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This song takes you on a journey. It felt to me like the start of a exploration of open space that led somewhere dark and unknown. There is an anticipation that is built and served at the end.


Nice strong strings lead, I like the production sound and mix of trance and mystery I can feel the heart in this showing you've put in some dedicated work on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!


Introduction to a piece of music is essential and vital to me, always has been. I do like the ingenuity of this a king of hard ambient sound with intricacies teasing the ears and audio system, I would have loved to have heard it on headphones but not able to I’m afraid. Footsteps rain, isolation intrigue fear and suspense are all senses youRe going to be experiencing When you switch on to this. So diverse what an audience puller, hard to categorise as a genre but only if you need to, my advise is just let your sensory imagination run riot and enjoy tte ride. I really love it and would have loved to be in tte studio at the engineering and mixing processes absolutely wonderful even some inexplainable noises and suggestive monster and darkness. Thanks

great Song ;)

nice instrumental song that makes the listener dreaming and wanting to hear more , keep it up your good work and i am looking forward for the next invitation , hope its soon !! kind regards, Peter

Plasmafuse ... future portal

Great Ambiant track takinging you through time and space good track to chill to ..with a teasing piano strings and occasional bird song ok add to your play list and recharge your personal batteries and let your mind paint the pictures over nearly ten minutes. Thanks to Plasmafuse of Sweden for the share of this interesting piece really gets the imagination going keep up the good work Stephen


Is this a part of Music Video or some background Music for a Film..any a Radio Play Material is way to long..Radio will not play more than 3.5 - 4 min long track..and this is not Ready Yet for a Concert what is left..I do see as a meditations music but I do not think it will Fit that ..all I say You did a nice job to record It but now is a question what You will do with It..I do not think Music Publishers will take a time to ;listen but hey.. who cares what I'm thinking go and send It to Them let;s see what will happen...


A really nice and unique track very creative I like the music ????. Thanks for allowing me to review and listen to your music.. Continue to share your gifts with the world and be a blessing to others.. Please keep me posted at any time you add more songs and thank you again for sharing.. Have a wonderful day be and may God bless you in all your endeavors. I grew up listening to all types of music I'm a huge fan of unique and creative music.

An encounter

I´ve enjoyed to listen to your music. The images your sound brought up to me were like if you were the whole night in a forest in front of a fire pit and that you saw something far beyond your understanding and despite your fear you stayed there and listened to this being. I realized that you mixed many sounds together and some parts are not very clean, at least on my computer sound. Congratulations on trying to bring through music an intense experience.I think you´ve made it!

Future Portal is dark and emotionnaly tight!

Great atmospheric ambient track from Swedish producer Plasmafuse, they may have moved away from their original Industrial sound but they have kept their skills and edge! The track evolves from dark atmospheric ambience with more colder and emotional sounds and few notes of distorted piano in the last part that give to the song a sense of cohesion. Very recommended for your lonely nights!


Is this a part of some bigger project like Video or Film..The truth is I do not know Music Publisher who will take almost 120 min long tune for Publication and I'm sure that No Radio will put It for a Rotation..but if this is a part of Work for some Fim..Great for You ..isalways hard to Review Something like that ..again as a Music Only I do not hear anything special ..Most Main Radio play Only 3.5 - 4 min long music and again without a visual part is way to long ..I wish You good luck with submissions..
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