes this a truly tender and enduring love song for the ages. He put his heart and soul into this poem that he penned to his lucky lady all set to the tableau of such a well orchestrated musical ensemble. I don't know who's playing for you Ronald, but they've all got chops to rival MY band. The production is surprisingly clean and well edited and I'm a stickler for that having been a recording engineer. Whoever did the production on this song gets a B+ because there are some frequency issues between the vocals and the instrumentation and some other minor things going on with some instrumentation levels competing with the vocal, but that's minor. Like I said before, it's a good mix, it's edited competently for the most part. and yes I am a hard ass. There's definitely some talent up there in the Panhandle. Like I said before, you really knocked this one out of the park. And you know what that better get back in there and write some more of these pronto ;)

My Everything

Nice country song!! Hope you write more! I prefer traditional country to some of the stuff that's played nowadays.... Who played on the backing track? Did you bring the backing vocal? Have a great day, Ronald!

No Ego Involved

No ego is involved here. Well, it should because you are of greatness. There's only one other man that can fill your shoes, who will nameless. What an amazing atmosphere you create in this song. This titled was borrowed from Barry White but you put a remarkable spin to it. So soft, yet tough, and emotional. It just most come easy for you to do these incredible tunes.

good effort

The Lyrics are good, and the slide guitar very sweet, Your Harmonies do work with your voce, when you do this again and again it will be easier and you will gain more voice control. Keep up what you are doing my friend.

My Everything

A nice traditional country song I enjoyed listening to this I would put this on my listening list to play nice steel guitar coming through though vocals have a bit too much reverb or echo a bit of editing to solve this

My Everything Review

I really like the pedal steel from the start, it is get all the way through the song. Lyrics can stand up, but vocals are lacking a bit for this track. I like the songwriting and would like to hear something else. Piano was a very nice touch.

REview of my everything

Review of my eveythimg Was a pleasure to do from the start as the strings blended in with the ivory and opened a path for the vocals to tell a heart felt love story, A sound of. Pure country as the fiddle moans and smooths the country blend in a nice cover of this tune ! I thiink. Youn will have to run it past your ears more than once so give this artist a litttle time and enjoy his new tune, Great work!

Nice Waltz!

I'm glad you said you're not worried about your ego. I have a couple of suggestions. I love the classic sound of this song. The chorus rises higher in range than the verse, which helps the listener to stay into the song. Also, there aren't many true waltz tunes being written right now, and since our band always gets requests for waltzes, I feel that there should be more of them. The theme is also classic in country music, and fits well with the musical style. Truthfully, however, I couldn't understand your lyrics very well for a couple of reasons. Please remember that these are only my opinions. The first reason I couldn't clearly understand the lyrics is that the vocal track needed a brighter equalization. Too much bass and too little treble frequencies. Secondly, the reverb effect is too thick. The rest of the production sounded fine and the arrangement and instrumental assignments fit the genre. If you're thinking of pitching this to the industry, be ready to hear that the song is dated - that it sounds like older country and that current artists would not be willing to cut the song and present it. Of course, there are always those, like Dwight Yoakum, who will be willing to listen to this pitch, but for a general pitch session, I think most industry pros would pass on this song. But, I'm often wrong, and I wish you luck on your musical pursuits. Thanks for submitting.


I do like the song. It is a nice waltz beat. It is very God basic beat. With your voice it does need a lot of vocal training. It a bit out of tune, you have the power behind your voice. Needs training. Well done

Keeping Country Alive

I am glad to hear that you are keeping traditional country alive. Your harmony is a tad off but, it sounds pretty good. Love the piano. Do you have other traditional songs I could hear? Keep it up it was nice.

My everything

Hi Ron good traditional Country Song. Love the Steel! Has a great piano part as well. Reminds me of classic George Jones style . Harmonies sound pretty! Keep at it ! Enjoyed listening to this one, Again reminds me of classic George with Steel and Piano in the background.

Reverb is not Chocolate

It is a sure sign of insecurity when someone saturates their vocals beyond audibility. If you want to make a recording that people can listen to and like, follow these remix suggestions. Remember that less is more. Reverb should sound like a little bit of room sound. While you are signing, drop out anything that isn't absolutely necessary to keep the song going. The melody is a good old fashioned sound. The instrumentation sounds like you grabbed something stock out of band in a box and didn't bother to make it your own. Band in the Box is great for preproduction work and you can even use some of it in final productions, I've heard it done. The thing is that you need to mix the song, arrange the instruments and drop stuff out. I don't mean to run you into the dirt on this but I was so distracted with the issues I couldn't comfortably listen to the most important thing, the words. Give it a remix and play with it. If you have a mac, use Garage band and import the tracks there and if not, find something for free for the PC and do the same. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot these days but you do need to think through what you are trying to say. You can't have everyone talking at once and then bury it all in a wash of reverb. Think of it like actors on a stage working around each other's phrasing. Let me know if you rework it. I'd love to hear it again.
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