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About Riff Through Time

“Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them.”

– Louis Armstrong

Riff Through Time - Master Peace is the second album of Christian St-Hilaire aka Riff Through Time. It is an album about aspirations, introspection and love in all its aspects. It is mostly about getting back to basics whilst at the same time looking to the future, straight in the eye.

Born and raised in Québec, Canada, Christian joined the Canadian Armed Forces and ended up serving 25 years in Canada with tours in Afghanistan and Israel. For over two decades life had taken him onto other roads. But to a boy who picked up an electric guitar at 13 and played in different cover bands until the age of 20, the dream of composing and writing own original material never let loose. Lots has happened in the last two years; Christian retired from the Army and following his dream, he built his own professional recording and mixing studio while at the same time getting a college degree as a Sound Engineer at the TARA College in Ottawa (The Audio Recording Academy).

Early last year, Riff Through Time was released. Christian composed the music and wrote the lyrics to all the tracks, plays guitars and bass as well as performing all vocals. Under his artistic direction, the album took its final shape through the contributions of various session musicians.

The result was a collection of rock songs that are emotionally honest and that everyone can relate too. At times flirting with heavy metal, country and acoustic sounds, some of the songs are about self-examination (“Grey”), or a scorch denunciation of any types of barriers between human beings (“Get A Life”). Others are about the joy and apprehension of love (“Caring About Your Love” & “Go Easy On Me”), or the deep sadness of letting go (“For You”). Legend bands such as Metallica, Scorpions, Rush Queensryche and Offenbach accompanied Christian throughout his evolution as a musician and have in deed left their impressions on his style.

Riff Through Time was very well received and got air play in five radio stations including Antenna 2 Italy, Kong Monsterock LA, Midlands Metalheads UK, ARFM London UK and Radiodiscovery Germany. It also received an interview and a review in Fireworks Magazine UK and a review of 8 out of 10 in Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine.

Fast forwarding to September 10th 2017, Riff Through Time release his second studio album release called Master Peace, that was entirely written, performed, recorded and mixed by Christian St-Hilaire except Drums by Mike Hogg. In a matter of a week Riff Through Time's Master Peace reached the first spot in the Metal category on Reverberation. An album that is more hard rock and metal than the first with some energetic metal guitar riffs and drum beats. lIke the first album, each song is unique and varied.

One can never go back, but some things can be reinvented again, less travelled roads can be rediscovered. Riff Through Time feels like home and at the same time, it takes the highway off to new horizon

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