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quality and lyrics

The quality sounds pretty good, vocals need a bit of work but its good! A bit old school maybe you should look into finding updated beats or getting someone to create you a better beat. I do make modern beats if you want to connect. You have a nice voice though.


Its got that Montell Jordan feel and I like it. The delivery could have been more dramatic that way it would have been an upgraded type of Motell feel on a groove of its own. The music is a solid fit.


Good west coast music, something to ride to on a sunny day and I would love to network and do some music with u in the future and if u would like to do music together, looking for to working with u


You know Im feeling everything about this song!!! Its uplifting because the streets have a full of lost souls seeking guidance tryna figure out where they next bag or plate coming from... I salute you brother and keep doing whats in your heart.. All peace and Love Bro

Love Dis!

My kinda music, I absolutely love the vibe with your track, and I am looking to hear some more from you. It's got a real nice groovey vibe to it. Love the verse and chorus and it has been really put well together well done

Great vocals

Great vocals on your song! God Bless! Keep up the good work! Gospel ministry is a great way to reach the ears of people! We need more positive gospel songs with great messages in the lyrics!



Yep C@@L, and Marvelous...

Indeed... Yep C@@L, and Marvelous...very well platformed cut. The arrangement is very good. Nice lead vocals, and backing vocals (watch pitch from time to time). This so MJ felt and inspired.I would love to have heard a hip Bridge to take it up yet one MORE notch ... Thx for sharing... Blessings and Well wishes :-)


Good morning Rob. Very interesting intro to this tune, but a good one. lol Great method to share one's testimony through music. Great mix of music and words. You might have some difficulty selling this genre to a cowboy, lol, but I am positive that you have already found welcoming folks who have received Christ because of you musical testimony. I like it when God's people try looking outside the box musically when they try and minister to those who are meant to become heirs of our God's precious salvation. Keep on keep on brother. Blessings, Trev. :)


Another great tribute in music. You do such a great job. Overall production is right on. The lyrics and the music fits the song. Lots of meaning when it relates to your own life. HE is so marvelous. HE can do anything. Keep up the great work.


How are you Robert? We wanna say this song is FIRE, LIFE and FULL OF ENERGY. Your deliverance was amazing and so on point you had us over here smiling and really intune with you. This is the joy and excitement people look for in music doesn’t matter what type of music it is. Music is art and people want to enjoy what your distracting them with if that makes sense. Anyways keep up the good work


Live life and love it and please support and thank you for the love and support and keep on spreading the joy by showing all the love you can possibly show and help out with artists just trying to make it

Beautiful Music

Hello Rob, I listened, I smiled, I enjoyed! Beautiful song my friend. You definitely have a unique sound going and that voice is something else. Now I am not trying to over do it here but you must keep in mind that I've been in the music life all my entire life and I know when I here something worth listening to, I am likely to tell the truth about what I hear. I am not the selfish type and when I say you are on point, I really mean it. I am not the type to hold back how I truly feel about music but instead a person who appreciate the hard work that goes into the production, the lyrics, the music mix and performance. You have a beautiful sound and I would truly like to hear about you becoming a super star. I love your music as I'm sure that many others care and love your music as well. Please don't ever let it put you in a place like another guy I reviewed who was so arrogant and self centered. That type of attitude can turn people off and you could lose so many opportunities. Never be that way my friend because in the end you'll lose everything. I want you to keep up the good work and always give respect to your friends and fans. With this I am sure that you will be well received by the masses, ok? Much love 2 u and may God bless. Your friend, Paul Geathers

Cool song

I like the song catchy hook keep it up never give up Keep it up never give up Keep it up never give up And as always keeping God first is always the best.. Gospel Rap/R&B cool..check out Chilougohard
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