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Review Of New Life

I do believe you have won me over with your amazing voice and captivating lyrics. The song construct is very well composed and arranged. You my dear are indeed very talented and truly annointed. Please continue your work in Blessing people and the Most High giving him glory with your enamoring skills. I Love Your Music God Bless You.

I Need You Jesus

Music from the Heart... great song for this generation going straight to the core need. This song carries the answer for the hungry seeking heart of all people, John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins.

New life

Hey bro Robert,greetings your song new life is an awesome song,I love it,the words are meaningful and powerful,we really need new life in Christ Jesus always,its catchy, the hormony is great,the music is too,so over all its a great song and people. Will love it.... Keep up the good workGod bless

review song

love this song love the music love the lyrics love the singing all about this song is tops in my hearing i think the songs i have review hear in N 1 M are all tops i think due to all been Christian lyrics so on are tops because it is a gift from GOD so i think this song has a big chance with all top songs to get to number 1 so i think you should promote this song big time yet been a christian is not about only been number 1 it is about all of us brothers sisters supporting each other by leading all people to JESUS CHRIST and by keeping the family of GOD in unity with THE TRINITY GOD CREATOR OF LIFE bless you brother keep up the good work in the lord bless also your family and church everyone GOD BE WITH YOU ALL i loved all this song so i gave it top rating to what it deserves in the lord for the lord gives us great gifts and makes us great

Good talent

Hello Robert listen to your song New Life I love it I love the lyrics and the music like the way it was put together good job the more I listen to you the more like you you have a very unique Style God is truly bless you keep on creating keep on trusting in the Lord

New Life

Nice theme for your song. I love the different style and the minor key. The words are right on and very biblical sound. You have a creative mind and you inspired this old guy. I appreciate your spirit for God and your music. Continue your great stuff. I have a new life and I'm telling everyone I can about it. God bless you and your work. DE

A great wake up song

I love the beat as it got past the intro. The combination of voices are brilliant. The song is well written and the message is very important. This song is awesome! I would recommend it to others. The passion is genuine. You have a gift my friend keep using it for the glory of God.

New Life

Hi Rob. Another keeper brother. Great music, background vocals, and message. I don't know if you built this effect into the intro of the song, but I heard some fairly heavy static that cleared off when your singing started. Was that part of the bass track? I can just imagine a concert that you might be ministering at with a song like this. I can see our Father's Holy Spirit using this song to reach even the hardest heart. Keep on ministering and writing brother. Blessings, Trev. :)

R&B and hope

Your lyrics speak volumes about where you are and hint at where you've been. A personal journey is always a good song topic and like this one it will apply to all of us in some way. I like that a congregation can sing this song with its straight ahead structure. The chord progression is logical, flows well and, even though it is in a minor key, it doesn’t evoke sadness. Good job Robert.

Great Song!

This song had my toes tapping from the start. It is a very inspirational and uplifting song. I truly Love the message in the words of this song. It is wonderful that we can have a "new life" in Christ!
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