Wanna Know

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yes i do wanna know

Now this is the stuff for radio , and you can dance to it...LOL .My only criticism is the intro is a little too long , but not by too much. The vocals , and rapping are really fine , and the vocal switching to rap is very smoothly done ...great job, guys. The backing track is also right on time it kicks in all the right places, which accentuates the dynamics of the rappers ,and vocalist. And finally a producer that has the sense to mix the vocal outfront......usually this is a criticism for so much of the material on this site ......but not with you guys ,most excellent track keep it up....

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Mellow Musiq

An easy listen. The mellow melody captured me at the intro. Out of nowhere comes this raspy tone and the flavor of hip-hop. The rapper's voice flows effortlessly as if married to the beat. As if the ears were not experiencing the ultimate gasm... here comes the catchy hook (chorus). "If I can make you smile again.... I wanna know". Just like a melodic R&B song, the bridge comes in and changes the flow for a bit. I thank you for the Quarantine Musik!

United States, Seattle

Cool music

Good production, nice music, the vocals are very good, they have some vocoder in some parts which are awesome, the singer is very talented, like the way he raps, it's one of the best tunes I've heard here in N1M, it's a hit for sure, the chorus is so catchy... With an echo in vocoder effect, the bridge has some trap in it which blends in nicely with the rest of the song. It has rap, trap, catchy pop chorus singing in it, near the end he raps using different tones to it. Recommended for sure. You should listen to this track homies!

United Kingdom, Leeds

Slick bass heavy street slap

Some cool harmonized rap flow which is classic and old school but with a new school sound on some street shit! Some heavy bass funk that really needs to be bumped in a dope ass sound system to the full effect. Nice recording and very clean arranged track. Some deep emotional singing helps set the mood and the vibe. This is a fly track I’d probably heat out at the late night spot hype...


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United States, California, Stockton

Good job

I like the sound keep up the great music And talent it's definitely different from any other alternative music I've listeneded to keep making more music and being great at what you do1

United States, New Jersey, Pleasantville

Great Cut

This is very, very nice. Great sound, great mix. Transitions are flush and on point. Lyrical substance is there. Content is deep. Nice choice for the composition and compositional strategy. #DopE

United States, South Dakota, Rapid City

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