Artist description

PJ22 is a former member (singer and then bass player) of the punk
band HLM (1978-1982). Some CD's and vinyls of the recordings from
1981-1982 were released recently. HLM performed live about
thirty times before splitting up.

Distribution :

I Scream was formed in 1986. Claude (former HLM drummer)
and Pti Joss were an electro rock duo. In 1987 their first vinyl (4 tracks)
was released, then a single, and 2 tapes (11 and 10 tracks) were released
the following year. They were all distributed by Recrec in Zurich.
Then 2 CDs were released in 1990 and 1992 ; ‘Cherche’ and ‘No concessions’
distributed by Contempo in Italy, and ITM Media in Germany and Switzerland.

I SCREAM: Claude > vocals + electronic percussions /
Pti Joss > electronics + guitar

I Scream performed live about one hundred times including some overseas
performances. Many articles featuring the band were published abroad:
Belgium, France, Italy, Germany etc…

The duo came to an end in 1994 leaving behind a 6 track demo titled “Last issue”

The first albums ‘The Black Crown’ and ‘Why not?’ came out in 1996 and 1997
respectively. A contract was signed with Pulse Music (London) for the release of
some tracks, but the project failed, due to financial problems. Pulse Music went

The same experience occurred again the same year with FuPhonic,
also based in London, with the same issue.

PJ22 released his first two albums on in 2000 and his third album,
‘The minimal option’, in 2002.
It was sold by (London).

Branded Records had shown an interest for the track “Brothers”, but an agreement
could not be reached, due to the copyrights for the vocals, and the project failed.

The track ‘Kids’ was used by Silvana Solivella ( at the Barcelona
Contemporary Culture Centre in 2005 during the presentation of her work, then
reused in 2008 for the Assens Exhibition from May to September.

2005 was also the year of the first live performance with Pud (Sludge drummer).
The new album ‘Waiting’ was released in 2006, without a label or a distributor.
It was released for promotional purposes.

PJ22 was selected in 2007 as one of the first 20 electro music demos among 600
candidates by Demotape Clinic.

2009, a new album called " in the garden"
2013, a new album called "the other side"
2015, Maxi single 2 tracks feat. Nico

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