The Weed, The Speed, And A Lot Of J.D.

Ronald Meador

Song Reviews

Love Piano

Ronald, that piano really drives the entire power of the work. The atmosphere you created was ideal, and your vocals really accent the lyrics. It all works out to an enjoyable and dreamy experience. I just had to replay it because it was just so delightful and classic.

United States, Pennsylvania, Lester

Your music rocks

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South Africa, Cape Town

The weed, the speed and a lot of JD review

As I listened to this particular song, I heard a nice little composition that is a fun time. The biggest issue and suggestion that I would say is the mix. You have all the instruments and vocals going but you don't have a good enough mix of it all to make a lot of sense to the listener. If you do anything with this song, take my suggestion and take it into a real studio that can mix it all down and have it come out sounding like something you would want to hear, Lose a lot of the reverb on it since it only covers up the vocals too much and get the sound together properly. You will have a fun song you can then show as a substantial tune. Good luck and hopefully you take the advice about the mix.

United States, California, San Diego

The Weed, The Speed, and a lot of J.D.

Hey Ronald, great tune! I love the traditional feel to it. Good lyrics and your vocals are a natural for this song. That some really great piano playing. Congrats! this is certainly a well produced song, cheers!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Very stony

I enjoy the lyrics and the feel of the song. Nice piano going on back there. The harmonies works fine on here. Good guitar solo as well as the piano solo well done. The song is very fun. Keep up the good work.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Honky Tonk lives

I have always that Honky Tonk style and the song itself is very well written and thought out. I would live to cover this in my band. The hook is a great ear work and I will be singing it all day

Canada, Ontario, london


Nice guitar lead, I like the live sound and mix of drums. A little bit of a classic mix showing you've done your homework on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill


What an absolutely compelling Opening instrumental Opening few bars of music that completely and utterly drew me in the recording vocalist doesn’t have the strongest of voices as a solo performer but it became more entertaining whe he double tracked a whole lot of harmonies on top of his own voice and was quite listenable to. Not sure what the music was doing it sounded very much like a backing track but I stand corrected if it was the recording artist himself.

United Kingdom, Bridport

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