Bless The Lord
Robert A Green Jr

Bless The Lord

Robert A Green Jr

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This is a beautiful, creative, and highly collaborative recording. The song is scripturally and experientially strong, and I could easily picture this being done in worship, early in the service, to get the congregation involved and flowing together in praise to God with voices, hands, and feet. It starts with a tasty marimba part, a sophistocated and well-executed bass line, and a strong, steady, and tastefully varied drum bed, all mixed just right, nothing too loud, nothing too soft. But what really jumps out at me is the vocals. I am a singer myself, and I love creative and beautifully combined vocal parts. The harmony throughout this track is tasty and flawless, and Robert makes creative use of octaves and rhythmic variations in the lead vocal. I would like to hear the lead vocal mixed just a little more out front during the verses. I can just barely make out the words, and the words carry the Message. One brief word of critique: about 2 and a half minutes into the song, Robert breaks into a falsetto on the words "Lift up your hands." The falsetto is a little weak, and a little pitchy in spots. That's all that's stopping me from throwing this out on Facebook and hollering, "Listen to this, y'all!" This is good stuff!

United States, Texas, Manchaca

Que buena propuesta

Es muy interesante la propuesta que nos haces a través de tu canción es como los salmos "ALABAD a Jehová, porque es bueno; Porque para siempre es su misericordia. Diga ahora Israel: Que para siempre es su misericordia. me gozo en tener la oportunidad de alabarle y de bendecir el nombre de nuestro Señor. Te bendigo y espero pueda conocer mas de tus canciones. Al igual que tú también, tengo canciones y exaltan el nombre de nuestro Dios. así que podemos compartir nuestro sentir de amor por él y lo que ha hecho en nosotros. muchas bendiciones.

Colombia, Cali

Nice & Catchy tune!!!!

I love that it started with the Word as a reference!!! I love ???? your lower range more than your falsetto but it was still good. Overall nice and catchy tune!!! Great job brother! Please check me out.

United States, Georgia, Kathleen

Great starting point

This track has great potential, it has dynamics and a nice rhythm. The sound is good, the production has quality sound and well played. This song was arranged well, it's hard to make a groove gospel song for most songwriters because it gives a club type of vibe and most Church folk don't go for that so you get props for pulling that off. The main issue with this song is that it doesn't fit your range but if you plan to get another artist to sing this song, then disregard that last statement. This is by no means a stab at your singing ability, you have a wonderful voice and you use it well, I almost didn't listen to review because I've reviewed a couple of your songs before and you always killed it, so I started to check out another artist but chose to review this song instead. So this would be a great pitch song for a Vocalist; hint hint (female), I believe this song would be best sung by a female vocalist that can run as well or better than you. Hit me back if you make any changes so I can hear.

United States, Florida, Miami

Bless The Lord Psalm 134

Robert is consistently producing anointed and joyfilled music in praise and worship! It brings the Worshippper into an attitude of Adoration raising them to their feet to offer the acceptable sacrifice of Praise. His songs inspire us to dance as King David did with abandonment to His Divine Presence. I love the beauty of the musical composition and all the voices harmonize so well. Robert knows how to lead the listeners to desire to offer their whole being in worship while giving The Lord Paise and Blessings! I love the percussion and the all the musicianship is second to none so far that I have heard in this R&B Genre. Great song and great word and Anointed Presence of The Lord when I hear this song it makes me want to dance.

United Kingdom, WALES

ABOUT review Bless The Lord

brother I think the music is well done fantastic so are the lyrics are also fantastic so as the singing and band is also fantastic I think this song is tops so I gave it a top rating I do not know what it is but every song I had listen too in N 1 M is tops ye I loved all the songs I heard so far but that might be just me I don't know in the same way I enjoy top artists and there performance like yourself i loved your song I have learnt in all my life as a musician to enjoy all top artists and songs like yourself I think with promotion you stand up there with the best to be number one it is better then been with those who are not the best I think brother you should promote this song more if you have not yet done so bless you in JESUS CHRIST may he be with you and your family friends and everyone.



Awesome, Robert. Great song and great music. Praise to Him is what we are made for. I appreciate your spirit and your anointing. For us that write and record Christian music, it is all about how it effects us and others in their worship to the KING. Keep up the great work of ministry and praise in the sanctuary. Nice song, nice harmony as usual. Thank you, Robert, for blessing us with this song.

United States, Nevada, Carson City

Great Song!!

Great lyrics and the harmonies are amazing! This reminds me of summers day and praising God with the top down and the breeze just blowing and I’m filled with joy and carefree. Thanks you for sharing your gift!

United States, California, San Diego

Bless the Lord

Hi again Rob. Great song brother. I like how you inserted the reference to the song before you got down to business. Very nice voices: lead and harmonies - tight, clear, and on key for sure. Great flow of words so that they are easy to hear and understand. Great blend of words and music also. Your falsetto almost makes me want to be envious, but the Lord has given each of us differing gifts. Great use of your gift. Keep up the great work brother. Blessings, Trev. :)

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Great Unique Song

I enjoyed the message of the song, and thought the recording had a good feel and the song kept me engaged, instruments were spaced real good. The sound of the snare had a good different feel to it from many snares that I have heard, and once again, I really enjoyed the quality and message of the song.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

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