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The Signs along the road lead to A Great Song!!!

This is an excellent example of a song done right. All Instruments were well mixed with the levels blended professionally. There is great detail given to every aspect of this project. There is a nice natural build up and release between the anticipation of each verse. There is a nice echo that answers the well executed melody that delivers a wonderful message. Good job on the lyrics. The change or bridge was supported by a perfect interval. The background counter-melody compliments the entire arrangement. I appreciate you giving the notes being expressed their full musical value and your allowing that note to ring almost into the next expression. It makes that single musical moment stand on its own. I could listen over and over again. Rick Line, the signs along the road all point towards a Great Song that deserves to take its place among the other songs throughout time that were done very well. This song only needs 1 thing... A Chance. Rick, Great Job!!! I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review .

Perfect arranged Pop-Ballad

Rick Line as composer and songwriter, shows additionally as producer of this recording another example of his creativity. Liked it right from the start. He sings with charackteristical voice and a great vocal projection like Chris Rea. The impressive lyrics and the chorus making the meaning of the song engaging for me. Melodious chords and arpeggios are enough for a good song, accompained by symphonical sound from the keys. Some brilliant digital sound effects making this composition complete. Imaginative transitions of the acoustic-guitar accompanes the song, making the music rich and brings the listener on the next level. All instruments really stand out. Overall a very impressive arrangement perfect mixed and mastered. The lyrics can let you dream and is also influenced by contemporary pop music in perfect instrumental orchestration. This song must be a radio hit and it´s an original. I find it extremely good and can see why you're N1M. Love your music ;-)

Relaxing sound

I really enjoy your sound honestly your music calms me down when I feel sad :) I love your honesty within your music and I also admire your lyrics, keep making music I love your sound and I’m glad I’ve listened to you

Smooth Singer Songwriter Singing Five Minutes Along The Road

I like the voice, sounds full with this chorus effect. Good mixm clear voice, guitar and drums. Typical singer songwriter arrangement with acoustic guitar. Would you consider to replace the strings, what sounds very old school, with a synthie? If not, then ok, that's let's say traditional.

Sign Along The Road

A great tone to your singing voice, if I was a Judge I would vote yes after the first few lines of lyrics. Excellent acompaniment, rich tones in the guitar and a reall classic feel to this "love lost "song. The gentle melody softens the blow of the message of the song This song in itself is like a ballad, a life journey's song. It speaks to many souls and hearts. That is what great music is meant to do. I hope it goes up to the top of your Genre. I would also put it in Pop Rock Genre. It has a similar sound to Abba songs. I love hearing the rich guitar tones. It is really beautiful.

best voice with a smoothie guitar

I like really the voice by Rick, it is smoothie, calm, relaxing and it makes me feeling silent. even the guitar and how it is played makes me happy. It sounds like the wide of the beautiful country Sweden.

Signs along the road

Hello Rick, Im sure by now you know this is a great song as many before me have told you. It is well produced and mixed and it sounds like you put great effort into writing the lyrics. I see you dont bother how long the song is and as Ive been told when writing a song it tells you were it is going ,the start to the end. Your voice is world class sounding a lot like the Beatles and very commercial. The whole thing about this song is great, you well deserve 5 stars and no wonder you are no 1 on n1m...good on you and stick with what ever you are doing, its working thats for sure...cheer Johnny Shilo Melbourne Australia ????????????????????

Sing a Song

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we hear a wonderfully produced, well performed song that is simply charming to the ears. Vocally, the seasoned sincerity lends a knowing presence.

70's Lyrics

Little" Duran Duran," a little of the "Monkeys". I love them both. I'm a 70's baby, so I can see the importance in the gentler lyrics, as are used here. The music is sweet and it flows evenly. I would just amp up the composition a bit, possibly in different areas to keep everyone's attention. I loved the vocal; I wouldn't change that. As I mentioned, the lyrics are sweet, there's nothing wrong with that; That's always popular. Sometimes it's better to stick with popularity. I would continue with his style and just embrace it even louder.

Elegant sound

The begin of this song seems country music, but then there's a pop sound more and it's positive, because the mix is elegant. The duet is likely, an important element to boost up in other songs.

Unique Song

I really love the title and the song very unique and creative well put together well-written. Thanks you for allowing me to review and listen to your song I love all genre of music. The background music is on hit keep me posted on any new music that you may have. Stay creative and unique keep on making great music. Have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you in all your creativity and endeavors peace keep on rocking.

Smooth chill and Great rock!!!!!

Usually I am a stickler about guitar and vocal mixtures with different accents but this accent is grunge. Uncle cracker meets kurt kovain cobain. Beautiful transition and drim control. because songs like these are more balladable, the end should have been a bridge closer to the middle of the song but still job well done.


I Like The Song and Yes I like The Total Package..If You just make It a little Shorter that will help Your Song with The Pitching Process..Music Publishers and Radio Stations mostly using around 3.5 min long but .Try to send It to Them and Let's seewhat will happen..I like It.. but They are Holding Key to The Door..and They are not easy to Please..I wish You good luck with submissions.. You did a good job ( I'm not sure is Original or Cover ).. Keep Going..


This is nice song but I think will be a good idea to cut out some instrumental parts to make It shorter around 3.5 min long ( Main Radio Stations very rear play longer songs ) as It is good to play life ..Music Publishers are Hard to please but who knows just try but remember ..Your Song MUST catch Theirs Ear in LESS than 10 sec..so if I be You I will make a New Recording for Them and Radios..I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job..

Signs Along The Road

From The Start, "A Bit Of Fresh Air."... Good choice Of Musicians. All Complementry , Each To The Other. Good Vocals,for this song. I Only Wish That The Producer, Had Unlimeted Funds, & Time. This Shuld Do Well Globely. Sometimes, A Production Can Be One Step Away From World Class Music....This Could Be One Of Those Songs......Congratulations.------Grady Lark
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