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It’s not everyday you hear a song with substance but with a twist on it to make it wavy . Truly authentic and and I can tell the same greats that influenced you influenced me . Keep grinding bro

United Kingdom, London

my opinion

songs a little on the wild side maybe a little irritating as in the hook although the fow is on point! the beat again isnt my forte but this is a club banger as for the song as a whole 3 stars for lyricism alone

United States, Michigan, Detroit

OP-EAA MUSIC LABEL LTD & NETWORKS - Quarantine Music Review

OP-EAA MUSIC LABEL LTD & NETWORKS are an Independent DIY Non Profit Non Corporate Underground Music Network Collaborating with independent DIY Non Corporate Unsigned Underground Music Artists Worldwide Bringing the very foundation of Independent Music into the forefront of the Music World for ALL. ALL ARTISTS Featured by OP-EAA MUSIC LABEL LTD are influencial Independent Artists who share their Experiences Stories & Lifestyles of their Own Ethix Morals Messages Information in their MUSIC for ALL to Hear Listen Share Enjoy & this Music Artist has an essential message in trying to change the way Hop Rap R&B Music is reflected in the World Today. Their Lyrics Words Beats & Sounds are Direct & Of a Political Social Stance relaying the message of truth about how the things in the world affect the very foundation of our lives & those involved. Open Your Ears & Listen to the UNDERGROUND NETWORK with open minds & realise the real lies with your real eyes ... KEEPIN IT LIVE n KICKIN coz SILENCE is NOT an OPTION..... UNITY thru MUSIC

United Kingdom, Southampton


Yes was the 1st thing that popped up in my mind listening to this fire music. Not many artists have the heart or talent to make meaningful music thats marketable but Quarantine Musik deliver and thensome. #danielpromotes

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

A Fair Piece

I like what yall did here. Very in the now modern-day type piece and conscious to boot. I really liked that biggie flow buddy dude used in the second verse ..all in all I have no takeaways on this. Overall fair piece .

United States, Alabama, Dothan


Smooth.............................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

United States, California, San Bernardino

great song!

Hi Quarantine music. it sounds good i really like the rapping and the lyrics. it have a very nice and interessting sound to. i think this i a really good song! keep up the good work! Roger Borg/ Borgsongs :)

Sweden, Stockholm


I like song the way it start off the beat was on time the lyrics from all the artist on tracks were good I like that the song had a positive message and story to it of the things going on today ,

United States, Arizona, San tan valley. tempe

How many people?

How many people are on this joint? Is it one person making all the sounds and another 2 on the voices? One thing I cant understand about 'todays' music. Why the preoccupation with the bass and why do you want ti to sound like a bunch of cardboard boxes? I want to learn more about this heavy handed production. Being just an old rocker... I get confused easily so forgive my ignorance. Hands up, hands down, ..... my hands are out in front of me.

United States, Washington, Everett



Reviewing Protest was like going to a party with a rather sumptuous buffet laid out before me. Listening to a Hammond organ brings me back to late 70s rock n roll roots meeds a Frank Zappa style riff. If you know Franks body of work, he'd have two thumbs us. Lyrics are poignant and driven with a funky bass. The keyboards and digital effects are penetrating the Hip Hop R&B genres making this Alternative tune fit, in any circle of friends, clubs or situations, (play it loud!) It's crystal clear. A fine work of musical art capturing the highlights of an era gone bad, but leaving us with a door to a better place.... Rosie said that 5 Stars and I have to agree with her. I'm a fan of Quarantine Mask, and followed this song since it began to climb the chats. This song live will get the crow going... be love.... evolve... iAndroid Dior D'Nai !

United States, New York, Mamaroneck


I'll start by saying the truth, that I'm not a hip hop lover anymore. I used to love the sugerhill gang and the old school styles but lyrically I'm digging this. Something with meaning and heart is a breath of fresh air. It's well produced and a good mix and that always gets my respect.

United Kingdom, London

Right off the muscle I love d beat

yu went off on d brother! Yu definitely grabbed me... im a huge huge fan of creativity as well as originality! Great work bro fr fr. And whoever on d board definitely doin it. Ya heard. Don't give up. I look forward to hearing more from yu

United States, New York, Syracuse

From Louisiana

Perhaps inspired but the current events of what’s going on into today’s world. It has definitely been a heck of a year for America and we hope 2021 will be a great year for artists for guys like yourselves. Very catchy tune, super bouncy and confident I can feel the energy and passion not only in the sounds but also the lyrics. Sounds you guys have perfected your craft and emotion into one. I pray blessings for you guys

United States, Louisiana, Shreveport


QUARANTINE MUSIK by PROTEST . yes this music fit the signs of the times we are all living in right now . i like the backing hip hop track the beat is good . i aso like the lyrics . HANDS UP HANDS DOWN . STANDS UP STAND DOWN . GET A MASK RIGHT NOW . SO MENY STRESS . INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE DIEING . yep very good lyrics

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Protest - Q.T.M. - Says it all in under 3:00!

Iggy Ice here for 9th Gate Digital Media, with the best job on Earth, sitting in for Rosie Rumba on this review. She texted: "Hey, Ice, I'm not coming to work today. QTM sent you a review. Make sure you listen 3 times!" Her point is that if you review a song on this site (N!M), and listen once, your not reviewing it, you're listening to it. The difference between a 4 and 5 star song is hitting all 5 points of that star IMO. 'Protest" Production/Audio Engineering: top notch. Crystal clear on my MacBook Pro built-in speakers as well as my 1,000 watt JVCs. Structure: catchy pre-chorus, verse; chorus influenced with a nice bridge, great hook, and the outro: perfect for a live show to extend song. Artistry: Kieth Emerson style keyboards. Simple and effective for the genre and this song. QTM using reality infused lyrics, with unique artistry, poignant message, which made me listen more than once just to appreciate it's complex intrinsic value. I added QTM to my play list months ago. Alternative and Rap music are part of a new paradigm that has the ability to stream a new and better consciousness. This genre-bending song is a good example of that. On behalf of iAndroid Dior D'Nai, be love... evolve... Iggy Ice

United States, New York, New York

I like this

This what’s up it’s time for a change if we don’t step up it will be worst for our kids this is Reality Music Real life music keep spreading this knowledge the world needs it more now than ever it’s time to Stand up an Man up an Stop fighting with each other this is bigger than US we was born fighting our Ancestors Fight it’s really time for us to get it right they never seen our struggle only what the see on TV STAY BLESS Bro!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Unique Style

This song is remarkable because of the lyrics. They going hand in hand about dramatical situations and the development of events beyond personal control. Dynamic vocals about actual dramatical story according "black life matters". Unusual track in style of rap-music with disharmonical textures and persistent beat. No back-spinning or digital effects but repeated piano and hammond organ theme make this song engaging for me. Also the up-tempo-beat and drum & bass forcing the music constantly on a higher level. The song is not overly complex but overall professional digitally mixed and mastered and exceptional cool sounding track. Listen to the song and I´m sure you will like to add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg


That's what's up FAM I like the song fasho and you kept the tempo going all the way thru and the production is very clean as well nice beat by the way keep grinding and making good music fasho

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Protest review by Jiimi Priceless

This is a fun track, the production is nothing special but it doesn't really matter because this track relies on the repetitive hook to get into the listener's ear and the verses have enough substance to make this a decent song.

South Africa, Cape Town

The Strength of Protest

Disclaimer: rap is not a genre I usually listen to (or review). And yet, I found Protest to have a unique allure for me in both its musical power and potent lyrics. The beat and sound create the perfect feel of a marching song, one whose lyrics hit you with truth and call you to action. It’s a song of its time in that it reflects so eloquently what’s around all of us, but the music and rhythm become a force change and thus a timeless anthem. It’s protest at its best.

Germany, Berlin

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