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Show Me Your Glory Review

Oh My, How Beautiful and heartfelt. I am speechless. You sound so heavenly and angelic, I Love It, It stirs my soul. Been going through some tough times this season having lost family members and getting back on track with the grieving and God's guidance. Your music is such a Blessing, I Thank You for sharing your Blessed annointed gift with thee world. Much success and Lovee. TC

Awesome Content

People don’t understand the art of songwriting it takes a lot. We pour our hearts out in a creative way for the world to criticize. But you have true talent and please keep doing what your doing

Keep going!

Hi, good morning !! I love the harmonies in the chorus part it sort of reminds me of a group called commission. My only advice for you is when you are doing the verse is to pick it up some. You can sing it slow but not dragging and don't be afraid to adlib and take it there. That's what will push the song.????

Show me your glory:

Hello Robert, how are you? Listen, I was checking out some music and (WOW ) !!! This song sounds like a hit to me. I personally love the smoothness of and the style of it. You've recorded and played beautifully on this track. I honestly feel that you have something special here so keep up the wonderful sounds and may God bless you and your family. SMILE.... Take care my friend. Paul Geathers


Wow brother Robert, the song was truly a blessing to hear. I really enjoyed the harmony, and the music blend really well. The cry out to the Lord in such a soft power way. Continue to sing for the Glory of the Lord. Be Blessed while being a Blessing.

Lovely track

What a beautiful track and thanks for asking me to review it for you .a very nice composition and well put together I could imagine the whole congregation at church singing to this great song well done


I listen to your song Show Me Your Glory I was inspired I like the sound you have incredible voice God is truly bless you with I hope that others has the chance to listen to your song and be inspired as well it's good to see young men like yourself singing for the glory of God keep on singing keep on creating keep on trusting keep on knowing that God is going to push you forward I will continue to keep a listen out for your music stay blessed

captivating ....

I really like this song very much reminds me of" Men of Standard"....Hats off to you and the other artist involved in making this track... Promote , promote , promote .... this one has to be heard . Amazing work , truly grate sound ... Be successful Be Blessed ,,7fourG

Show Me Your Glory

Wow bro! Talk about setting the stage for a hungry heart after Jesus. Just enough unpredictability to make me wonder where you are going next (musically & vocally) but always happy with the destination. ;) :) Very nice tune with which to "soak" in the Lord's presence. If there would be anything that I might recommend, and I think I really have to scratch here, I would have liked to hear a few more seconds of just you and your background singers (say the first 20 seconds) without any of the instruments; before they were introduced into the song. (or at the very most a low volume strings track for those 20 seconds) I'd say you heard from the Lord on this one for sure Rob. Thanks for taking me to the throne room bro. Blessings, Trev. :)

Very nice and sincere delivery

This is Very nice and such an absolute sincere delivery... The vocals tended to stray a bit pitch wise, but such a sincere and beautiful delivery.The Mix is the only reason I wasn't going with a 4.5...Blessings and thanks for sharing your music :-)

Show Me

What a song. The words are out of this world and of course the artist portrays it very nicely. As usual the harmony is first rate. The only problem right now is I can't finish listening to it because this site is so slow on the weekends. These type of songs is what keeps me in music. You have given me some ideas for new songs right from your great tune, Thanks for sharing and listening to God as he speaks to your heart.


I like the song/track!!! The lyrics are nice....the storyline is me songwriting is not about rhyming and spitting's all about telling a story....the music and melody is nice and subtle...i can see and this song as a nice praise song for church.....this song shows ypur spiritually and your faith in the Lord/'s like a song you would play when you're troubled or dismayed with things going on in your life...i like it!!!! Well done!!!!


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Now Robert this song right here is amazing. This is a better song and you actually seem to have put the proper energy into this song. This is the energy we want from you and in time it will get better. As long as you have someone on your side that will tell you when you have something good or not will make your work a lot better and will take you far. You have the drive just need the push

Stay Close

This is a great melodic worship track that has a presence. There is an anointing for your gift and ability. If you are connected to a ministry and you sing in the capacity of music minister or worship leader, then you should concentrate your focus on getting closer to The Most High so that your gifts will make room for you to expand your territory. The ability is there so your success lies with your preparation and obedience, the increase comes after. I don't know your walk or relationship concerning spirtuality but I figured this would be more meaningful than how the song was made. Continue with your success and growth.
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