Dave Parsons Rivers/DJ Pcclubb / Various / GETAWAY-Dance Mix 2014


definetly loose the effects on the vocals. maybe double track some of the Getaways rythmn is solid, but could be a little more interesting, for example the hi hats and crashes come in to predictably and the whole rythmn section could do with some creative panning. bassline is simple but effective, maybe needs to be a bit bassier, one thing ive learnt is ithat bass and bass drum often cancel each other out when not in unison. id loose the reveres cymbals. melodies are nice and not to busy, but tend to blur into each other in places. overall its a solid enough track good work

getaway-dance mix 2014

I like the quality of the recording. Nice melodic line but the voice gets overpowered by all the artificial coloring. Maybe use the coloring in a more specific way or area of the song. Nice beat. In general a well done job.


The song sound very good. the composition is very well arranged making the sample chord progression very effective. I like the melodic line and vocal timber is great, maybe less effect auto tune on the vocal would make the vocal shine much more. Great job anyway


I like the beat, but I would prefer to hear the real voice (which sounds as if it has great qualities). Not bad at all.


I like the beat but i dont like Autotune. Everybody does it now and its a fad. I really want to hear something different. Check out my songs and vote on the left side of my profile. The words are good also but again.. the autotune killed my vibe of the whole song.

get away

good stuff man keep grinding !
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