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Cool sound!

I really enjoyed this song! Old school sound R&B, great vocals and melody! I love the message too. He is our protector and our healer. Keep up the great work for the King of Kings & may He continue to bless you with great songs!

Great Song

Awesome production, vocals, Lyrics, arrangement. Very easy to listen to. It Looks like California is not just a place for movies and the party scene. Robert Green is proof there is some great gospel music there too. Very Impressive.

nice bro!!!

Hey man I enjoy the song. You have a nice r and b flare. what software are you using? It sounds very strong and punchy. The background vocals are strong as well. Did you play all the instruments or did you have more people come in to assist?

My Protector

I am loving the harmonies. The music is a bit loud so I am struggling to hear your words clearly I only can can pick out a few. It sounds that from your style that may have been influence by Commissioned. I like the overall sound.

Our protector

Really nice song I love the music and the lyrics a very awesome and unique song keep on making great music have a blessed day and may God bless you in all that you go to do be blessed hope this been helpful.


An R & B song with a superb vocal track. I am now a fan of this R & B vibe. Excellent percussion in this song of praise. I loved the words and the rap in the middle. The words are very sustaining and powerful. I hope you continue to make more praise music. There is a unique resonance in this vocal. Keep writing and singing! Superb!

My thoughts on "My Protector"

This song come of the gate funky and sassy! Yeah - that grabs your attention from jump. The snappy drum/clap rhythm works well with this song - and I'm not a big fan of that sound. The bass movement is very catchy and it keeps the beat and feeling of this song moving along nicely... very groovy. The lyrics are fun to follow along with, and the back & forth between the lead vocals and the background vocals is an added feature to this song. The lead vocals are really sweet and passionate, but could be just a bit more clear - just a touch. The way the words are sung on beat is most excellent! The gospel message is not hidden or ambiguous which is a plus in my estimation. The line "He's got my back"... and the adjoining words are as good as lyrics can be... poetry in motion, with music carrying it to the finish line. Most excellent indeed. The last part of the song, where the music backs off and the voices are prominent is a great way to take this song home. The kick at very end - Yeah! The only other comment I would make that might add to this song is a short interlude, just before you back off at the end... perhaps a little electric piano doing a few funky bars(not a long solo), or a little synth or funky guitar for a few bars, then, bring in the voices to the end. Other than that, this song is fantastic and a joy to hear. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful song with us... My ears are blessed. This was "ear candy" for the soul. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

"I'll show you the facts"

Hi Robert, Nice song. I like the funky baseline groove and background harmonies. Mostly, I like the lyrical content. “I'll show you the facts” that's a signature catch phrase that holds a lot of weight in my book. It's all about the Word of God and I strongly believe his word reveals what the historical facts are. Keep up the good work and I encourage you to continue in your muscial endeavors. On another note, I just released a new video of my dads latest song “God is so Good.” You can visit the Best Of DeLeon Mitchell numberonemusic profile page to view. Feel free to leave a comment and share if you like it.

Great R&B composition

Lovely message about God protecting us and freely giving us a home. The melody has a sing-able hook, and leads seamlessly to the chorus, another hook in itself. The albeit short bridge fits well with the rest of the song. The long coda is great for getting a good long singalong to close it out. The key signature is F minor, and the notes range from Ab below middle C to Ab above middle C. Your tenor voice is stunning! But most men don’t sing above middle C easily, if at all. The low voices who sing an octave down are going to sound really low. Gals singing this would sing where you’re singing, and it would be low for them. They can go a lot higher. I would urge to move down a full sixth to A minor, thereby keeping the melody between low C and middle for men, and between middle C and high C for the gals, if you want to maximize the number of people in the congregation singing. If having the whole congregation singing isn’t important, then keep it where it is. Thanks for sharing!

My Protector

Well done brother. The Holy Spirit ministered to me through your song in a wonderful way. I like the quality of engineering and separation in your tracks too. Keep up the great work. Blessings.

My Protector

Love this song! Production, vocals, feel! I could listen all day! It has the power to lift the soul. No matter how you say, when you say it like that, it's nonstoppable! I hope you sell a billion copies! God Bless

Robert Green Review

I really like this! The vocals are very good. The backgrounds are tight. The track has a very nice groove. I like that synth bass. The recording and mix are top notch. The song has interesting changes. With enough promotion this song should "break". Very good job here!!
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