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I love this. Your delivery is very nice. Hitting every beat in point. I love your swag on this song. It reminds me of when rapping was a true talent. You have a Midwest sound kind of like the tube bone thugs used to put out. Keep grinding I hear you and I like what I hear. Much love to Arizona from Texas.

United States, Texas, Houston

Need better mix

Not a good balance of music. Make Hook stronger. Vocals seem hotter than the hook of the song. need to get it mastered as well. You can better your craft by studying from the best so Keep going! You learn as you grow.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville


nice cover the song is dope nice vocals nice and clear and the song is on beat thats dope the way you raping Thats hard yup thats boss never outdated haha I like it homey keep that flow for reals

United States, California, San Diego

Improve on your craft

This is smooth silky style. Different but the artist is finding their true path in the rap game. Work on the the delivery. Need to get a better mix. Also needs to get better beats as well. The artist can learn from beginner's mistakes. Just work at being better at your craft. Trust you will be ok. I see the sky is the limit.

United States, Louisiana, Jonesville


Love your flow! It's refreshing to hear so many "female" lyricist out here these days! I really like the song, it makes me want to get dressed, go out and dance! Although the bass or 808s could be stronger; other than that, I like the music track also! Overall I really like the song and think you should push it as a single. Your stage performance is going to have to be full of energy to match your flow and the music! Good luck!

United States, Georgia, Carrollton


I like this song bossy it's a motivating song for you to get inspired to accomplish any small term long term goals you may have I dig this song It's a good record to listen to ride to in your car

United States, California, Sacramento


Very creative and artistic what I would say is to not come off so much as what's going on with the modern-day music but try being yourself and sometimes take it back to the roots of Hip Hop that's probably what we need more of now in the game but overall I think you did really great I think you did good I like the tune I like the sound could be a little bit more on KiKi a little bit more in tune but you know whatever is been working for you to keep promoting keep pushing and keep going all the way and I do believe that you'll have a breakthrough coming soon

United States, Oklahoma, OKC

song reviewed by: supa productions for cairoblu music group.L.L.C

i like the direction your goin with the track,however i feel that your song needs a more updated beat more energy in the overall song could ge a bit more agressive in your delivery because as u know its nt just what u sayn but even more so how you say it ! as an artist you have good potental but before u can really gain any traction you really need better beats and whoever mixed your song down had your levels off becuse your vocals are not supposed to be soo far apart from the beat your voice is supposed to sit on top of the beat !i rated you 3stars because of the creativity you put into the hook and verse but you gotta get a better delivery and cadence to your flow to stand apart from every other female artist keep grinding stay diligent and set goals as far as how you switch up from style to style and contact me if need any music mastered

United States, North Carolina, Greenville

Great song beat not so much

I'm not saying this because I want to sell sum beats you have a wonderful delivery on the song your lirics are tight but beat anit got that slap to hold my attention like your voice did u coming like Missy on that junt you just need a timerland and he I am #bdbeatsforsale on any social sites dm me if you want do sum bizz

United States, Tennessee, Memphis


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United States, Maryland, California

My review on bossy

What i like about this song is your flow and also your lyrics. I think you could have chosen a different beat. Although i can't describe what that would be. But the beat just didn't do it for me. I think you have talent and all i can say is keep pushing and perfecting your craft. Blessings to you and yours.

United States, North Carolina, High Point



United States, California, San Bernardino

Thanks for the music

The point to a Star songs are what drives your career you never give up on the struggle and you drive your music right to the top of the charts by showing the world the love that you wish to receive and never give up the grind we will handle it's ever-changing days and nights and experience the career change that will flight in the midst of being grounded allowing not one obstacle stop you from moving in all directions Dawan keep up the good work

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Great flow soind????

Bossy has potential to be the biggest song of 2020 Try to Push it more / promote it and try to attend shows/events and market your brand/yourself. None the less your are good???? Keep hitting the studio and cook some more great music.

South Africa, Johanne

It's Tee-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

Yes yoo it's Tee-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA From South Africa here I would like to say nice tune I'm down for your music your doing the most your quality is on point I love the recording part as well keep up the good work.....

South Africa, Middleburg

Yu got it

Now this the type shut I'm talking about right here! Very very original. I like it. The hook needs a Lil work... yu want yuri hooks to grab your listeners. Most important part of a song is the hook! Think about about wild trash out that got noting but a fire hook! Hopefully we kan eventually work together! Don't ever give up your your big biggest supporter

United States, New York, Syracuse

It was good

I just feel she need that beat to bring the best of her out it just sounds like she tryna bring the beat out I do vision the point that she making she knows how to get it across but it was ok but it didn’t Grab me..

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


That's what's up I feel anybody trying to do they thank on this music tip I like the song but I don't to much care for the beat your lyrics was good I would just find a better beat for that song

United States, Michigan, Detroit


I think you have a pure talent. You hug the beat well.honestly would love to hear you on a stronger beat.sound like u got big bars to drop..but flat out u got it tho.catchy hook and a good voice behind good lyrics always works.keep doing what you do

United States, Maryland, Baltimore


Now when you talk about being fresh, this is like straight out of the package fresh. I love the bouncy feel of the track and the running melody and the voices drive this track to in your face "hip hop funk. I would love to hear a live bass guitar fill in the bass line. Great work. Looking to hear more. Al Parker Jr ISIM Records

United States, Virginia, Chesapeake

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