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Intro alright. Nice rap style. Sound like the dirty South to me. It also sounds like a club rap jam. If I was in the club I would definitley be up on the dance floor. On the other hand, this jam is not grammy material. Im jus sayin. Not to long not too short in duratikn of time.

United States, New York, New York


Very creative an what’s up Creative Art work like I love to say they are no good or bad music just Time we put into our craft we go through different channels In Life but we all ain’t on the same channel at the same time but we all visited at some point In Life like so many would say been there an done that cause they already been on that channel in life so it is what it is keep doing what u do An Stay Blessed UP!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


Love your sound. This song have great potential bro. I suggest you work on getting your song complete and ready for the stores.i here music out there that this song fit right in. I think you have a bright future ahead of yourself. Keep up the good work.

United States, California, San Bernardino


Hi! I really like your songs! We all know that life is what we make it, so let's decide to have a great Holiday and an even better NEW YEAR! Wishing you and yours happiness and success from here on out...

United States, New York, Jamaica

What you wanna do

It's a great song and your delivery is impeccable. If anything I would say try to redo the chorus with something a little different with some different bars and thats about it. It's real good enjoyed it

United States, Texas, Houston



United States, California, San Bernardino


I am impressed very much so by your music and it has a nice unique sound to it and I like it a lot it is a refreshing new take on music and I would like to hear more new tracks from you sometime soon and I hope you can have success in your endeavors. God bless.

United States, Missouri, Springfield


Ayeee that's what's up I like the flow of this song keep grinding and making good music all love from Detroit I fucks wit yo music fasho indeed keep up The good work on the music tip it a all pay off

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Soooo much potential!!!!

????????????I think u are ???? fr u should let me write u a song to see how u would like it i love writing for my friend when they co.e in studio and just want a few bars to get em going im a beast when its time to write and I know for a fact with your energy and talent we can drop a hit anyyime u are ready lets WORK!!! FOLLOW ME @ZOE_SKII ON IG AND ZOE SKII ON FB ALSO ????????

United States, Georgia, Columbus


Overall Pronunciation is key within how you deliver. Catch your breathe as spit that shit like you mean what chu sayin! I couldn't really hear exactly what you were saying in the beginning.

United States, Michigan, Detroit


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United States, California, Oakland

Just a little more production

This track is the beginning of a banger a little more production....sound is great ....flow great ,it was like you were trying to just put it on a track to hear yourself and tweak what’s needed ....great concept ....probably add another verse to get some depth ....echo the what you gonna do hook turn it up phrase to get the over crowd feel more like a chant ....unless this is a starter or intro I wouldn’t change anything ....if an actual song or track extend it a little bit add a verse and viola you should have the beginning of your project sealed and delivered..... I believe you are starting a mixtape which is great .....hit the community subtle and banging the nice beat a great way to lure those itching ears....., and then you go in depth with your skills and we have a winner .....turn your volume up on your verses also listening in the whip with beats song was bumping just sounded muffled a little if doing the track at home turn your mic up and overall volume up if heading to a professional studio alter your voice a little so many ways to find sounds or get sounds that fits our tone so search for it ......overall a great beginner to a wonderful track that has stardom potential and I’m honored to be asked to write or suggest any critique I’m truly honored I would definitely collaborate with you and I have a few songs also......stay thirsty my friend to the top we go ☝????????????????????????⛽️☝????

United States, Arkansas, Little Rock


First of all, I'm salty because this is the 2nd version of this review, because I accidentally hit da back arrow, & lost all the progress, & uplifting words I had composed 4 u, SMFH. Anyway, back 2 da regularly scheduled programming.... You definitely gotta solid flow, & a good voice which compliments the beat u snappin on. Your lyrical cadence is hittin dis particular beat on all 12 cylinders, & u ridin da beat like a Lamborghini Aventador wit da doors up swervin in traffic like Boosie & Webbie. My only issue wit what I'm hearing is the poor quality of production, engineering, & it seems to be missing even the slightest pre-mix & master completely. I'm just sayin, I mean everything I'm sayin in da utmost form of respect, & hopefully I can provide some useful advice dat u can benefit from in the future. If the beat was louder, & cleaned up 2 free it of all the air, buzzing, & humming in the background, & your verse was blended into the mix a taste, & accompanied by a few effects 2 tune it, turn it up, & give your voice a completely different dimension u may not have even heard yet, or even knew it could sound so much better with just a lil bit of tweaking, & toning here & there, I promise u, u would be surprised. But the talent is definitely present, & your flow sounds a great deal more seasoned than your average new age artist dat just jumped off da porch & picked up a microphone. I say dat 2 say, u got it homegirl, so keep it up, & keep it comin. Just search for a better engineer. May the Good Lord above bestow peace, blessings, good health, success, & wealth upon u, & your loved 1'z throughout these trying, turbulent times we are in. #PLENTYMUCHLOVE#TRXLLPHERNALXA#RNA#WAY2OOTRXLLCOMINGSOON If it isn't too much 2 ask of u, please check out my freshman project release: "LOSA NOSTRA PRESENTS OSU VOL.1: ONLY SOLD UNDERGROUND CO-PRESENTED BY AMPICHINO" Available on all digital music streaming platforms!!! Also look out 4 my first industry mixtape feature "MMMDI 3: MONEY MADE ME DO IT 3" PRESENTED BY FORMER NO LIMIT RECORDS ARTIST FIEND. Also, check me out on youtube, instagram, LUM music, soundcloud, & twitter, & be on the lookout for several new upcoming project releases from my label imprint RNA.ORGent!!! 2K21 DA MARATHON FAR FROM DONE!!! ASSOCIATION SHXT!!!

United States, Ohio, COLUMBUS

What You Wanna Do

What You Wanna Do has a Synthy, Dirty South feel. The beat is bangin’, the flow is smooth and easy on the ears. Princess Royalty gets my approval for the arrangement of the track which has multiple elements to the verse/chorus beyond just the typical expectations. The mix needs better quality with the clarity of the vocals to reach that next level. If that is done it would be a lot easier to review as well as put this jam on repeat!

United States, Texas, Dallas


good morning queen great song the flow and feel is very relaxing your voice is a one of a kind to . I hope you have a video out to this one if not u should drop one asap also im a producer composer etc if u ever looking for beats etc lets work when u have a time follow me on spotify pandora etc slimmioski.......respect queen keep pushing salute

United States, Texas, HOUSTON

Hype Sound

I love the energy and beat itself makes you want to move. I love that it’s clean music that both adults and the youngins can get turnt up to. Your voice is unique and doesn’t seem commercial but raw. You definitely have a gift; I hope you continue these positive vibes as your journey continues.

United States, Louisiana, Monroe

Mixed feelings

Now I can definitely hear the bone thugs influence and that’s one of my favourite groups so respect on that . It has a retro sound production wise it’s impressive keep pushing bro maybe we can work

United Kingdom, London


Bonjour, Franchement c'est super....... Félicitations, bon courage pour la suite. Ça bouge bien ☺️???????? On a envie de danser. Je te souhaite le meilleur, bonne année Santé Amour et la réussite dans ce que tu entreprends.

France, Paris

One of the greatest Rap song in N1

Great rhythm, great voice, incredible singers, a great song, very agile, highly recommended because there are not many good rap and hip hop songs around here. I hope you get the recognition you deserve. It is not easy to stand out on N1 but I think this song will, what's more, I encourage you to publish it on all platforms.

Spain, Gijon


I couldn't understand a lot of what u was saying u got any song that u flow a lil slower $%^^&&__==%___$%$$$#$&&&^%$"$$$$%%^^^^%%%%%$$$%^__/______<<>>><<___///////_<<>>[9988777666555544433332222334555666677788889999999000999888887777765

United States, Nebraska, Omaha

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