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The song is matured and inspired, the rap is dope, the beat is highest and the chorus is something everyone worldwide can relate with because in everything we do in life, we all get started at a point. So big up to PRICELESS ROYALTY

Germany, North Rhine Westphalia



United States, California, Los Angeles


another fire one great job queen mos def feeling this 1 ill be bacc n cali next month. I most def got sum fire beats 4 u that I no u would most def sound good on. I believe we would be a great collab if we link. peep out keep up the great work queen salute

United States, Texas, HOUSTON

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Great song really love this song great piece of art work delivered beautifully guitar sounds are amazing sing great backing vocals are great while I'm writing this and im listening to this a second time......I just love it,.......the lyrics are awesome tbe arraignment are awesome's written and delivered beautifully ...the lead guitar sound as me myself a guitar player love tbe sound. I just started for the third it love it love it ........tbe musicianship is great was played vreat ..................thank you for letting me review this song I truely love it......................

United States, New York, Middle village


I liked this song. You give me a feel of the old school no limit artists when they were on fire. You have good delivery and you seem to be enjoying what you’re doing. I definitely like the vibe of this song. Very organic and a straight to mentality. Love it all the way from Texas. Keep at it.

United States, Texas, Houston

I like

That’s what’s up I like it she riding the beat creatively full of energy an it’s original an that’s what I call music when it takes u from your original state to Elevation Helping others be more creative it’s like a Cold it’s Contagious that’s why we have so many Artistes today Generations after Generations Keeping the Originality it the Culture Of Hip Hop This is Fight of Fights the War Of Wars Thie Mind is a terrible thing to waste

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Keep it goin

Not only started it, you jump started every thing else in the vicinity! Dope song. I like the flow switch up in the 2nd verse where you started spittin faster. That sh!t was dope you got passion for this music and it only grows the more you study your craft and think about how you want your sound to be AND how your sound will evolve over time. You got a dope style keep it up im intrigued with what you got in the future! PEACE -DONATELLO

United States, California, Oakland



United States, Tennessee, NASHVILLE

It is ok

I like it its very creative. She gassed second verse keep going you got something. I wanna see the video when its complete. I believe you got it. I know your family supports you you have to keep going

United States, Colorado, Denver

My review

Nice beat. Great originality. Good message. Hope yiu make it. Maybe grammy material. Nice hook. Nice rap style.wgo you sound like? I dont know. Good work. I get it started. I like your track. Great

United States, New York, New York


I'm fuckn wit dis shit real shit! I jus need yu to relax a line seems likebyuvrushed yur 1st verse slow it down ket tmden bars marinate on dey ass! Hopefully 1 day we put something together!

United States, New York, Syracuse

Priceless Review by Lyrical KIMOE

The Song is nice, and you have a unique flo. My team is making a World Wide CD with All of the hottest Rappers in the World on it, and maby you would probably consider joining our mixtape in the future. Great work

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

like the beat and verse

Lovin the sound .wish to collaborate with you. Yo rap is on point.on the chorus when you are singing needs to sound more hype with the notes. im not saying im perfect on the mic because im far from that.but i would not mind constructive critisizm. go ahead and check and comment on mines .would like to hear from you.

United States, California, Pomona

SDC RadioWorks would like to add this mix to its playlist. . .

"Great vision of mixes that pulls you right into the song, something that is called "Ear Candy" -- moving you." - Kenny Smith, StarMedia Radio One, Apache Junction AZ, SDC RadioWorks would love to add to playlist.

United States, Arizona, Apache Junction

It's Tee-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

Eyo nice one there your music is awesome I love your work keep up the good work your quality is magical I love the recording part as well everything is on point I wanted to salute you for your afford in the music

South Africa, Middleburg


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United States, Kentucky, Newport



United States, Massachusetts, Boston


DAWAN is a native of Detroit, MI (Eastside). DAWAN is natural when it comes to singing. At the early age of 4 is when he began to sing, little did he or his family know they were witnessing the start of a talented young man with a singing career awaiting for him. His first love is truly performing and singing. When he was 5 years old he appeared in commercials sponsored by the "City for Youth," an organization based in Detroit. During his teenage years he was featured in a Detroit Job Corps Center documentary, " Struggling Teens and Family Situations that Forced Teens to become Adults at an Early Age." DAWAN really began to be serious about his recording career during his teenage years where he started to collaborate with many local acts and National musical artists including MOET, Ready for the World (multi-platinum selling international R&B group), and Marcus Cole of Commissioned (platinum selling gospel group), and Marcus Johnson of the Marcus Johnson Project and Three Keys (a division of MaramelJ Entertainment) to name a few. It is in 1993 when he began to professionally record for the then MCA (Music Corporation of America) Records producers Keith (KDS) and Eric Scott. Throughout the years he has definitely gained the necessary experience to be a significant part of the music world we have today. He shot tremers through thousands of fans with his singing at the Circle City Classis Indianapolis a few years ago, a Coca-Cola sponsored event. The people that day witnessed a star in the making, and DAWAN will stop at nothing to rule R&B to the fullest. DAWAN is truly R&B's "Best Kept Secret." His weaponry of skills goes beyond expectations. Often, people mistakenly look at him as a rapper, and even though he can rap, his heart and fascination remains with R&B. His vocal skills are dazzling, exciting, spontaneous, and down right fantastic. Words alone can't express what this young man can do for the soul. The debut solo album for DAWAN under the direction of his record label Stoneage Entertainment has been named Freedom's Son And Is Available On Itunes And Amazon, so come back soon to find out Where You Can Check Out His Performances. The album is based on his past relationships and situations he's witnessed or experienced. His ability to sing, rap,as well as produce the music and write the songs are some of the traits that separate him from most other music professionals. He aims to please, and that's what puts his album above the rest. "His desire to ignite, excite, and entertain will turn your blue day into a happy day, these are some of the reasons why we chose to sign DAWAN. If you weren't blue to begin with, then he'll still make you smile anyway, as his music soothes the soul, shoots up your adrenaline, and enflames your spirit,and gets you in the mood. you remind me of his music and are a star. keep doing what you do.......DAWAN

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Very good

So it is pretty good the beat is hard and your flow is on point great work you got petitional so yeah make sure to never give up on your dreams cause if you keep going I see you blowing so yeah

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans

Issa Vibe

This is actually a really good track. This is what you call music. I really vibe with this. The production is definitely on point and I enjoy the clarity of the vocals. Keep up the amazing work.

United States, Ohio, Youngstown

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