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I appreciate you doing a song that has reference to the word. It's hard being a messenger of the word and it's a blessing to use your voice. That is awesome and i hope you continue to keep doing his work and delivering his message. Psalms is really special so you should feel very proud about what you are putting out for the world to hear. Stay grounded, stay prayed up, stay focused and be blessed.

Love this ! Ever so nice :-)

Love this ! Ever so nice :-) You know I so appreciate your work Rob ! This is so honest, fresh and hip ! Great story line throughout this entire cut. Such appreciation you have as a songwriter for THE WORD and spreading faith and the adoration of music. The use of the child is over the top good !!!! As, usual, you nailed it all the way... (my one constructive request would be a bridge that takes this to another whole level) Thanks so much for sharing your music... Great job ROB !!! :-)


Thanks for asking me to review your song I think your song is an interesting song I think your lyrics are very good and the lyrics feel more real as I heard more of it . Gospel songs can be very difficult but you’ve done a fairly good job with it I particularly liked the little girls voice in your song

Good vibe

I like this song, the R&B vibe is very uplifting. The scriptural element is something I really like in a song. Too many songs these days dance around what they are really about, being very vague with hardly a mention of Jesus anywhere in the song. The repetition is both good and not so good. As a worship director in my home church I look for repetition of lyrics in songs to a certain extent for the simple fact of getting a song sort of stuck in the heads of our congregants - this song certainly does that, but I would have like to have heard a little more depth lyrically. I thought the addition of children here and there was a nice touch. Overall I think this is a strong 3.5+ star song. Nice work!
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