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Just me -review by SMP

The composition and structure of the song is very sound. The overall listening experience is "ok". Lyrics are good, but the vocal expression is lacking a bit. I think that just a little more detail can help this song over the hump. I also dig the guitar harmonics in the bridge. Keep pushing ahead...SMP John W. Bailey Jr.

Just Me

the song fits together the mixing is good the beat dope your lyrics is koo but your delievery is off sounds like your reading off the paper when you record make sure you can say your verses without the paper and try different ways of sounding just to see what fits better its a good song you just got to put more feeling in it be more confident in your music

United States, California, Oakland

Just me review

This starts off a little mechanical.. I find the feel of the guitar and drums uninspiring. There needs to be more attitude and passion to match the lyrical content. nice harmony guitar break which could do with a better integration with the bass. Some cool guitar fills for the final chorus but they fail to save this song.

United Kingdom, London

Review of "Just me remaster 2014" by gabriellecrow

I really like the instrumentation to this song and the vocals/lyrics also. Good premise , because I know that spiritual warfare does exist and is going on all the time. I also love the guitar solos. A job well done.

United States, North Carolina, Morganton

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