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Original acoustic songwriter singer. Ceremonies performer: funerals, weddings, proposals, handfastings, flash mobs, singing performers, etc. Based in Éirinn ☘????????☘ Penelea on TELEGRAM app (public channel 2020)


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Original acoustic songwriter singer.
Ceremonies performer: funerals, weddings, proposals, handfastings, flash mobs, singing performers, etc.
Based in Éirinn ☘????????☘
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2 years ago

As light unites all beings of the world,
So lives among us human speech.

But our speech today is heavy with guilt;
Guilt of indifference and unawareness,
Guilt of anger and pride.
Thy word, O Christ, encountered these;
They condemned Thee.
They live still in our word,

From our inmost hearts, O Christ,

Make new our speech.

When we speak with one another
May we remember
that we come from the father,
and are led by Thee
to the awakening of the Holy Spirit

Through the days and the weeks and the years.

- Adam Bittleston, TUESDAY (1953, 1999 Floris Books) Meditative Prayers for Today


As millions of children and adults participate in the fun of Halloween on the night of October 31st, few will be aware of its ancient Celtic roots in the Samhain (Samain) festival. In Celtic Ireland about 2,000 years ago, Samhain was the division of the year between the lighter half (summer) and the darker half (winter). At Samhain the division between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through.

The family's ancestors were honoured and invited home whilst harmful spirits were warded off. People wore costumes and masks to disguise themselves as harmful spirits and thus avoid harm. Bonfires and food played a large part in the festivities. The bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into a communal fire, household fires were extinguished and started again from the bonfire. Food was prepared for the living and the dead, food for the ancestors who were in no position it eat it, was ritually shared with the less well off.

Christianity incorporated the honouring of the dead into the Christian calendar with All Saints (All Hallows) on November 1st, followed by All Souls on November 2nd. The wearing of costumes and masks to ward off harmful spirits survived as Halloween customs. The Irish emigrated to America in great numbers during the 19th century especially around the time of famine in Ireland during the 1840's. The Irish carried their Halloween traditions to America, where today it is one of the major holidays of the year. Through time other traditions have blended into Halloween, for example the American harvest time tradition of carving pumpkins.

Two hills in the Boyne Valley were associated with Samhain in Celtic Ireland, Tlachtga and Tara. Tlachtga was the location of the Great Fire Festival which begun on the eve of Samhain (Halloween). Tara was also associated with Samhain, however it was secondary to Tlachtga in this respect.

The entrance passage to the Mound of the Hostages on the Hill of Tara is aligned with the rising sun around Samhain. The Mound of the Hostages is 4,500 to 5000 years old, suggesting that Samhain was celebrated long before the first Celts arrived in Ireland about 2,500 years ago.

Above information sourced from
- Samhain (Samain) - The Celtic roots of Halloween [found at: (expired link) ]

Below information sourced from
- Tlachtga: Celtic Fire Festival by John Gilroy

The Festival of Samhain marked the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new one and as such can be seen to the equivalent of New Year's Eve. We have seen how the Celts believed that night preceded day and so the festivities took place on the Eve of Samhain. There is no doubt that that this festival was the most important of the four Celtic Festivals. Samhain was a crucial time of year, loaded with symbolic significance for the pre-Christian Irish. The celebrations at Tlachtga may have had their origins in a fertility rite on the hill but it gathered to itself a corpus of other beliefs which crystallised at the great Fire Festival.

The perceptible, and apparent, decline in the strength of the sun at this time of year was a source of anxiety for early man and the lighting of the Winter Fires here symbolised mans attempt to assist the sun on its journey across the skies. Fire is the earthly counterpart of the sun and is a powerful and appropriate symbol to express mans helplessness in the face of the overwhelming sense of the decay of nature as the winter sets in.

Now the sun has descended into the realm of the underworld, the forces of the underworld were in the ascendency. The lord of the underworld, unfettered from the control of the sun, now walked the earth and with him travelled all those other creatures from the abode of the dead. Ghosts, fairies and a host of other non-descript creatures went with him. The Lord of the Dead in Celtic mythology can be identified as Donn.

Mythology tells us that when the invaders of Ireland known as the [Milesians] landed at the Boyne, they made their way to Tara. Once there, they were advised by the Druids that they should return to their ships and sail off the shore to the length of nine waves. When they were on the sea a great storm arose which scattered their fleet. The commander of one of the ships was Donn. His ship was broken to pieces in the storm and he himself drowned along with twenty four of his comrades. He was buried on the Skellig Islands off the coast of Kerry.

He is the first of the new wave of invaders to meet his death in Ireland and, as such, he became elevated to the status of god of the dead. The place of his burial became known as Tech Donn - The house of Donn, and soon became identified with with the otherworld. The Celts were fascinated with tracing their ancestry back as far as they could and often they identified their earliest ancestors with the gods of their peoples. Hence, a belief arose that when they died they went to the house of their ancestor, the god of the otherworld.

It is interesting to note that the abode of Donn, on the Skellig Islands, is just a few miles from the traditional home of Mog Ruith at Valentia Island. As well as being geographical neighbours, both are closely associated with Samhain, when it can be said that Mog Ruith as sungod sojourns at the realm of the underworld, the abode of Donn.

Donn is seen as a retiring god who prefers the isolation of the bleak Skelligs and remains aloof from the other gods. His name means "brown" and he is associated with the shadowy realm of the dead. O'hOgain tells us that a ninth century text attributes a highly significant quotation to him "To me, to my house, you shall come after your death"

Many other sources say that the dead assemble at his house and describe deceased people travelling to and from here. Fishermen in the area were wont to hear strange boats passing to the island at night and the names of those who disembarked were called out. Later Christian writers claimed that the souls of the damned lingered at his house before departing for hell. Not surprisingly, aspects of his personage have been adapted by Christian writers in their portrayal of the devil.

Samhain being the feast of the dead can now be clearly seen as incorporating the cult of Donn into its celebrations but how they did so remains uncertain. The Fires were in all likelihood lit in honour of the sungod - here manifesting as Mog Ruith, but certain other of the trappings are clearly associated with the Lord of the Dead. The idea that Samhain is a juncture between the two halves of the year saw it acquiring the unique status of being suspended in time - it did not belong to the old year not the new. It could be said that time stood still on this night and the implications of this were immense. During this night the natural order of life was thrown into chaos and the earthly world of the living became hopelessly entangled with the world of the dead. But the world of the dead was itself a complicated place, peopled not only by the spirits of the departed, but also with a host of gods, fairies and other creatures of uncertain nature.

The unwary traveller, caught away from home on this night, could expect to encounter any one or many of these creatures and it was always advisable to stay indoors. Ghosts were everywhere and may or may not have been harmful to the living. It is interesting to note that the manuscripts tells us that all fires in the country must be extinguished on this night and could only be relit from the great flames from Tlachtga. This, of course, is not to taken literally but symbolised the brief and temporary ascendency of the powers of darkness at this time of year.

During this period all the world was in darkness and the dead were abroad. When the fire at Tlachtga was lit, it gave the signal that all was well and all other fires could now be relit. The fires at Talchtga were the public celebration of the victory of light, while the relighting of the household fire marked the domestic celebration of the feast. Now the spirits of dead ancestors could be welcomed back into the home with safety and posed no threat to the household. This theme is repeated constantly in Irish literature. MacCollugh tells us that the cult of the dead culminated at the family health. Very often the spirits of ancestors sought warmth around the fireside on this night. Fires were left lighting in the grate to warm the spirits and food was left out for them. Even though the ancestral ghosts were benign, it was still a good idea to avoid them by going to bed early.

However, the ghosts may not have been entirely benign. They needed some sort of appeasement in the form of ritual offerings on this night. So long as the offering was forthcoming the ghosts were happy and benevolent, but if the offering was withheld another side of the ghosts features were presented. Bad luck would descend on the household and all would not be well the coming year. Some vestiges of this tradition may survived in the modern Halloween custom of "trick or treat". Children, dressed as ghosts and witches, invite the household to make a donation or face the consequences. The 'treat' may represent the ritual offering while the 'trick', nowadays a harmless prank, may have in antiquity, represented the malevolent consequences of inadequately appeasing the ancestral ghost on this night.

But it was not just time that was dislocated at Samhain. Just as the festival stands on the boundary between Summer and Winter, all other boundaries were in danger at this time. The boundaries between a mans land and his neighbours were a dangerous place to be on this night. Ghosts were to be found along these points and a style between adjacent land was a place of particular dread and best avoided. Bridges and crossroads were also likely places to encounter ghosts. Naturally enough, burial places were avoided on all nights but particularly on this night. Every sort of a ghost was to be seen here and the dead mingled freely with the living.

The practice of divination - telling the future, was an important part of everyday life for the Celts and it is certain that this art formed a central part of the festivities occurred at Tlachtga at Samhain. Vestiges of this can be seen today at Halloween are familiar with the practice of going to the church at midnight on Halloween and standing in the porch. The courageous observer will see the spirits of those who will die in the coming year if he watches closely, but runs the risk of meeting himself. Similarity, girls watching in a mirror on this night will see the image of the man they will marry but also run the risk of seeing the devil.

Those brave enough to go to a grave yard at midnight and walk three times around the graves will be offered a glimpse the future but again run the risk of meeting the devil. This latter example is interesting as it preserves the three time sunwise turn so important to the Celts in the ritual. The possibility of meeting the devil may represent the well known Christian attempt to associate the pagan god of the dead with the devil of Christian belief. This being the case, Donn the Lord of the Dead, left his island home on this night and travelled freely throughout the country. Whether he carried off souls is unclear, but it is likely that he did. The ritual offerings on the Winter Fires may have been an attempt to appease him until, such time in history, he was replaced on the arrival of Christianity by the devil.

The early Irish manuscripts are littered with references to the magical significance of Samhain. It marked the end of the fighting and hunting season for the warrior troop known as the Fianna. At Samhain they retreated into winter camp, quartering themselves on the general population until the return of Summer at Beltainne. Fionn MacCumhail chose Samhain as the time to present himself before the court at Tara for the first time, while it was also at Samhain that the god Lugh made his dramatic entrance to the same court. The Connaught queen, Meave, waited until Samhain before setting out on the great Cattle Raid of Cooley.

Fionn MacCumhail, Lugh and Cuchulainn - Meave's opponent, are the three great figures of Irish mythology and it is interesting to note how Samhain is the time chosen by the writers to introduce their arrival on the scene. The Battle of Mag Tuired (supposedly in County Mayo) was fought at Samhain. It seems that when the early writers wish to impart a magical quality to the events they are depicting, they choose the Festival of Samhain for the occasion. There remains little doubt that Samhain held a central place in the imagination of the Celts, where the festivities associated with several local gods became entangled, over the course of perhaps a thousand years, with the feast of the god of the dead. Remnants of these celebrations have come down to us in our own celebrations of Halloween.

Ancient cultures such as the Neolithic (Stone Age) people who build Newgrange in Ireland aligned their monuments to the major solar events, the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. The solar year was further divided to mark the half way points between the major solar events giving the cross quarter days of Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.

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3 years ago

Aloha fellow incarnated earth inhabitants,

May the fruits of the summer continue to nourish your body and BEing
for the arriving Autumn.

I just wanted to share a little news with ye
and also a humble video.
.. which also will lead me to boldly make - not one but - two requests of ye this month.

1. The humble video.
Not only for face value but a well and truly "behind the scenes" video
(the kind that professional sensibilities would take down double yesterday)
Will you watch it?

(expired link)

(I don't make up the URLS)

2. Also, after having watched the above sincerely authentically humble vid, will you under the video on its YouTube page, Make a comment?


YES! You heard correct. Details:

If you want, I will send you a FREE
((expired link)., 100% no strings attached gratis now and always)
rough recording of the basic song
WARNING: not mixed or mastered or edited IN ANY WAY.
If so, you'll have to give me your email address
And have done the first thing above (listen to the video + leave a comment on the YouTube page for it)
Sure how will you know you want the thing if ye don't have a listen? ????

Thanks for any feedback in advance btw!

So the news....
I am going to be working on initiating and completing a studio release later this winter.
The big question is
Which genre?
Will it be original, or will it be traditional? Acoustic or amplified? Live or ..well, I did say studio; so I predict it will be safely and handy recorded in various places around this Celtic isle

I've had a big break from the music making.

Composing has been an interesting act where it seems my hand is being held by others
whoe intention is to get the higher deeds done, if I may say so.

This song is one of those arrangements;
The words are a translation from the original by Rudolf Steiner.

In March 2017 (last year), my Mother crossed over
In February 2018, my great friend, neighbour, and mentor crossed over.
Two weeks later, my top male student* crossed over.
I seem to be swimming in a sea of Death.
Yet such a statement is not intended to be negative in any way.
Yes as an incarnated human (which I Am most of the time!!), such turning point in my life
do indeed entail pain ... and a sense of unrequited longing and anguish in the soul.

I Am
so thankful for the path of spirit before me..
.. Of many Teachers I am blessed to have instructing and inspiring me..
.. Of the various communities of lovers, friends, and clann (spirit and bloodline) round me.
May my work and plays be a dedicat to that love and friendship and support
we co-created while together for this short while, here on earth.

Beannacht leat, agus Aloha duit!

* I am instructor of a form of medical QiGong (the Soaring Crane style).

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4 years ago

Aloha everyone,

Tune into my channel on #ConcertWindow for a no strings attached FREE show at 9:30pm Irish/UK time. Here's the link to clic on:

(expired link)

If anyone of ye artists have considered playing a livestream gig, you can see how this advanced-amateur does it ;)
And if any of ye season'd performers have tips, complaints, and/or observations for me, please do share the love!

I normally don't have internet at home in Ireland. Tonight is my last night at one of my best friend's home in Bristol UK. Hence the show title. "Eve of Departure" .. #KieranGlas may even join me onstage when he gets in from work after 10:30pm

There are some tip options and interesting tip rewards if ye are feeling inspired,
but otherwise the performance tonight is 100% gratis, complimentary. A Thank You to all of ye beautiful souls and spirits sharing the planet with me at this time.

Ye can put in requests and even type in questions ahead of time too
(if you go up to the above link)
.. my repertoire list is under the
NOTES section at my FB page: (expired link)

Till then, may you have peace, beauty, and every goodness under the stars!

Pen X

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4 years ago

Beannacht na Shamhna!
Well life has continued to roll on accumulating more craziness than ever. In and out of court (traffic and child custody tales) as well as employed/self-employed in the Raw Vegan organic food world. Thru it all, what's the succinct message for ye today?
Fact 1: This artist is one with NO MOBILE or OWN INTERNET ACCESS.
Fact 2: With the above factors. yes life has indeed been some TEST :) How many of ye also find same with 2016? Thank Goddess for Samhain, the ebb when we can hmm, reassess, and let the crisp cold signs of our elements give us their wisdom again.
Fact 3: Love has paused, and Love has been reintroduced in unimaginable ways (yet again)
Fact 4: Music has, amongst all else been occurring. And what's not to love?
In addition to new songs (as per Peneleapaí 's habitudes), there has also been a new attack
on tune-composition. Find Peneleapaí on (expired link) as long as they allow those humble pieces to be submitted. (Sorry, admin!) Search for tune called Trick or Treat (jig) as well as Hallowe'en Eve (reel). Enjoy, those of you who play! (and more where those cmoe from!)

You music-clan who contact and even send orders for songs etc ~ I LOVE U!!!
U ROCK MOST definitely!
and the reason these newest songs & tunes have not fallen on ye're ears as yet
is cos we've no reliable system of recording and sharing (limited means and internet times in library) .. If you follow our Livestream channel, you'll receive an email the next time we play live for ye (online that is) so ye can tune in from the comfort of your own choice of basecamp or temple or ocean! The link for the channel is
(expired link)

Meanwhile, we're also going to be part of some inspiring workshops and retreats -
Sacred Intimacy & First Love on the weekend of 18-20 Nov.
As well as a family friendly one - Seasonal Songs & Traditions before 11/11.

Modern folk have habit of making resolutions at invernal year's end, but I find this (invernal's initiation) fiery time of year demands and supports us to reassert ourselves where we are at (both our inner, as well as in the wider world) as well as how we wish to continue being. May ye all find your true essence, with love as your tune. Make sure you go on and let yourself feel that big virtual hug i'm sendin ye. From the west of Éireann. A'HO!

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5 years ago

We live in the belief that we KNOW who we are, that we have basic unalterable characters and lives. I don't know why we don't step outside the box, get out of the comfort zone, stir the pot, shake up the medicine, and let go of what by habit limits us day after day.
Time is not linear, after all, as even the conservative scientists are now confessing. Every coin has two sides, so I'd like to ask ye, what is your silver lining? Or I can turn it to myself: since I am born in this era, in this body, with this particular set of circumstances - socially, emotionally, psychologically - what is MY gift to the community of planet earth? May 2016 not be the year to let go of any limitation as to what I should be doing? or who I should be? or why or how I should be? (or be doing it)? Let 2016 be the year in relation to as when the Americans say, "Sweet sixteen and never been kissed" ~ a metaphoric nod to that coming of age in our lives when we've outgrown the happy confines of infancy and childhood. Our biological clocks become interested in the dance with another. Let us discard the concept that we are a "known" entity; for what vanity shouts in us that we should be wiser than God? Who but the great mystery knows how truly, deeply unknowable we are in all our humanness? How can I claim to be cleverer than that which breathed consciousness into I?
For any interaction undertaken from a SOLO ((expired link)., individual or lone) vantage point will of course be smoother, less complex. It is when we accept the invitation to "be kissed" that lives begin to become a revolution. When we venture out to meet the world, whatever form or expression that takes. Even beyond the smaller concept of one other HUMANbeing in a romantic context, now everything that we thought we were is called into question. And if we are so lost in the worship of another, and they in us, then we might experience the exaltation of rising above our previous boundaries. We rise to the occasion of being so unconditionally loved, (this is before any lips come into contact even!) and we reflect that appreciation of our pure being to our chosen special companion. Why? Because they see us as we truly are. We never set out to harm, offend, or isolate anyone. Now our first kiss sees us in our origin. We are pure love. We see them likewise. They can do no wrong. We are one and the same. And what's more, we are merely reflections of the Great Spirit itself, of the one love that is all of us all at once. (After a few weeks, the fear-based habits of projection, codependency and security issues may show, but that's another day's work!)
Turning back to the use of my own perspective now, I hope ye will resonate with my message:
Let's make this 2016 a year when I can return to a simpler time, to the time before I felt so worldly (and weary?) ... Where the ecstasy of being discovered by another human being overflowed my senses, and yet I still focused on my personal passions, outside of any other mortal.
May I honour my gifts and share them responsibly and joyously. May I bring both healing and multifarious blessings in these our troubled times.

Thankx so much for listening to my songs, for writing feedback, for supporting my campaign (CD+songbook funding) {see (expired link) for info}, for coming to the live shows, for tuning into my online concert channel { (expired link) }, for buying me tunes! either in the person via personal DIY discs or online { at (expired link) }

(expired link)
(expired link)
(expired link)

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