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Paulo Narroso Secrecy

A bluesy Latin feel with multi layers of instromental work but a cool voice and harmonica very good .. A song about hidden feelings and saving the hurt and tears till the night when alone on his bed and not wearing his hart on his sleeve or as he puts it I do not blow my own horn (which is an expression in the UK you use if you brag about your self ) but on this song its I do not broadcast the way I feel or Hurt .. Press play and let the meloncolly feelings take over for a few minutes

my review

i love this song real blues. the harmonic intro is very nice.your voice is very soothing, i love the guitar work. sounds like Santana, smooth. your production on this song is on point. this is a very well written song. look forward to hearing more work from you. also the harmonies are perfect.


yes!, good track, lovely to listen too, I like this song, nice music and really good sounding instruments, nice harmonies, nice melody, nice lyrics, good guitar work, good job...keep it up, need more songs like this.

A warm heartfelt song

"Secrecy" has a good warm heartfelt aura. The recording is good with a very good sound unlike so much on this site. The lyrics is well written and preformed with a good warm lead vocal that fits this song very well. The instrumentation fits the song. I feel the song balances in the blues genre with a latin groove. It is always a matter of opinion, but I would however do a bit different feel in the mix. The perc sometimes is to much in front and high in the mix and could do with some reverb and at one point the harmonica is competing with the sologuitar for attention. I think there is an acoustic great feel over this song that should be considered more. In this case I feel less is more. Im sad to say, me being a guitarist and all, but this song really deserves more air and less sologuitar. But WOW ! , this one made my day, so take a listen folks, this is great songwriting:) All the best -Kris
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