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Fantastic feeling, production, and sound. This should be in a movie! Bravo! Takes you somewhere else! A dreamy Forrest, another Universe! Another world! Great job all the way! Great ambient track!

If androids had nightmares

This is a great trip, Wonderful sweeping sounds and haunting piano gives sorrow toy a unique Plasmafuse sound. It's cinematic and daring, I could see this piece being used in a Scifi movie. Well crafted.

Plasmafuse Sorrow toy

Plasmafuse have created something quite different here one for the ambient collection play list this is a bit of a audio gymnastics that will take the listener on a trip with quite different sounds ... I.e. not a preset button on a keyboard but something individual. Also it is not background music it makes you think so it’s over ear head phones on the comfy chair lean back close your eyes and let our Swedish friend take you on an audio journey

Ambient Soundtrack

An atonic introduction initiates this composition that utilizes a piano-based chord progression to progress through to ambient soundscape created by the other instruments. This song definitely is experimental in its fundamental nature and breaks down to a full ambient construction. The song restarts the bass and piano melody after the breakdown. The frequency space is very well utilized and fully fills the entire space. The stereo is also well executed.

More, Please.

Another disturbingly haunting piece from this Swedish artist, and one which surpasses explanation in rational terms. Listening to this is like being in a horror movie or maybe a taut, gripping Noir thriller, but not in a bad way. I really do enjoy this music, and hope that I will be able to listen to much more from them. I'll be heading over to Spotify to track them down and explore more. Definitely one of my favourite acts on here at the moment. Very talented.


I think this is a part of some bigger Project like Video or is not important if I like or not but I'm sure This Recording will have a hard time to stay alone as a Instrumental recording..but if isa part of something more I will need to see the Final all will come to this..I do not hear anything Spectacular in This Recording and I do think that Music Publishers will agree with me.I do like some parts so I wish You Good Luck with submissions ( but make sure keep it below 4 min..when sending out..


I have a mix Reactions with This Composition..from Marketing Point of View the chances are Very slim that Music Publisher will take It under Consideration..and No Radio will Play over 7 min long tune in which not much is going on..but if This is a so Bigger Project like a Video or Film in order to change my mind I need to see I think this is Not Your Best Work and It will have a Hard Time to "stay alone" as a Music Only Composition..I wish You Best of Luck but again..This is Not Your Best Work..
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