Let Me In...To Your Fire

Excellent mix with the sounds of a Nile Rogers type back beat and guitar riff. A First Class execution that resonates with the words twinned with lyrics. Message of this song is you got to keep the Rule #1 Don't let anyone steal your wind or fire! This song really helps me see things clearly when it comes to being you, don't let the hangers on suck you dry and steal your light! A bit like Dua Lipa's song "I've Got My Rules!" I love it! Keep putting this out there, you surely have a Hit Song. I don't know who the vocalist is but she has an amazing talent and unique voice.

Into Your Fire

Hi Rick, thankx for the review request. The intro to the song is nice, but it seems a bit at odds as the tune goes from pop to almost semi hip-hop. The beat is catchy and the vocals, as well as the harmonies are nice and clear and crisp. The overall production is well balanced and rather good. There are times when the bass playing is a bit static, as a slight change in note selection would have taken a bit of the ''monotony'' [the only word that i can think of useing] away. Overall though, it is a catchy and happy song.well done and keep on recording.

My review grate song

Great vocal intro and musical arrangement , I like when the change song to reggae and back to original arrangement all and all a grate song. very clean instrument recording and vocal. keep up the good work . Thank You for allowing me the review your composition: A+ work.

Nice sound

Thanks for asking me to review your track. A very nice energetic foot tapping sound. My first thoughts were that it has a greaT vibe and reminded me of Bruno Mars . I wish you all the best for the future well done really liked it

Cool Latin Beat with a Great Voice

Cool electro/euro-beat tune with a Latin tinged sound a la Gloria Etefan. This would be a great tune recorded live or with a full band in a studio. You have a great voice for pop tunes... Like the groove and the hook. Catchy tune totally playable on repeat in a dance club. Well done.

Let me into the fire

Hey I really like this song great intro great beat you have some really nice lyrics maybe I can send you a Beat I really like your voice come on baby let me into your fire let me into your flame I like that that's pretty cool great concept are you doing anything hip-hop I really like this pop sound you have going on show them who you are be proud of yourself you got to be proud of yourself that is real you going to get a 5-star rating from me keep up the good work and check out some of my song thanks

Into Your Fire - Funky Tune with Great Vocals & Hook

I am enjoying this tune and it drew me in from the very beginning. Being a singer myself, I very much react to a good vocalist and I feel that both the lead and back-up vocals here (which I believe are all one person and nicely done!) were very well executed. The production is also good and the hook is very catchy. Best wishes with it! Sincerely, Sharon D.

Dancing on a Disco Groove

This pulsing groove would feel right at home on the dance floor with its positive_vibe lyrics and airy melodies, and danceable rhythm. It is well constructed and produced, and has admirably clean changes and bridges, all seamlessly joined together. Where this shines though is on the dance floor, as nothing takes away from a "dance" experience more than sloppy changes and unnecessary shifts in tempo. Bravo to the performers, and the writer(s), and producer(s)

Catchy Top 40 Sound!

What a catchy tune! I really enjoyed listening to it. The vocals knocked it out of the park. This song should be on the radio, I believe it's a hit. I'd like this to be a part of my playlist. Great job.

Great presence

I enjoyed your beat and the message of your song Let Me Into Your Fire. The presence of your voice is great; reminds me of the great female rock voices from the 80s...when singers could really sing. The lyrics and the beat match up perfectly. There is a reggae feel in the bridge that is refreshing and unexpected way to bring the song to a close. I'm looking forward to listening to more of your work Thank you very much for putting your voice into the world, more positive and truly talented people are always a welcome change in a sea of mediocrity.

Very Professional

Very well done from the first note. As soon as I heard the first moments of this song, I knew I wanted to hear more. The recording and the mix, are very good. All instruments can be heard well. The singer, and backing vocals are very well done also. I like how this song has a world sound, but also a Pop Sound. I could see this song being a big hit. Best wishes, and keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)

Into Your Fire

Catchy song with a steady beat that one can dance to. To the point lyrics with a smooth vibe blending well. A perfect riding down the road in your car song. Crank it up and enjoy the free ride!


I like that the song starts right away with vocals. The usual style of having an instrumental introduction first, while nice, is kind of overused. So this was refreshing. And the harmonies are great! Perfectly balanced. Nice, smooth, velvety voice. I'd like to hear it stand out more in the mix. This would also make the lyrics easier to understand. Anyhow this song sounds professional-quality and I like it. Nice job!

Mainstream Pop

Netter Groove, aber nicht wirklich beeindruckend. Songs dieser Art schon 1000mal gehört in allen Radiosendern mit "Greatest Hits"-Playlists, läuft ganz gut als Background-Musik, aber von eigenen musikalischen Idenn ist nichts erkennbar. Sorry!

Let me in !!

Loved the start a great impact with the vocals really well balanced , rhythm section great and the brass is neat and tidy at the end of the verse, fire and will was interesting rhyme speaks of a fiery determination, its a good pop song and the lyrics are simple for the European market for sure, and the string section is nicely interjecting through the song, catchy should be a hit here and hopefully on other charts.
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