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Robert Meloccaro. The other side of tomorrow

Like this track its got a laid back jazzy feel with little surprises a nice natural sound and the the the prog rock guitars pop in for a visit and have a little flirt and back to the bass great sounding bass and then the Jazz piano.. this track is clever like the way the bass and guitar echo each other like a little riffing battle and the drums so natural sounding with just the right amount of reverb thanks for sharing your quality music press play and escape for 6+ plus minutes


Hey nice tune for sure and the bass carries that riff throughout with a kind of YES tone. There are a lot of alleys this goes down as well, meaning different directions and all adds to the variety. Nice harmony guitars too. My only complaint, as a guitarist as well, is simply hoping for a little more improv jamming but I dig it, simple, short and sweet. All about the groove, good going!

Awesome ????

Very unique instrumental very clever I love the music Mary welcome poems welcome put together. Thank you for sharing this instrumental with me sorry it took me so long to review the song I've been backed up busy doing other things no. Continue State Creator keep on sharing your music keep on making gravy hits especially during this time that what's going on throughout the world such as time is it in skin sometimes make me or other people very creative or you can come up a right all types of music music from the heart and soul. I Love it list all genres of music gospel jazz rap song artist name a few I love you too... once again thank you for sending this to me sorry I took me so long to review keep me posted never stop sharing your music may God continue to bless you and all that you want to do and create have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your once again thank you for sending this to me sorry I took me so long to review keep me posted never stop sharing your music may God continue to bless you and all that you want to do and create have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of yourwonderful day and enjoy the rest of your

Nice Groove

Great intro with the guitar and bass. followed by a nice guitar lick, I like the effects on the guitar, Keyboards are nice. I enjoy the simplicity of the drum track works well with this song. Kind of funky yet a hint of Jazz. The bridge is strong nice work.

your song

thank you so much for sending your song for review. I find the song very nice and well done and produced. The groove is great and that funky feel is great with the song. The sound of the song also s very good, very clear and well balanced. The guitars spectrum and then the guitar solo makes of the song a great add to it. The bass lines are wow, very groovy and very fat in the center then those guitar making the harmonies in the left and right channels are really very beautiful, congratulations on such great song, keep it up. Greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

My review of the song

Hi, how are you? First of all thank you for submitting your song for consideration. It is a song that looks very happy, with very nice and well executed solos, and despite not being very balanced in terms of volume and equalization, it sounds quite good. What is a point against is that the song does not have a melody that serves as a support and exclusively passes from one to another. In any case, I think that with a work that contains more melody, they can have more scope to put a song even on the radio. Keep going

The Otherside of Tomorrow

Hey Robert! This is a great jam from beginning to end with a mellow rock melody that lifts the mood like a gentle breeze.Nice bridge with the piano/keyboard with excellent percussion. Then a nice interlude with the bass/electric guitar lifts the spirit. You have a new sound in this composition more like Rock Blues Jam. Great mix of instruments with stellar effects. Just a suggestion, I would post this in Blues Rock Genre for Recommend and Earn and see how it climbs the ratings. You will get some new fans there too I would wager. So I hope you give it a new lease on life and try it.

Catchy Hook laden Instrumental Prog

I immediately bonded with this song right out of the gate, the playing, arrangement and production is very strong. I am very glad I was asked to review this music, I am now an official fan!! Bill Compeau-kinAxis

Musicianship ~ what a concept !

This track is peopled by musicians who can actually play at a high level, and use inspired writing and imagination, a combination that's becoming all too rare in this day and age. I enjoyed the production also, clear and tonally rich. One suggestion I have is to also do a shorter version for streaming, use the longer one for CD's. Most people have short l'il attention spans nowadays.
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