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To sing psalms unto God is so wonderful. You have a gift from God to write and perform these songs. Keep writting and singing from God's heart. Very much enjoyed listening. Thanks

Australia, Brisbane


with a name like Psalmriter is what captured my attention to begin with. I have a great respect for those who write their own music. It is a gift like no other and you should take the time to stop and listen to this. It doesn't matter if it is your choice of genre or not, all sorts of music can be respected and enjoyed. I, however love all sorts of music, including this one... There is nothing like listening to an artist and be able to hear their heart through music. Take a moment of your time and listen to Psalmriter and let them know what you think. It makes our day when we get input that you are listeing, let Psalmriter know, you are...Thank you and God bless!

United States, Texas, Rye


Very soothing music. I could study by this. I am always looking for music to study by. Nice lyrics. Keep singing for the Lord. Great mastering techniques. People need to hear this right now. People are hurting. If I were you, I would create an audio video of this on YouTube.

United States, California, Van Nuys

Unique Sound!

Dear Psalmwriter, I absolutely love the music and message given here along with your voice. My only suggestion would be try mixing it so that both the music and your voice happily marry. This is a challenge that most people run into as they simply may not have access to a great mixing engineer. But as I said I love the song and the vibe you were going for. Regards Da Liberal Soul

United States, Texas, Dallas

about your song

i think it is excellent work i hope you do more songs people need people to do christian or and gospel songs we need to reach out in the world for JESUS CHRIST i myself do christian gospel i think it is the best music in songs that is all Christian artist are number 1 in my opinion i like al the songs i herd from people doing christian or and gospel so on and you deserve number 1 in the charts GOD BE WITH YOU you got my support i give credit only to were it is due ye you are grate this is why i rated you top

Australia, Warragul 3820

Keep up the great work

Awesome Job Keep up the great work!! You are amazing more that you know! I can wait to hear your other music .. When I heard Your music it brightened up my day!

United States, Florida, Tampa

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