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Upbeat and catchy and easy to listen to, but needs Moore lyrics to keep the audience attention. Overall a good start to great song, And more vocals and you're on your way, thank be to God! Don't quit.

Positive Vibes

The introduction put a smile on my face automatically. It put you in the mind of a friendly commercial. The vibe is fun and positive to make a person want to listen more throughout the song. The child voice is so adorable and to know that theres a boldness for God to even say THANK YOU JESUS! Love it! It make you wanna say thank you Jesus as well.

Creative and Fun Family Praise

Robert Green what awesome upbeat song. Having the whole family what a clever ideal, especially the young child at-living. The lyric was a fun meanful and great way to show thankfulness allow the whole family a chance to up lift the Lord as a group. Yes the Lord is clapping for the Family Praise

I like it

Hello Robert I like the song Psalms 47 1 I always love to hear the sound of children and a gospel song it lets me know that they are being bought up at the right way praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue the good work continue writing and praising the Lord I will continue listening love what you doing

Psalm 47:1

Your Music is awesome! Very modern production, and extremely soulful! What a pleasure to listen to! I’m hooked! Psalm 47:1 Is one of my favorites! God Created us, and he Created Music, and he Created you to do what you do! So please, keep writing, recording, touring, and spreading the word of God!

The voice of Angels

This song is so good and the beat is awesome. I find myself wanting to dance. As I type this review I find myself typing to the beat. LOL The use of the little child is genius she is so cute. A family that plays together stays together

Psalms 47

Another great song, Robert. It's always a great time when we worship in the sanctuary and at home all day. I like the additional voices. Really adds to the praise song. Thank you for being used of God in all you do. Keep of the great work of ministry to the world. The kid has a voice I think. Awesome stuff. Have another good day and I'll talk to you soon. DE

Psalms 47:1

Hi Rob. This is pretty cool; to introduce your family into such an awesome "family business." lol As always, great music, and great back ground singers. Great interpretation of Psalm 47:1 Sometimes, I'm sure that not so many words need to be laid out in a song to give glory to God. Good job again bro. Blessings, Trev. :)

From The mouth of Babes!

I love this simple yet catchy melody of The Word. Your voice is so refreshing and smooth. The child's involvement blessed me greatly! Please continue to spread The Gospel with Your gift and may God continue to bless all Your endeavours.
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