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Female Juvenile"

This is a catchy song. I think this could work with a lil more touches to it. Reminds me of Juvenile (Rap artist) with the way the flow is in the verse. I would recommend doing the vocals over with more energy. It sounds almost as if you're holding back in this recording. It's like you were trying to keep your volume of the vocals down. This track needs that energy you're holding back. The chorus is the same way. Sounds as if the song was written and recorded for submission to a label or artist to sell the song more so than to release it yourself. But I like the song. The lyrics are good. It's the melody that makes the song. Again, reminds me of a "female Juvenile". I'd work on it a little more and would release it or submit it to another artist, making you a ghost writer. Good work.

United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro

a definite winner

wow from start to finish this is a real banger. Rocks from start to finish . if you can't dance to this one you must be dead. who are you folks you definitely are royalty.What a solid combination of hip hop beat and rap ,at its best. The flow is perfect , and the beat just totally rocks. This absolutely should be on commercial radio. No doubt about it . It has all the earmarks of a hit intro , very danceable beat , and finally the rapper(s) are superb. Great job on this one .

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Lolhook goin in and it speaks to alot of ppl in the street most pplbdont see that honesty will get you far. Catchy tho looking to do collabs always keep grinding itll shine for u in the end

United States, South Carolina, North Charleston

Great track

Hi there I love the track and the lyrics! How long have you been doing music? No matter how long definitely keep going perfecting your music and style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own. Stay focused☺️

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte

way to ride the beat

I like the way you groove with the drums and you got lyrics and you got a little swag to your flow your rhyme patterns the way you switch them up is nice . Stay grinding stay writing you have a nice singing Rapping style . Nice Work

United States

Your music

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United States, Texas, Houston

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South Africa, Eshowe


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United States, Texas, Houston

Keep us foot on dey neck

First thing first good production! N str8 up.... I like ya flow! I kan definitely see us put out a joint together. I'm a huge huge fan of creativity and originality.... yu displayed both here. GOOD work dont change for NOBODY yur super talented. - Flee Manolo

United States, New York, Syracuse

First Review

I appreciate your artistry, your flow is cool and your definitely in your own lane. The producer appreciates the down south ways in his or her own music i see. Thank you for letting me listen to your music.

United States, California, Los Angeles

I like it

I like it cause it’s original speaking her mind on the the track saying some real life that’s what music is about don’t sound like nobody else I can relate cause we see it everyday same thing happened everywhere that’s what’s up she spot the fake from far can see threw cause she been there before I respect real music an what I call Real Music is Music u can close your eyes an picture

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

interesting music

very different music from what I've heard so far, I could not distinguish which style it is. very original and interesting. I can hear this song is about to tell a message. it is an interesting art. less concentration on melody but more on the message the author wants to deliver. It was very interesting and nice to hear.

Israel, Tel Aviv


I think this is a very good song.. reminds me of a missy elliot flavor. Has a smooth flavor to it. I think it Has the potential to be a little bit more versatile. But overall a great productiin and great lyrics.

United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City


Checking out your track. Sounds good. I don't hear a female rapper often. It's cool. I think you can hear it up on other beats I like better. You're on tho. Good song. If you want beats, I got some made you will like. Keep it up ...

United States, Washington, Westport

dawan just loves this music.............

The Promised Land Jesus take me by the hand, lead me to the Promised Land. I am weak but thou art strong, give me shelter from the storm. I trust in everything you say, for you’ve come to show the way. Because of you I understand, the wonders of the Promised Land. The path gets brighter every day, because of you I know the way. A land of peace and joy and love, the Promised Land you’ve spoken of. The Promised Land is our true home, there we’ll never be alone. I’ll reach out and take your hand, lead me to the Promised Land. Someday we all will be with you, now I do believe it’s true. I am weak but thou art strong, take me home where I belong. And when we reach the Promised Land, we’ll be together once again. A place where everyone will be, forever young and safe with thee. May he forever hold your hand through the storms of life and help you over. DAWAN

United States, Michigan, Detroit

No back and forth

It's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here from South Africa and I would like to say nice tune though keep up the good work your music is magical I love the recording part as well your quality is on point

South Africa, Middleburg



United States, California, San Bernardino


The beat is pretty simplistic but that actually helps the vocals be the star of the track. Priceless has a clean delivery which is overlooked in a lot of tracks. To be able to hear the words clearly, cadences clearly...the words are not jumbled up or muttled or mumbled which i cant say from many new artists i hear right now. Priceless takes pride in her style, flow and delivery

Good song

Here to show some love on this song I actually like the song whoever that is rapping got a nice lil flow and he riding the beat fasho I would definitely bang that in the car and club great song.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

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