A Perfect song for these two voices.

Rick Line and his duet partner are super. A perfect song for the two voices. A wonderful laid back feeling, engaging words which ring true. The music is never overstated and the key changes are all in the right. I don't know if Rick and his duet partner do more songs or are working on a CD? I for one am a fan and hope to hear lots more from Mr Line. The message that something joyous brought together is spot on. Great going

Outstanding Pop-Ballad

This ballad had impressed me deeply much. Melodious introduction on piano accompained by great chamber strings brings additionally beauty into the song and is an extra factor. Sounds really beautiful together and creates a great space in the backround. Nice duett with great female singer! Her unique dynamic voice is brilliant and has a great vocal projection making this wonderful composition complete. The chorus encapsulating deep feelings for the beloved. The romantic passion of the lyrics comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Mixing and mastering is brilliant in appropriation versatile keyboard sounds. Professionell orchestrated tunes of the virtous fender rodes piano in the backround carries the recording. All instruments of this arangement stand out and are masterfull played like the soft accompaining acoustic guitar and the straight drums! Rick Line establishes with this recording an outstanding pop-ballad. Listen to the music and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Make others know your recommendation.


Absolutely beautiful!! I love how the music soothes, and the voices complement each other. Sounds like something that should be on a movie soundtrack. You should really send this to some movie producers.

Nice Work

Hello, how are you? I really like your Music. I think the Vibes are very good. Continue work like this???? when you want you can listen my Music and give some Feedback. I wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Good Introduction, the keyboard against the guitar rhythms fill it out nicely. The drums are recorded evenly against the bass. This is a good overall production. The male voice is reminiscent of Lou Reed, and the female alto singer clear voice brings a solid balance to the project.I like the use of "harmony" as a descriptive way to relate to "a coming together in relationships". The song builds yet never leaves the formatted chord progression then subtly goes to a pre chorus and key changes letting the listener discover the chorus and verse were one and the same. This is more "Adult Contemporary" than "Acoustic Pop". And this is a good presentation to present to a singer, band or record company seeking music. Not a hit song but a nice track for say "Celine Dion". For a radio friendly track the drums and bass would have to be brought forward and significantly up in the mix and a added solo section or solo outre. "Take a listen to a Micheal Franks track and you'll see where I am going. Overall, very good. I am glad you wrote it.

We song

Hello Rick You have penned a nice story about a couple that has gone off the rails and who have drifted apart and ending up sorting out their differences and found new love. The harmonies are well blended and both your vocals are clear and easy to listen to. I like the use of affects as they are not over done and the idear of a full orchestra synth and electric panio is great. None of the instruments are to dominate and all the music is well balanced. In all a great song. Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au

A soft duet

This new song remembers the particular sound of "In the sumemrtime" by Jerry Manlio, but it's an interesting duet too, with a beauty soft atmosphere. You can be more self confident about it.

Classic Rock Soul

I love the melody. Good classic old school soul.the voices are amazing.perfect harmony.it tells a good love story. To remind you why you love the person you are with. Keep up the good work and always have father God and Brother Jesus in your. God bless you and your family. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade.

Weeeeee like it

Nice laid back start, like the electric piano vibe, like the duet style too. backing vocals also pleasing to the ear. didn't care much for the squeaky piano before the second verse, I like the lyrics, and the pace of the song, really enjoyed the key shift too. it will be, .... we. seemed to me there was something missing we as a title and the hook seemed very short however loved the song.

We, a beautiful melody of love.

This song is really laid back, with a catchy melody and good performances from the singers. Nice harmony work too. Thought the electric piano sound worked well. An easy to listen to song that I could listen to again

Beautiful ballad

Rick Line shows a beautiful love ballad in duet. A very personal singing and songwriting. To listen and relax at home, on your couch... Beautiful arrangement and Rhodes playing. It's worthwhile a lot. Listen it!

In MY Opinion

Greetings, Thank you for choosing me to review your work, I count it an honor to be included in such a task. My hat is off to you and anyone willing to step out and share their gift, talent and love of music to the public. Be it a musician, singer, song writer, actor and so-on. I myself, via 40 some years of experience in the fields, on the road, in the studio, radio, TV, video, and management, consider myself to be a seasoned musician, singer, song writer, studio-sound tech/engineer/ owner/operator, stage manager, find it sometimes hard/difficult and perhaps not even fair to sit in a seat, voicing My Opinion concerning anothers creative efforts. Especially in certain genres of music I am not all that familiar with concerning very important elements that make up and meet the required standards to justify the various levels of ratings and grades. So, in saying ALL that, I will limit myself to MY Opinion concerning the quality of the work according to My ears, and the standards I have been familiarized with thru-out the years. I hold to the old - saying " Beauty Is In The EAR of The Beholder ... LOL. The sound of the recording over-all is crisp and bright and clear, Great Guitar Work, vocals are sweet and smooth, calming, with a touch of romance. The harmony levels are very good. I love a Latin beat, it makes one want to move, if only to sway back and forth to music. I mean no offense in any part, I myself take all feedback and use it as a tool toward my next project. I pray you feel the same way. Either way, I say to you, keep doing what you do, keep kicking and enjoying what you do. I tell folks all the time for many years. When it stops being FUN, then it's time to stop, and stand back and think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, what we and others are getting out it. Is it what we want, and how we want it. IF NOT. what are willing to do from there? Thank you again for asking MY OPINION. Johnny


Wow ! I was blown away by this....amazing song on every level. Smooth chords and changes with bluesy flavours on the keys are divine and lyrically this is a peach. The vocals are really impressive as in the overall quality of every part. Drums have plenty going on and are partnered with a smooth bass but the best part of this music is the quality of sound it makes when it all comes together. Great production and musicianship ! Well done everyone involved x Peter


Buen sonido a pop clásico, la canción está muy bien, la mezcla de las voces es muy bonita y la instrumentación está muy bien. Buena canción en definitiva de la que destacaría la voz femenina, aunque cuando cantan los dos juntos queda muy bien. Good sound to classic pop, the song is very good, the mix of the voices is very beautiful and the instrumentation is very good. Good song in short that would highlight the female voice, although when they sing the two together is very good.

A song named "Celia"

A song named "Celia"... Hi, I must say, I really love the song called "Celia" Very good songwriting, very impressive indeed ! I listened to some of your songs and must say, they are very good. Your voice makes me think a little bit of Chris Rea :-) I hope your music will get far. Good luck wishes from me. Regards, Anna
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