It’s about time Rock-n-Roll got a swift kick in the ass! I mean what happened to the bands that left you wanting more, music that stayed with you long after your ears stopped ringing and showed you an experience that reminded you just what Rock-n-Roll was meant to be? Well, there is a group that is doing just that. That band is PISTOL SHOT GYPSY.

PISTOL SHOT GYPSY (PSG) is a 4 piece of lifelong friends from Providence, RI that doesn’t follow current trends and gets back to basics by blending the classic rock foundations of the 70′s with the reckless abandon of the 80′s and the gritty edge of 90′s angst. Mashed all together with a no holds barred metal bite, their music oozes city filth, slithering bluesy riffs and the growls of a harder edge that will leave you wondering what just hit your ears. Their stage show is no less memorable with a high energy performance that reminds you of an after party TV getting kicked out of a hotel window without the choreographed moves that plague the current scene. There is a true passion for reincarnating that “In your face raw energy” that has been filtered out of music. PSG wants to make you part of what Rock-n-Roll was supposed to be!

Being comprised of Ron Travis(vox), Jeff Instasi(guitars), working with Midday Records the groups freshman titled album Smoking, Drinking, Fighting set a standard in the North East as a driving force for what real Rock-n-Roll was supposed to sound like. The album’s aggressive introspective track “Trainwreck” asks who is crazy enough to survive the hard life of playing in a band to answer that it’s just too much fun to leave. The singles “Baby Come Back”, as vocalist Ron Travis says, “It’s a touching little ditty ‘bout a boy, a girl, and in between” and the caged anger and destroying “Slave Yourself” lets you in on the tortured life of the common man. The album opens the door to the fears, wants, addictions and pain of society…of ourselves really…as we know it. The next chapter in the story and new album Better Late Than Never, picks up right where the first left off. Singles such as “Luv Junky”, “Evil Lovin’ Woman” and “Joke” tell the story of the chaos in life that regardless of how much it hurts, you will never give up! Bassist, Rob describes it as “Our whole lives are in this album, this band. What you get is us and all the good and bad that comes with it. What you get is real life and like life, this will hit you hard!”

While playing alongside national acts such as Bush, Crossfade, Buckcherry, Faster Pussy Cat, Non Point, The Treatment, Joey Belladonna, Gary Hoey, Sick Puppies, Pop Evil, and Chevelle, Pistol Shot Gypsy has won The Providence Phoenix “Best Loud Act” for two consecutive years along with their frontman Travis picking up “The Best Male Vocalist” accolade during the bands second run. Radio stations all along the East Coast have gotten swept up in the PSG whirlwind playing the bands past and current selections not only due to massive requests by the PSG fan base but in part due to the constant tour exposure this side of the Mississippi. This band doesn’t know the meaning of quit.

Pistol Shot Gypsy consistently shows that they refuse to be lumped into an assembly line of bands that all sound, look and act the same. This band will not only break your perception of what music is supposed to be but will show you something real, gritty and reckless. So if you are looking for what’s been missing in Rock music today, then get on board with Pistol Shot Gypsy. They will restore your faith in Rock-n-Roll!

The Band

Ron Travis – Lead Vocals

Jeff Instasi – Guitar

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