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Rick Line a good full sound with multiple layers She’s on the Road

A song that you still keep hearing different instruments and fills the more you listen to it Wonderful Guitarist and the solos are pure talent. I like A song with a Story and this is no exception This song grows on you and on that basis worth a few listens I personal thought the balance between Vocals and music very good so plug some real speakers in for this one and feel the rhythm.

Great spanish acoustic-guitar sound!

This song influenced by folk music in syncopated flamenco style is really remarkable. I felt compelled to listen precisely. All the way from stanza to the chorus are accompained of brilliant acoustic guitars and fanatstic played solo parts. The music style is also mixed up with contemporary pop music and definitely very professional arrangened with additional instruments in the backround. The acoustic guitars are sounding lively and unleashing the imagination. The solo-parts includes soft melodical impression and come at the right time. That´s not simple especially in the fills and this alternation brings additional more feeling into the music. Impressive song from Rick Line as vocalist and brilliant instrumentalist. The lyrics coming from the heart and making the meaning of the song engaging for me. The imaginative transitions from stanza to the chorus making the song lively and creative. A virtous played flamenco-guitar solo in the bridge increases the music and that is another extra factor. This song is from a musician, who understand what good music is about. Also the mixing and mastering is professionell. This studioproduction could be a radio hit and it´s original and I´m sure, you will also like add to your collection.

Great song

Rick, Great melodie, love the rhythm of the song. Lyrics are very profound. Loved the instrumental arrangement. The guitarist who played the lead solos was amazing. Actually got me up dancing!!! Terry

A professional ballad

This song is very relaxing, a ballad with a professional level of guitar. The voice is very quiet and likely. A very good blues ballad, with ethnic influences. A complete artist to know more.

She's on the road review

Like the guitar work all very nice, especially like the Spanish feel to the song and the bosanova type feel the instrumental bridge is wonderful, the lyrics are very interesting about a soul searching for something and will eventually find it but it suggest to me she is on a narrowing journey and it is speeding up. The synth at the end was also a surprise in finishing the song. All in all really liked it.

Latin Soul

Wow love the beat it tells a great story of life. That alot of people now day's don't understand or forgotten. Great vocals.acustic guitar beautifully played. Just all around superb . keep up the good work. I would definitely recommend this song to anyone. God bless. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Strong song !!

This is a beautifully crafted song with very accomplished guitar and musicality Nice arrangement I love it just so disappointed that vocally Rick hasnt used a few tricks with reverb Eq etc to make his vocals as refined They are just a little weak in the verses and they needn't have been Sorry Rick

In MY Opinion

Greetings, Thank you for choosing me to review your work, I count it an honor to be included in such a task. My hat is off to you and anyone willing to step out and share their gift, talent and love of music to the public. Be it a musician, singer, song writer, actor and so-on. I myself, via 40 some years of experience in the fields, on the road, in the studio, radio, TV, video, and management, consider myself to be a seasoned musician, singer, song writer, studio-sound tech/engineer/ owner/operator, stage manager, find it sometimes hard/difficult and perhaps not even fair to sit in a seat, voicing My Opinion concerning another's creative efforts. Especially in certain genres of music I am not all that familiar with concerning very important elements that make up and meet the required standards to justify the various levels of ratings and grades. So, in saying ALL that, I will limit myself to MY Opinion concerning the quality of the work according to My ears, and the standards I have been familiarized with thru-out the years. I hold to the old - saying " Beauty Is In The EAR of The Beholder ... LOL. The sound quality of the recording over-all is very crisp and bright and clear, I really enjoyed the wonderful guitar work and Latin beat ans all the brass. Great energy, make you want to get up and dance. Nice work. Vocals are smooth and natural, sort of - down to earth. The mix levels let me know who was still in charge of this song. Very easy to sit back and listen to. I mean no offense in any part, I myself take all feedback and use it as a tool toward my next project. I pray you feel the same way. Either way, I say to you, keep doing what you do, keep kicking and enjoying what you do. I tell folks all the time for many years. When it stops being FUN, then it's time to stop, and stand back and think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, what we and others are getting out it. Is it what we want, and how we want it. IF NOT. what are willing to do from there? Thank you again for asking MY OPINION. Johnny

She´s on the Road

Ein richtig schöner Song der in dieses Genre passt wie Faust auf Auge .Die Gitarre meisterhafr gespielt The voice sehr einfühlsam und passt sich sehr gut in den Song ein.Alles in allem ein perfekter Mix der ins Ohr geht

On the Road

Rick Line produces music with flair. Fusing Latin rhythms with Folk lands this track somewhere between Marc Almond, Santana and Al Stewart. The character in this songs seems to be on a journey in search of destiny without slowing down to feel the bumps on the road she is on.

She's on the Road

Hi Rick, thankx for the review request. The intro to the song is very nice and eclectic, with a good presentation of the instruments used, all of them blend into a harmonius mix. The vocals are nice and in tune and time with the song, as are the harmonizing parts. Voice modulation and timbre is also on the button. The drumming could do with a slight change of tempo now and again, as well as some cymbol use, which would have given it a more ringing sound. The nylon guitar solo for me was off kilter, as it seemed to move the song into an almost gypsy jazz, Django Rheinhardt, vibe. The picking, while being good, was too fast, which tends to mute the notes. The song ended very well as far as the instruments are concerned, the beginning and end are very well blended. all in all, a very good and well presented song, well done.

Really fun sound

This song has a really fun sound. But the sound which to me is a mix of mexicano and jazz, is quite the opposite of the lyrics. The vocals are interesting. Your voice is drowning in the mix, especially at the beginning of the song. I had to strain to hear it through the other instruments. The song overall had a feel good sound and was very enjoyable. I like your guitar solo with its acoustic mexicano quality. Good job.

Listen and dance - Pop at it's best

Rick Line is doing it again - giving us a new song which combines a great story in a Pop suit and dance shoes. Sometimes it's almost hard to listen to the story of his when your feet want you to enter the dance floor. If you manage to do both, Rick's songs are the best there is!


The work that you are doing you can tell that you are very serious about it I've been doing music for a very long time now so I have no problem listening to different genres of music my favorite music of all is probably R&B but I also listen to alternative rock pop and any other music that has a great beat and the energy that the person is doing the song matters a lot also because you can feel however they're feeling at the time of doing it song if they put in their energy into it so keep up the good work


This is a beautiful song like the vibe is amazing & the lyrics are on point and has a strong meaningful. It's like you got to understand the message it has for the people. Songs like this are amazing
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