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shit fye asf

man this shit slid, keep doing you, don't forget to put your music everywhere not just on this cause you killing it, is you going to shoot a video to this or you got other good song that you finna do

RastaBurna aint no liar, the track is fire!

Dirty Beat, great lyrics! Love the chorus and how it stereo pans.Very catchy hook on it. One thing that could improve: Vocals on first verse sound less polished than the rest of the song ( could better match the quality of the chorus. That is it... nothing else.. Sounds fire!! 100

Warm tho

This is my honest opinion of your song.. The beat is ok but sounds a bit like a low quality free mp3. The voice is good but way to much back up vocals layered. They're too loud and made it kind of sloppy sounding. The Rap flow is good but nothing was really fire here and the lyrics aren't that original and there isn't any clever word play. Not a bad song but just not hot. Really generic all about me type Rap doesn't get me and I patiently wait for true leaders to emerge. Lots of potential here but still warming up in my opinion.


like tha track it got that vibe to it i don't think you were going for a hit single but a solid track that can be played more than once or twice keep up the good music and you'll get there #dakrazyway


Cool song man. For me it was a lot of I'm hotter than a hot boy repeatedly. It seem like you had a little too much doubles. But other than that I enjoyed the song. Keep up the work bro and keep pushing.


I checked this artist's profile and heard a few other good tracks. Lately I have been mentioning how having a song professionally mixed and mastered is very helpful and I think if you can get this song sounding as "obese" as possible, you may see even better results. Also adding a video for this song will bring out the character and concept of the song. The beat and the flow was good. overall 4.5!

Dope Music

I love that southern sound keep doing your thing!! I'm a femcee from the east coast Motown Philly and I love southern hip-hop as well as midwest and east coast Keep at it and always work on your craft!

HOT club joint right here!

I really dig this track their choice of sounds and arrangement makes it work for me. The overall mix was excellent they just need to bump up some of those voc's not quite sure that's what they were reaching for but I could see them zoning out in the club on this one 3 out of 4 thumbs UP from me.


Keep doing what you doing, hard work pays off and the payoff is even better when you have good material to go with the hard work. The music industry is waiting on someone like you to knock at the door
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