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Great emotion!

Beautiful interpretation of a great classic! Warm and inspiring voice... A perfect fusion between jazz and gospel. AllI can say is that this version has really excited me. And there's such a wonderful phrasing on piano, too. Thank you, Reggie, for sharing your voice.

Classic Tune Done Soulfully

Excellent rendition of a classic tune. It is approached with a gentleness that the tune requires yet a soulfulness is added. Reggie showcases an impressive vocal range even as he maintains a soft dynamic throughout. Good job!

Plenty of feelin´

Thanks in advance for sharing your interpretation, to a beautiful song, in a version that leads to landscapes full of tenderness, but also full of sensuality. again, your voice looks spectacular, each line of the melody has a very special modulation, the accompaniment of the piano is supreme, the string section has a very special place despite being very soft. Once again, a reason to wait for new recordings of yours. Congratulations!!

Its always good to hear something different.

It's always good to hear something different, especially without cursing. I choose to be the most yuk mouthed intelligent person in Los Angeles Ca, and my music speaks for itself. However every now and then, a man must cleanse his own destiny before you hear it. That's why SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW is universal. I'm no fan of rainbows, however this song is global. Music is universal. Check out my uncle BugleBlack. He's number two in hiphop but he plays Jazz. He is a trumpet player who also plays cords in piano plus keyboard etc. His jazz tracks are phenomenal. And also peep out my new music video titled "DAT NIGGA ALEEM" FT. BIG SUAVE (a BugleBlack PRODUCT).


Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a classic and like all classics deserves respect, it must be handled with care. your cover of the song I do not mind indeed I would say that it seems almost another song (in the positive sense of the song) only that I felt a little slow. but it is only a preciousness, it is only a find some small defect (who has none?) But otherwise I would say everything well indeed very well. congratulations to the pianist

Reggie Write vocal colors' shade

I've already written a review of Reggie Wright. His vocal performance is very impressive and deserves exposure. In this song, I want to concentrate on the colors of his voice. Although his singing has a very definite character, the number of color's shades in his voice is enormous. You can hear this between the notes, and especially within the long ones. I appreciate this very much not only as a high level of singing capabilities but, no less, in the musicality that creates the singing. I love an improvisation more in Jazz style, rather than his, say, Gospel style. I can hear a strong influence of Steve Wander singing, and suggesting to try more of Jazzy improvisation. It is my taste, and not a very objective point

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Review

Excellent vocal capacity. Beautiful Range and Passion. Your music is compelling and reaks of your devotion to it and your amazing talents and capabilities. I look so forward to hearingmuch more, I can only imagine a live performance. You sir are AWESOMENESS, I wish you much success!

Well delivered!

I wish I "spoke" English as well as you can sing! With a very known song you took advantage of it and sang it with as much freedom as your vocal technique and talent allowed! I felt you were really enjoying your time and the message I got from your performance was of pure pleasure! Congrats! Very nice to listen!

That's where we found you...

This an absolutely gorgeous interpretation of this classic song...Such wonderful phrasing both on piano and voice... It is a quite seamless performance... I really enjoyed listening. Thx for sharing... :-)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Your Voice has a unique vibration and resonance that carries a tone Fatherly Love. I really felt restored after listening to each note ascending of the piano chords. You have a unique phrasing for this song that captures the imagination of the eyes of the heart to see heavenly things over the rainbow. I loved the strings in the background so powerful!! Simply transports us to a new realm of being in the presence of JOY! Great Jazz Fusion sound! I hope many will hear and be blessed as I have been by the whole experience of your music.

Pleasing and stylistic

This is a great rendition of the famous song. Beautifully done. Vocal was able to have his way with intreating the melody. The song flowed well and put me in a very soothing mood. The strings were recorded very low and could have been brought up a little to make them a part of the song. Overall, I was pleased with the performance and hope that you continue to provide music of this calibre to the site.

Crooner voice and great piano licks!

Killer voice and great piano chops! You can be really proud of this track! I do think, that you do a little too much improvising in both voice and piano, in the first minutte of the song. As a listener, you kind of loose track of the melody - pull it back a bit - don't overdo it! You have a killer voice, just let it ring out with the melody, no need for so many frills! :-) Pernille from Merus Quintet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Always fresh

I look forward to hearing Reggie Wright's arrangements. Each moment holds possibilities of freshness; chords that capture your attention as they make their intended resolutions and vocal stylings that are filled with soul and feeling.

Fusion of Gospel & Standard Music

Well done. Over The Rainbow is a song that has been covered many, many times. Reggie Wright's version is A very good version of Gospel Music meets Standard Music. His use of Gospel inflections, riffs and interpretation gives this song a real lift and makes one want to listen to the end. Nice accompaniment also. Again well done.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow review by Robert N Meloccaro

Love this song among the best of the all time lyricly and melodically and this is a good rendition of it. Vocals which are priority in a song like this are in tune and are well phrased a little flamboyant in style but that's a matter of taste and is preformed well. I do a jazz guitar version of the song that is a little flashy at times of the harder things to do is figure out what's enough liberty taken to stand out from the crowd and put your personal stamp on it yet , not come off pretentious . This version of the song will be a wonderful calling card for the fans of nostalgic jazz standards. Reminds me a bit of George Benson in style of vocals and presentation. Thanks -Rob
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