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Let's start out by saying I really like this song. I generally look for certain things... the structure of the song, the uniqueness of the vocals, the musicianship, the originality of the song and the production. You nailed it on all five of these. Your vocals are quite different from most singers I can think of lately. How they work with the pattern of the song is great. I guess if I were to try and give any suggestion it would be to remix the track and simply see how it may turn out possibly with a little more 'pop'. Like the solo could actually stand out a little more, if I were mixing it. But that's me. What you have is wonderful the way it is, if you are already moving on with more great songs. Keep writing more of these and good luck with your future. You sound great!

United States, California, San Diego

You Found It


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we hear an expertly produced masterpiece of music with vocals passionately pleading for understanding in this search for direction in life. Mastered well, mixed well and just simply a strong effort!

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Good song

Rock n roll....great song, Has a great way with expression....the solo gets it, and I think the artist does a great job over all. I give it a thumbs up....all the best to the author. Give this one a listen!

United States, Colorado, Northern Colorado

Timely & Wow!

Smooth opening melodies set up the excellent opening verse with amazing vocals. What a thunderous chorus verse. Masterful work here and timely lyrics tell a great story that is bigger than life. I think you guys found your way when that music break comes up. Wow!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lester



Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro



Mastering always makes a difference, it really polishes your production. Speaking of which NICE SONG!! Great performance and emotion put into the song. Production and arrangement are excellent along with the overall balance of every track. Well done!! :)

United States, California, Los Angeles

Warm and great vintage sound


Please, don't mistake me when I say vintage sound, is just something that touches me in thos song of Khelgar87. I'm not sure if is the instrumentation, the chord progression, the warmth of the vocals, the production or just a mix of all these things, but one thing I'm sure of, in this moment you're listening to a great song. Two thumbs up.

Gran balada


Es un tema que introduce de forma clásica y desarrolla de forma previsible la estrofa, lo que firma un estilo consolidado, la canción se hace grande con la tremenda expresividad de la voz que es capaz de introducirte en cada sección del tema. Desencadena en un solo de guitarra con cuerpo y perfectamente armonizado que sabe dar paso al regreso de la voz, manteniendo muy alta la intensidad y bien finalizada. En ningún momento dejas de escuchar, deja con ganas de más, lo que es muy positivo y engancha al oyente sin querer. Gran tema para escuchar en momentos de tranquilidad, aunque llega a ser intenso, no pierde su carácter bien definido desde el principio.

Spain, Valencia

Khelgar87 ..... Help me find a way


A wonderful track powerful instrumentation well recorded and topped of by great vocals and just as you feel it cant get any better we have a musical break with subtle guitar work... a must for your Pop rock anthem playlist well what can I say press play and enjoy the experience that is Khelgar87 (does not quite flow off the tongue) all the way from France a pretty part of the world and a great recording as well .

United Kingdom, Gloucester

french metal


French heavy rock band from Limoges, France. Check acoustic covers and original songs on youtube, also the facebook page Khelgar pour une fois je vous partage un groupe francais. bonnz écoute

France, Cambrai

Well done very enjoyable listening

True to the songwriting form of the classic 70s rock complete with a lead guitar musical break before the last verse. The vocalist is strong and pleasing to the ear. This recording is well-orchestrated, very dynamic, and cleverly ornate. The players have a firm command of their instruments and blend well as an ensemble. It is just over five minutes long making it more of an album or live version cut. It can easily be shortened by removing measures from the intro, lead break, and ending. Still, it has the charm of a long version arrangement, with a very nice chord progression that keeps it moving. A very listenable song, well recorded and orchestrated. I recommend you send it to your friends who will also enjoy it. Ray Martin Cerimeli Desert Door Publishers

United States, Arizona, Chandler



Good afternoon. Sorry it took me so long to take a listen at your song I really like that I just got through listening to it and I really like the title is very creative and unique. I list all of your own music pop rock gospel jazz praise and worship just too damn cute keep on being creative keep on going to be next level never stop sharing your gifts for people in the world you never know who you can inspire all the lamps. Hope you having a wonderful weekend gospel are thank you for sending this song to me keep me posted thank you again. Have a wonderful day God bless you all

United States, California, Every Where



"Khelgar87" has sent me a request to review their song "Help Me Find a Way". Sometimes I'll go through a lot of songs before I come upon a song worthwhile to review. Well, this isn't a song to review, this is a song that deserves accolades and not a review. Music is great, vocals are convincing, totally professional! Thank you for sharing your music...

Sound Monolith

Mix could be better, but ok, you wrote that. Long intro with too much nerving crash. The song is like flowing water. Verse, refrain have one sound, no highs and lows or better said no tension in the song. A sound monolith. The same to the vocals. One sound. Btw, this recording reminds me on Guns&Roses. I think you can make more out of it.

Austria, Vienna

'Help me find a way ' by Khelgar87 I'm Listening.


I have just noticed your request for a review Khelgar87 (only a few years late) I am listening on phone speaker via n1m so quality maybe somewhat deprecated . Sounds like a torch rock ballad can't make out all the lyrics but I get the longing in your voice you are certainly pouring yourself into it and the instrumentation is fitting to the ballad I may check out some other material to get a better perspective on your approach to song writing and or production . I hope the objective of 'Help Me Find a Way ' has been fulfilled and look forward to hearing more from you . Sincerely Dq

Australia, Sydney

Help me find a way


Very nice Iike the intro and everything about it love the lead guitar sound the vocals fit the song perfectly I would definitely listen to it again I wish you best of luck steve from voodoo dancer

United States, New York, Middle village

Very good song and recording


Plesently suprised, the song is great from the arrangement to execution. Great melodies and I love how the song builds. The mixing and mastering is excellent, I pay attention to this more now as starting to record more at home I'm learning how difficult this is. Great job all the way around.

United States, Mount Vernon

Needs A Little Work

This song is not bad. However, to make improvements I would play it faster. I understand ballads are popular but this song is too slow and too long. People like music they can dance to and this has no chance of getting people moving or being played in a night club and due to its length I was left feeling impatient about when it would end. The overall mood of this song is dreary and depressing. Good music should make the listener cheer up and feel positive. This song nearly put me to sleep. But don't worry, just play it faster and it could be a good song.

Australia, Melbourne

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