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Good Old Fashioned Love song

I got a request to review this song from Ronald up in Wichita Falls. He said it was, "His attempt at writing..." Well, Ronald, you didn't attempt do a dog gone knocked this one right out of the park, ole buddy! This song has all the fixin's of a Country classic. Straight out of the gate the introduction reminded me of George Jones's "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" It had that sound and it had that feel from the slow elegantly played piano melody to the lilting twang of that pedal steel floating above it. The vocal delivery of his sincere heartfelt lyrics makes this a truly tender and enduring love song for the ages. He put his heart and soul into this poem that he penned to his lucky lady all set to the tableau of such a well orchestrated musical ensemble. I don't know who's playing for you Ronald, but they've all got chops to rival MY band. The production is surprisingly clean and well edited and I'm a stickler for that having been a recording engineer. Whoever did the production on this song gets a B+ because there are some frequency issues between the vocals and the instrumentation and some other minor things going on with some instrumentation levels competing with the vocal, but that's minor. Like I said before, it's a good mix, it's edited competently for the most part. and yes I am a hard ass. There's definitely some talent up there in the Panhandle. Like I said before, you really knocked this one out of the park. And you know what that better get back in there and write some more of these pronto ;)

United States, Texas, Austin

My Everything

Hi Ronald, once again I love the good old traditional sound of the music arrangement. It's a beautiful ballad with meaningful story line. You voice sounds very nice and sincere. This is an all round nicely done song.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

valzer lento

un valzer lento ballabile non male se sarebbe cantato da un grande cantante l'unica sarebbe di continuare con queste melodie vedere di migliorarle ancora e trovare un cantante ad hoc per questo genere ma questo e' solo il mio modesto parere ciao

Italy, dalmine bg


Good evening I can just took a listen ???? to your song I really like it and I appreciate good music.. I listen to country at times and I took a huge liking to it even though I'm a big fan of music..I love creative and unique music keep on writing songs and never stop sharing your gifts can with the world..I hop you have a wonderful weekend.. Thank you again for sharing have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your creativity.. Thank you again keep on growing in you music ???? peac...

United States, California, Every Where

Awesome job

Great job! I like the traditional sounds! God bless and best of luck! Keep working and putting it out. It’s so easy to get discouraged in this business. I’d like to here more. Your pianist is very talented as well! Have a great weekend!

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

My Everything

Nice country song!! Hope you write more! I prefer traditional country to some of the stuff that's played nowadays.... Who played on the backing track? Did you bring the backing vocal? Have a great day, Ronald!

Canada, Manitoba, Brandon

No Ego Involved

No ego is involved here. Well, it should because you are of greatness. There's only one other man that can fill your shoes, who will nameless. What an amazing atmosphere you create in this song. This titled was borrowed from Barry White but you put a remarkable spin to it. So soft, yet tough, and emotional. It just most come easy for you to do these incredible tunes.

United States, Pennsylvania, Lester

good effort

The Lyrics are good, and the slide guitar very sweet, Your Harmonies do work with your voce, when you do this again and again it will be easier and you will gain more voice control. Keep up what you are doing my friend.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

My Everything

A nice traditional country song I enjoyed listening to this I would put this on my listening list to play nice steel guitar coming through though vocals have a bit too much reverb or echo a bit of editing to solve this

United Kingdom, Taunton

My Everything Review

I really like the pedal steel from the start, it is get all the way through the song. Lyrics can stand up, but vocals are lacking a bit for this track. I like the songwriting and would like to hear something else. Piano was a very nice touch.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

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