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Nice tune, thick arrangement

I really like the melody -- the intro reminds me of Jackson Browne's version of Take It Easy, it's very catchy, and even has a bridge-like sections and a variation of the verse that reveals a Don McLean-like lead vocal sound. Overall, I find the arrangement too thickly textured from the start; I think it's the very sustained lead electric guitar and the fiddle that's a little too heavy when accompanying the lead vocal. If I were producing in the studio, I would build the texture (instrumental voices) one verse at a time. That becomes obvious when the female voice joins the variation of the verse. That said, I listened to it with Focal headphones, monitors, and my laptop (alone) to get a sense of how the mix could improve. Do they still serve Cokes at football games?

I REALLY had to listen lol. So GOOD!!!

Honestly, country is by far not my favorite genre, but this song not only has amazing performances, but also incredibly clean mixing. Literally, if I HAD to say anything about this mix, I would suggest using less fuzz and more gain (light tube gain) on your rhythm guitar and some effects on the girl backups for dual vocal distinction. Still though. Amazing track!!

Nice Nashville Nonsense !

Altogether Now good Country Music from a good country Artist WORKS FOR ME !! Good melody good lyrics and a familiar sound and feel nothing new but in the words of Jung Familiarity does not breed contempt But Content !!

Great Song

Well written about a subject close to heart and family. Great accompaniment of fiddle and harmonica. Best wishes in marketing. I would be sending demos to all major labels and A&R professionals. Again, best wishes.

Sugary Sweets!

Hi Robert! This song sounds very country! Good production... I like the fiddle and the vocals are good! Always fun to hear a positive message and Hey! The you can still steal kisses with out alcohol...all right!! Have a beautiful day Robert! Rachel!!

Fun feel-good song!

Serving cookies Stealing kisses is a song about young love. Its upbeat and danceable. This country song is as good as anything I hear on country radio these days and would be a good addition to any play list. I enjoyed the instrumentation and engineering as well. Great work!

Roberrtfox/Streamer ... Serving Cokes stealing kisses

Great quality recording with a fun message and a (friends alternative country style) great guitar work and fiddle playing a nice one to add to the road trip play list. nice and catchy ditty about a romance evolving over a soft drink servery with no eyes for the game but only for each other. Well I raise my glass to you for the professional feel of the song and wish you all the best in the future. Worth a listen or three you have the time press play for a cheerful 3 minute song. all the Best Stephen

cokes 4 kisses

Nice full pop sound from the start, and I am a sucker for a melodious fiddle. All American vibe and lyrics that everyone can relate to complimented by a sweet female harmony. Could be a song on modern country radio right now, who doesn't like football and friday nights, sharing a coke with your bestie. Really nice production throughout and the tune opens up a little breakdown before a quick guitar solo, and back to those solid hooks. This song has got that whole Nashville package nailed to the wall in under 3 mins, Excellent work!

Novel concept, exciting story, perfect execution

Roberrtfox/Streamer's recording of "Serving Cokes, Stealing Kisses" is a joy on every level. It tells the story of two adults meeting while working in a concession stand at a high school football game, and experiencing an instant and highly electric attraction while they work, that carries on after the game is over and the stand is closed. My favorite line is "If love's the spirit that's moving the world, it's moving between us too." I confess I don't understand the reference to Ulysses in the second chorus, but it's a clever rhyme with "kisses." The song combines high school football and love at first sight, a sure hit with a country audience, especially this time of year, and delivers it in an unmistakably country style. The fiddle entering halfway through the clean guitar arrangement makes that clear. The band is tight and the mix is spotless. The break could be better. It includes harmonica and electric guitar solos, and I get the clear sense that both musicians can really play their instruments, but neither one really steps forward. And as always, the lead singer's performance is choice. I could review a song by this artist every day, without getting tired of it for a very long time. But I have a feeling this artist will go mainstream pretty soon, with songs like this.
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