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Faith review

I listen to your song and heres what I think, It a very NICE SONG GOOD ARRANGEMENT AND VOCALS sounds like a a hit from the late 90s back when Bebe a Cece Winans were big on the scene. Kinda reminds me of Take6 the group Fred Hammond use to be in.

True to His word

Sounds good. Amen! Yes God is incredible. You did great with this song. Love the beat and the words are true to God's word. Blessings to you Robert Green. Keep your faith and trust He will lead you.

Great Music

This is amazing I truly appreciate great music. People don’t understand the hard work it takes to create great music and promote it for the world to hear. Keep doing what you do the world needs it.


i love it. gospel with a rock. keep up the good work god is working thew you. man sounds like kithe sweat early 90. with swag .feel.thast nold school flavor..had hear it from cali. go boy.

I like this!

This gives me an old school vibe, it’s diverse and unique, it expresses artist like jagged edge, jodeci, and the fact that it’s gospel gives it an extra edge. You have taken many different styles and genres and combined them. Great job!

Review of "Faith"

The song opens with a powerful and captivating intro... not too long - just right! The sound is modern/contemporary and edgy - easily something that could be played on any major radio station...The lead vocals are strong and clear, the drum beat is spot on. The back & forth vocals with the singers is soulful and fun to listen to. The song breaks into some nice harmonies, and then comes down with the vocals stepping out - well above the music. A great touch. The song moves along nicely, and has enough changes along the way to keep the ears and mind focused on where the song is going... nice places. The music to vocal mix is just right, and the dynamics from soft to louder make the song's well thought arrangement anything but boring. This song may have benefited with a short interlude, with a stinging rock guitar kicking it out, and then again on the ending some guitar licks in the background would take it a little higher. As this song stands, it's fantastic, a creative jewel that is fun to listen to and inspiring. This song makes you want to move, get up and dance and would certainly reach people who normally don't listen to most gospel/Christian music. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing your song with us, and I pray God sends it to the ends of the planet. And I might add the lyrics are splendid, and deserve more than one or two takes to really appreciate. In Jesus Name, Michael D'Aigle


Keep doing your thing nice to see artists such as yourself making there own unique sound, looking forward to hearing more of your work in the future. Showing support keep up the hard work hard work always pays off.

That Robert Green Energy

Robert Green demonstrates a powerful energy on his song "Faith".It drips remeniscent of that 80s New Jack sound.The sound that helped foster artists like R Kelly,Aaron Hall,Gerald Levert and many many more.

Nice as always !

Nice as always ! This is an example of modern Contemporary Gospel that ties into everything cool !!! The supportive tracks are right on for this cut. I will offer a positive critique: pitch is essential , just breathe, sing it from the diaphragm and nail it. Those end phrases have that dip simply won't...(You got this !-your phrasing is so good and spot on my friend)Nicely done !!! Thx for sharing :-)


A little static in the beginning or feedback. I supposed that was planned. It just surprised me. We all need faith and we can't live without it. Your vocals are great and your singers excellent. Good song and lyrics. You continue to impress me with your incredible Gospel music and your voice. Sing, sing, sing for Jesus. That is where it is at. Go for it, Bro. Wow what a good song. I want more faith like you are singing about.


Robert how are you? Your the last on the list and we notice this is an older review so let’s get to it real quick and get out the way so you can get back to work.... This song is beautiful however you sound to be stopped up. Open up more, act like your in the shower knowing your the only one in the house so you can be free. This song can be so much more then it is. It can make movements you couldn’t imagine.

Something You Gotta Have

Absolutely you have to have faith in everything you do. I can remember times when it was so hard for me to just keep going and I had to find faith that God would help me see it through. So thank you this morning for such a positive message to listen to and vibe to and get my mind right. It is inevitable that we keep the message going. I hope this review helps you. Thank you and god bless.


Hi again Rob. Sounds like another good song brother. Nice coordination between all of the instruments. Also, good fill in vocals. I can't think of anything that I would change or recommend otherwise. Keep spinnin for Jesus Rob. :) Blessings, Trev


I got in my prayer room this morning a revealed a few things as soon as I go to My Yahoo I got laid to your song such an amazing song keep up the good work it spoke to me in a lot of ways and it really strengthened me because I reveal something so terrifying it shook me to my core but soon as I listen to this song it kind of gave me my strength back thanks yes he is good he's so wonderful Hallelujah

Very inspiring

I love this song. It inspires for doing better and getting on the right road with information and motivation. The beat is also nice. I feel a good vibe as soon as the song starts to play. Good work.
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