Linda Mae


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You got me at the first three notes...


Love the sound, the groove, the bass, the sax, the sudden silence, the suggestive feeling, the wah-wah, the harmonies... In short - love the track!! I just missed a couple of things. A little bit "tougher" saxophone with some "cracked" tones. The sound of the guitar solo was a little bit to much dist for my taste. Would have been nice with something like Lee Ritenouer. But well played! Then you must add "Funk" to this song to climb on the funk list! =) Really good work guys!!

Sweden, Tärnsjö


Hey yall, I see and hear ya coming way from Los Angeles Ca. We over here at the Bugleblack Music Group are making JazzHop tracks constantly. Please check out my partner BugleBlack who is number two in ranks for Hip Hop however he's a great trumpet player who also plays cords in piano plus keyboard etc. Jazz music has taken us far, so far that now we are opening up for major artists. Once again, we are touring WestCoast states and cities with E40 later this month throughout September. If interested in PERFORMING in front of thousands please holla back immediately. I do like the sound that I'm hearing from Washington D.C.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas


Linda Mae review. this song is a strictly Fusion Jazz piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Fusion Jazz style as I said everything recalls the Fusion genre . personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Fusion piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy



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United States, Illinois, Chicago

Very Spyro-ish... DIG IT !


Very Spyro-ish... I DIG IT ! This is very well done ... Great melody, love the builds throughout - always giving yourself somewhere else to go... You Got the groove driving this puppy home, right in the pocket !!! Thx for sharing - I ENJOYED IT ! :-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

Just Straight Up Funky


I am a big fan of just a nice straight up funky groove, This track meets that criteria. Great composition, great over all musicianship. It is great to hear a band that is in the pocket. I am now a fan. Dave Percell

United States, California, Corona

Always in the Pocket

This group keeps you involved throughout the whole song. The sax solo was played artistically and soulfully. The band clearly played as one. I could not help but move my foiit to this one. I think they are moving to phaze 3.

United States, Michigan, Holland

Funky funk!

Kick ass bass theme you got going, there guys! The sax needs a bit more volume in the mix (or a little less volume on the bass). Super tight playing! The track is mostly made up of section A: Sax, section B: Lead guitar - and in both sections, the solo instruments play almost all the time, which make it a bit boring - stop playing once in a while, and let the main theme tak over, to create variation in the piece. :-) Pernille from Merus Quintet in Copenhagen

Denmark, Copenhagen

Phaze II Linda Mae

Love your sound and what a funky vibe. You rock and have that dance appeal my generation danced too back in the day. I would be on the dance floor right now. Great job and continued success in your musical career. Marilyn E. Garcia

United States, New York, BINGHAMTON

Linda Mae makes you dance


"Linda Mae" by Phaze II - six musicans - is a strong instrumental musical piece. The balance of bass, drums, organ, saxophone and guitar is nice. The band creates a tough sonic stream that makes you dance. The pulsating stream could however maybe show a little bit more dynamic variation. Anyway, I welcome this kind of music, e.g. to open a refreshing dance moment.

Sounds great.


Great groove and playing on this track! Great bass groove at begiinning, good production quality and nice sax and keys on this. Guitar solo also great ideas and tone! Drums and bass hold things together all the way through.

Canada, Ontario, Mississauga

Linda Mae


True True True Funky Jazzy Fusion baby! Phase II you are definitely on your game with this Funky Track. The Beat, Bass and Organ are perfectly supporting a polished Horn soloist that knows his stuff! The Guitar solo fits right in like butter baby! The steady hard driving pocket of the beat is essential to Funk and your Trap Man has mastered the Pocket! This is definitely going in my "Play it Again" rotation! I love what you guys are doing! Representing Chocolate City as it should be, "FUNKY BABY"

United States, North Carolina, Fayetteville

Brava Linda


Nice rhythm, enthralling, warm and clean sound. Track not particularly original but all well played, well recorded. A good package, indeed. When you want to eat an appetizing dinner, you do not necessarily look for new and never tasted before food... Everything already heard, no innovative idea, both in terms of style and sound, but everything absolutely nice and well prepared and above of all pleasant to listen to.

great music


Hi guys,I ve lesson to your music and iI found it really great. The bass line and the way the bass player is swinging it is really very groovy. The guitar player is great also and I do like the choice of the sound on the improvise. The sax player have a very nice bouncy funky jazz style and he does have a very good sense of rythm and a shape of rytm' n blues feeling witch I enjoyed a lot. I would just say that he must take care of the pitch in some moments wich is a little low. The drums and percussions are very groovy and I apprecied the little latin touch. Go ahead , is really good to lesson to. see you!

Belgium, Brussels

Full of energy !!


Hello everyone ! The song is excellent, and the execution of the instruments is impeccable, the feeling is felt in each passage. I love how the bass stands out as it is something unusual in general, the guitar solo is very good, the sax equally, the balance between melody and harmony as well as the mixing and recording are outstanding, the ending is a bit unexpected but good. Congratulations !

Mexico, Chihuahua

Phaze ll -Linda Mae Review-by Robert Meloccaro


Very Good quality song Those who like contemporary Jazz instrumentals should really like this groove oriented song. The band members are obviously all top notch players. All the playing is very tight, excellent timing ,great phrasing , and interesting interplay between the musicians. I can stand behind giving this song a 4.5 stars. The only thing I would say That was even remotely critical would be that it's a little predictable but that groove style of jazz is usually done with the intention of not upseting the dance feel and to go into uncharted territory to add the "surprise " could cause the groove to be changed. Thank You for the opportunity to review this I enjoyed it throughly.-Robert Meloccaro

United States, Rhode Island, Warwick

To the Bone, Nice and Sweet


Hats off to your Bass player who may be my brother from another mother. His style reminds me of 'me' in the mid '70's on up to when I recorded my last tune "Unless You Got the Good Stuff" in Y2k. Everyone is 'busy' on this number and hats off to them as well especially your saxophonist. I'm going back to your web site to check out some more of your music and join your mailing list. You got a '5' on this one! Good Luck on your Music adventure here at N1Music.... ~ Gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

United States, Texas, Bonham

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