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The rhythm machine is horrible

There's some good elements in this one; especially your voice sounds good to me. But the rhythm machine is destroying both the flow and the sound. The rhythmic pattern as such is bumpy, and the sound of the "snare" reminds on a washing powder box. Country songs with rock'n'roll roots like this one must have a rolling groove as a fundament, and that starts with a driving and well sounding drumset. I think you should give it a second try...

Johnny Cash lives again! Awesome rockabilly song

I love this song. Randy channels the Man in Black on vocals, The guitars are pure country rockabilly. The lyrics are perfect. The arrangements are tight and clean. I feel like Johnny Cash has been brought back to life with this song. I really hope Randy becomes famous very soon I want to hear more! Best mix of traditional country and rockabilly I have heard in a long time.

Home recording should have stayed at home

Two Step Country song with a simple arrangement. Lyrics are fine but the performance and the recording are very choppy. The voice is very shaky. The tone is fine but, I would have kept this as a demo that is meant as a reference for yourself. In my opinion, it should not be subjected to the public. I think there is potential here for a nice recording but I think it should be done in a professional studio with a professional engineer to help and guide you through the process. The song should be revisited and done right if you plan to be taken seriously. If you are just messing around for the hell of it though, then, I eat my words but, if you are paying for the premier membership so that you can be reviewed, then spend a little bit of cash and record the song correctly so that you can be taken seriously. I hope your future submissions are done more professionally.

Come on over...heh, heh, heh ;)

When I heard the opening line of this song my mind hearkened back to the sounds of yesteryear. The guitar tone is haunting and penetrates deep into the listener's mind as if it's drilling for black gold. Like a lonely old 60's melody, sparce, yet profound. Its hypnotic nature almost creates a mantra. You can imagine the victim struggling to fight it, but it's useless to resist. This song just sucks the listener into the abyss of the black hole of it's drone. The hypnotic qualities of the vocal line are congruent with the vector force of the rest of the song. Pulling you in one direction. Come on over...heh, heh, heh ;)


listened to this song - problems seem to be present with the actual mixing download. Background noise wiped put most of the vocal line. Halfway through the mix volume increased but the whole song marred by bad sound ...... suggest a remix.


First about the song itself: It is a pretty standard melody that seems to be all verses and no chorus. In my opinion It needs a change up on the melody . I couldn’t tell much about what the lyrics were about because the vocal was not clear to me and not There was a fade in the music bridge that seemed to me to be unnecessary. I thought the song was ending there but then the volume increased and the track took off again. I don’t know why the fade really needed to be there. It was a distraction to me. The song finished with another fade that in my opinion was way too long. 5 to 7 seconds will usually cover most fade times. This one may have run 12 to 15 seconds but I didn’t time it. As to the vocal it was almost talked at times through the song. . Other things I think would be helpful for us who review would be to include the lyrics to the song. There is a place for where the lyrics are going. we can actually have a gauge as to the creativity of the writer. My recommendations for Randy are that he needs to lay another vocal track and brighten it as well as making more volume in the vocal mix. The music tracks have a changeup of some of the arrangement and additional instruments would make for a better sound. I would back off on some of the audio effects especially on the vocal. a chance to hear your work and if I seemed harsh I really mean it to be in a helpful vain. Good luck with your endeavors.

A country song in a box

Randy Bruce brings us Come On Over, a Dwight Yoakam, Randy Travis style of country song. From a listeners perspective it sounds like many other country songs. From a producers perspective clearly this is a one shot from a bedroom musician and the lack of depth and instrumentation is only coated over with lyrics sung way too low but compressed enough to stand out... barely. There are many timing faults so I suspect none of the tracks were done with a click track which is essential even for the professionals. Also it seems he couldn't make up his mind where the end of the song was suppose to be.


Come on over...by Randy Bruce has potential. Catchy shuffle beat thats keeps travelling along. Lyric wise could be a little smoother but plenty of options in the song to have fun with. Vocals could blend posibbly better but overall a song that with a little fine tuning could be cool to play live and record.

Come on Over

Hey Randy, you got my attention right away, great job on the intro of the song. You have a perfect voice for this song. If Johnny Cash was still alive I think he'd like it. Maybe try pitching to Tommy Cash. Best of luck, Guy Leroux

Compelling Country Song

Singer and songwriter Randy Bruce brings home a nice country swing two beat. The guitar plays a retro Johnny Cash style riff to keep the movement going as Randy sings this invitational song to his girl. his voice is soothing in it's rich deep baritone that is sure to woo her. I enjoyed this sweet song and look forward to hearing more from this talented singer songwriter.

Come on over.

The music started, and I instantly thought of Johnny Cash. This reminds me of an old fashioned tune. Good job. I look forward to hearing more songs from you. I am going to check out your profile page. Keep plugging away.

Now That's COUNTRY!

I like the traditional sound you have here! Thanks for requesting my review of your work, was glad to listen, I think you could capture a certain type of audience with it in some Southern areas ;)

I'm always reluctant to review other artists as it's all subjective....

I'm always reluctant to review other artists as it's all subjective....that being said....I listened to your track a few times...the feel is very old school ala Johnny Cash. The key however is also very Cash and the singers voice on this song is not a deep baritone like Mr. Cash so the key doesn't work for me. This song would have sounded better in a key more suited to the vocalist. The licks are very old school country and there's nothing wrong with that but it's very out of sync for todays country marker. The production is substandard BUT the licks are tight and show that the artist obviously likes his traditional chops. This track would sound much better with a tight drummer and an even tighter mix. I don't wish to sound uber negative but you asked for a review. I would encourage you to not scrap the song but to rerecord it in a key you can emote better and express your vocals with more emotion and clarity.


I just listened to "Come On Over" by Randy Bruce, and I like it. It has an old-time country vibe to it, which I wouldn't expect from someone from British Columbia, Canada (LOL). I think the country radio stations would like this song, and I think country radio listeners would like it too. Let's hear more of your music, Randy.

Review of Come On over

I love the deep soothing voice in this song. This song is really uplifting. Great beat and great lyrics.Always love listening to contemporary christian music. Thank you so much for sharing!
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