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I Love You More Each Day

I enjoyed your song and I lIke your voice and lyrics. When you're recording, you don't have to stack you lead voices. It sounds like an echo. During your chorus, you can add some background that repeats things, such as "more each day." I think it would really take that song to another level.

Did you get my review

Hi Randy, Did you get my review of your song "I Love You More Each Day" I sent it a couple of day ago. I really like the message and only suggested that you get a few harmony voices on your tag. Sinerely, Diana!

I Love You More Each Day

This screen wont let me wright a review, I cant see what I'm typeing,, when I roll it up then try and type it rolls down and i'm not smart enough to know what to do about it, but I would like to say I love this song,, it has very good rythem , it's some thing you can really get into, God Bless this young man, He's a wonderful singer and song writer,, He has lots of talent, I pray he uses it for the Lord,God Bless You,,,, Keep Up The Good Work, I would like to say I'm sorry if this looks bad but the crazy thing wont let mw see what I'm typeing ???????

Thoughts on "I love You more each day"...

To begin, I think the title is great! The title is a simple and powerful message, before the song even begins... The swinging country sway works well with this song, and the instruments are fine. I think a longer intro, would have "added" to the beginning, - maybe an eight bar lead in. The lead vocals are nice, but could be just a bit stronger, and having a harmony on your chorus line would add strength to the song's punch line(your title). A sweet lady singing a little country would add the spice this song lacks. Throw in a little harmonica going out and you would take it home in a righteous manner. Overall, I think this is a nice country- gospel song, and it is pleasant to the ears... Thanks for sharing it with me and others. You have a nice arrangement and wonderful song! Michael D'Aigle

I love you more each day

Hello randy how are you I came across your song an felt like letting you know that I love your song its very encouraging I hope you keep up the good work in all that you do its a song that will be stuck in my head

(about) I love You More Each Day

I think your song I love you more each day is tops sounds perfect singing perfect music perfect lyrics i think christian songs are rated to me number 1 so as this song it is really perfect i think it is because GOD inspires us to sing through us or and perform through us or and write song through us so on all inspired by GOD freind your song i really love keep up the GOD perfect work GOD he will be pleased i beleive and now GOD bless you and GOD be with you freind your song has the pertentual to make it to the top but these days there are many songs everywhere that have this pertentiual hope you reach behond where you already have and remember to follow your dream where-ever the lord may lead it I LOVED YOUR SONG SO MUCH I GAVE IT TOP RATING

i love you more each day

It's great in content ; By nice choice of words that are applicable to everyones life. Great mix of vocals, guitar and other instruments.The punch and tempo is good.Its a great song to listen to. Keep up the good work Randy.


Randy, I like this song, beat, and the way you present the son. It's a very simple song telling a great story. Keep playing and singing. The song is catchy in the way you tell the story. Put a little more effort into the vocals


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Love song

Randy, I love the lyrics, what a beautiful love song to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The vocals were well done in my opinion, I thought the music could have better with a little more bass.

Review of "I Love You More Each Day

Thank you for expressing such a wonderful commitment to loving God. At the beginning, the first verse & chorus, I had difficulty understanding your words because the music was a bit loud. Also the key you started out in is too low for your vocal range. This too made some of the lyrics "muffled". Wow, what a difference when you modulated to the higher key. That's when the strength of your voice lies. I personally would prefer you do the entire song in that key & less reverb. when you get to the chorus, punch it, give it from the dept of your soul. God bless

Keep it up

I love the lyrics and the music matches with your flow really well. I would just like to say one thing i think you should work on, and that is power. Practice projecting your voice, flex those abs and push out that note. Other than that I like it a lot and hope to hear more.
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