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Be grateful. Exposure required

You have an awesome voice my brother. Mr smallwood. The arrangements are exciting and angelic. To be grateful for the things that the Lord has done for us and the fact of what the LORD has done for us.. Truly to be grateful for what the LORD is doing for us. Bless you for that awesome compilation of praise. My soul has shouted allelaujah. Keep up the good work Reggie. Where are you based and when will you be on tour because that you need to minister to the saints. Thanks again

His singing is fine

A live recording with not so good technical quality. But Reggie Wright is a fine singer. He bends his voice to touching curves. What comes to piano. I would use more peaceful piano notes in this song. Wright gets a strong touch with his singing. I am listening to this song trough a lap top with no hi-fi properties. Anyway I would recommend better audio engineering for this soulful singer.

Anointed and Beautiful!!!

Such a beautiful and spirit filled voice! You have such a great range and awesome runs :) I love jazz and gospel blended. I also like how the bridge speeds up into more church gospel. Well done my brother, I'm a fan!!

Be Grateful!!!!

I like your redemption of Be Grateful! You have a really nice voice and I've never heard it song this way. Great Job! I would love to hear more of your music. Where can I find more of your music?

Keep Being Blessing

Keep Being Blessing... Remember only what you do for Christ will last and he knows who he intends for you to reach so whatever you do for him do it with all your might and for him to be glorified ...’

B Grateful..

Rattling around in church? lots of echo on this found it hard to pick the lyrics out, The piano I liked it when the other instruments came in and the piano when it cuts through is great. Would like to hear a studio version of this well balanced live is always so difficult to balance well. I could hear the bass also pick up toward the end, but pictorial and imagery I can't see it, maybe because i couldn't hear the lyrics. To me you seemed so relaxed and chilled it was like you were jamming. Until the applause comes in. :)


Hey! I like how you made it your own and not verbatim of how others sing it. I like how you took your time and rush through the lyrics to hurry up with the song. Of course it actually sound live which you clarified and did a great job. Words are clear and pronunciation is there.


Excellent vocal skills and very moving, the arrangements are so alluring and spiit moving. I am definitely looking forward to catching more of this artists work in the future. AWESOME simply Outstanding.

Oh My God

I am totally glade to have heard this, I'm Grateful! They Angels cry holy to the Lord our God, and so will this song, let it speak volume in blessing the soul of others, for you, You are Blessed!!!!!!! Awesome, I would be honored to work with you! Your voice is anointed, all should hear! Blessing


Very up lifting message bless you brother sometime we need to sit back and thank God what we do have and know that God is greatful so let's be thankful for what we do have.God is good all the time and worthy to be praised.

I hear your heart

I love the soft, texture of the music, the tinkle of the keys. Backup singers are just the right sound, not taking away from the lead vocalist. I am aware and touched by the love and heart you are feeling and vocalizing in the song.

Very Nice!!!

I enjoy the sound. It's one of my favorite old school songs. It's smooth and easy. I like the way the band is following and allowing you to lead. Nice blend. Keep singing Gods praises and continue to lift God's praises to the world.

Good Vocals

Would like to hear a better recording. Vocals are good and deserve to be more out front and more understandable. Keyboard player is very good to and once again would like to hear more close up.

Great song!!

The words are good. It has a jazz feel, but I see you’re into that genre also. It’s very important that we be grateful. I think you would also be good at doing some Hezekiah Walker songs if you haven’t already.

Great voice

I really enjoyed this song; it was somewhat rocky in the beginning, but as you go on it levels out. Make sure the music doesn’t drown you out during your performances. Overall I feel that it was a powerful exhibition of vocals and musicianship. Keep pressing forward and stay blessed.
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