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great song man i believe you will make it one day i will see you in the music industry i hope you are doing your career right i hope you will carry the career the right way. I know you will be making great music just like i do i really enjoy this i like it keep improving and record another and another i know you will be great!


Keep it up don't stop no matter what. Keep God first at all times. Be kind/inter act with ur fans as often as possible. Accept the good with the bad. Head high. Ten fingers up & ten toes down. #ChiLouGoHard

Resist Him

Hi again Robert. As I listened to the first few bars, I thought to myself, "WOW, this is a tremendous introduction for a song that is going to call the Christians to war against the enemy." (of course there should be something in there about submitting to God before trying to resist the enemy of our souls - James 4:7) ;) Loved the talented and heavy bass work. Then I realised it was just an instrumental track. I felt like I was getting ready to head off to war. I certainly hope that you have some words that will equally rally the troops for spiritual war. ;) Very nice job brother. May the Lord direct you to it's completion. I only gave it a 4.9 out of 5 because there were no words. ;) lol Your brother, Trev. :)

Oh yes Rob... On the mark !!!

Oh yes Rob... On the mark !!! Very c@@L once again... such a nice vibe, changes ( though simple) keep it flowing throughout the entire cut. The ridge was well thought out and hip... Liking that groove Rob... Thoughtful ending into the fading infinite...Well done and of interest. Thx for sharing Your Music !!! :-)
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