Resurrected 1:16
United States, New Jersey, Lakewood

About Resurrected 1:16

Metal that takes on everything being an influence... Fantasy, reality, politics, etc in a blender of many styles and genres... KICK SOME TEETH IN! RESURRECTED 1:16 is the culmination of years of playing in other bands, becoming influenced by all genres and styles around us, getting pissed by empty promises, being a fan of the music as well as creating it, and sharing in the reality of those who share how we view the world around us.

It is the blood, sweat, and tears of weeding through tragedy and triumph to not only create music but, speak our minds and entertain the Metal Minions everywhere. Resurrected 1:16 is about the loyalty of Metal fans world wide and the things we endure in life everyday. We are the musical way of expressing everything that anyone has ever wanted to express.

Simply put... Take everything, shove it in a blender, pour it into a steel tipped boot, and then KICK SOME TEETH IN!!!

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