If I Be Lifted Up


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Always love the music that glorifies our Father! Wonderful Worship.... I believe you have something here. Keep singing and writing. God has touched you with a beautiful gift!

United States, South Carolina, Florence

Singing your songs will bring us salvation.


This woman got a nice pleased voice. Sounds a bit like Celine Dion. Thinking this music is what the world needs. Go on with singing your songs will bring us salvation. Praise the Lord.

Netherlands, Lienden

hear what the words say


we really like it keep doing what you do, always from the heart ,, i like where your sound is going,,,, alot of todays music is about MONEY, keep on track

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans

Love.Love.Love This Song!


Very inspirational and touching i see this as a sound track for a great gospel movie if its not already approve for it as yet, keep doing what your doing this is music at tis best! i love everything about this tune vocal beautiful...Bless!

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

A lovely, timeless piece of music. Thank you.


A timeless and powerful message, a deep beautiful velvet voice, a strong contemporary band with a powerful string arrangement behind it and if that is not enough a surprise choral addition near the end of the piece. I love it. However I have two suggestions: 1. I believe that the dynamics of the piece can be greatly enhanced by the use of arpeggios and other variations of the chords used in the string arrangement. 2. Rewrite the choral part using four part harmonies and have them perform it in the style of a spiritual - (again using the same harmonic/chords/structure and lyrics as a base. They are fine).

Trinidad and Tobago, Diego Martin


Fantastic vocals. Nice build. Honest lyrics. Has the potential to be a hit. Excellent instrumentation with the strings and piano. A lovely song to hear.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

Love it!

Beautiful melody and very sweet voice, I love the message which is the most important thing, piano and strings are played very well and sit really nice in the mix, production is very good. The only negative I have is song comes in a little weak and without an intro, also the male's voice which is nice, comes in so late in song and is a little powerful, takes away from the soft mood. Maybe you can bring his voice in slowly and gradually bring him up. I know the song is long but I have to say your voice is so nice it doesn't feel like it is that long. God bless you and your ministry

United States, New Jersey, Ridgefield Park


You have an unusual voice, that what there looking for. The words are great, I love the music it fantastic. you have lots of talent girl. God given you wonderful gifts. Have you sent it to Christian publishers to try get record deal hun? If god in this you make it. God bless Nicloe

United Kingdom, London

Awesome song! Great effort!

Reminds me of some UK artists like Chris Deburg.....Very intriguing sound....Production could be higher but great to listen to! Congrats! Great effort!! Keep looking up!

United States, Tennessee, franklin

First Review

First off thank you for picking me to review you music, this was a powerful song you chose to do and yes is it is a long one but just like any song in a christian church its long the only thing i would do with this song is give it a more modern back beat to expand your listeners other than that its a perfect song coming from the same scripture bob marley used in his lyrics. thank you again hope there's more for me to hear Rob.

United States, California, Stockton


Beautiful words! This is beautiful for praise and worship service, but if you are interested in marketing this for other means the length might be shortened. Enjoyed listening.

United States, Alabama, Sylacauga

who said the label Christian music should be hard to sell?

Those who once said that had'nt even bothered yo listen to some. This song is , to me, calming, makes me feel good. Great harmonies, these musicians have obviously worked hard. Me, i use to hear heavy heavy rock; i find thisreally beautyful. It can NEVER be too much of that. I recommend this song. Thank you, Torgeir T-Hanssen (Reverend Abuse)

Norway, Oslo

Nice song!

I believe a song especially one speaking about our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST is never too long. As long as your content keeps the listener engaged. With that being said because I love to worship GOD I can listen to your song all day! However, I am not the average listener. The average listener may not listen to all 8:37. Cool thing about music is that once you get a fan base they could be really committed and use to longer songs. My two suggestions for your song are First, if you were to want it on radio is have a shorten version. The second suggestion is to have more distinct changes in the song. For instance when I lead worship in any service I may start with just the piano then the guitar then drums. Break the song up so listeners know when the chorus is coming up or even the verses. I hope this helps GOD Bless You

United States, Florida, BRANDON

The Great I Am


The message of this song is perfect for every person who follows the message of Christ. "If I be lifted up, I will draw a man unto me...", speaks of the journey of Christ to the cross and the sacrifice he made giving his life for the sins of men. When people praise and lift up the Son of God, God will place them in his safety for giving thanks and walking in way of Son. Psalmriter is a great story teller and the adding of the Lord's prayer with examples of how we can show ourselves approved in the sight of the Lord is a great reminder that we may make mistakes in this life, but going to the Lord to ask for forgiveness and mercy he will straighten our path. This is a nice praise song.

United States, Washington, Seattle

If I Be Lifted up

The words painted in your work is brilliant. I would have love to hear more of your voice as back background vocal mirroring the lead, I am sure that would be lovely.

United States, Florida, west Palm Beach

Love and Sacrifice!

Love the concept, love the music and the clarity of your voice. Its heartfelt and the words of song draws you in the story of Jesus sacrifice and love!

United States, Florida, Fort Myers

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