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Its a nice track i feel the instruments omg the vocals are awesome i love the ..whole arrangement of this song ...the producer had it all on the mixing with those African sound effect i wish this would have been a bit with African accient in singingi it but its all alright (Premonition )

Great Band

Vibrant and exciting lots of movement from the musical arrangement. Neo Soul and Jazzy smooth delivered well. Sounding very professional. Balance (Mixed) professionally and with good instrumentation. Good job and great tune delightful Vocals in the Lead. I could ask for more length but this taste is grabbing. Sounds like this are sure to get you noticed if for nothing more than the Headliner. It's Radio Ready and sure to fit in an R&B lineup. I am reminded of a band from Philadelphia called Pieces Of A Dream...Great talent...!!!


It's really good music in every way. This song gives me the feeling back in the eighties. It's motown just as it should be, really nice done whit a lot of soul in it. I'll just keep on listening whiteout getting bored, the beautiful female vocal and the background singers carried on the good music. However, the recording of the bass drum sound a bit over the top, to much drive. Maybe you record to loud or to much compression. It's a pity, it is disturbing, because otherwise it was almost perfect.


the piece starts in an acoustic way I would dare to say in ethnic and it is harmoniously exalted with a very beautiful and full voice that fills the empty spaces left by the harmony until it is inextricably merged with it. you did a good job because even from the point of view of mixing and mastering the piece looks good so I do not feel any criticism for which I give you my best compliments for the work you did.

The Premonition review

Very Lovely refreshing sound, and such pretty vocals. A song that speaks to the soul and enriches our thought processes while soothing us. A nice composition and the arangement is excellent. I really look forward to hearing much more from this artist and wish much success which I can hear is in the making. Super Talented. Love it. God Bless You. TC

Nice Dance Track

I really enjoyed this track it took me back to the Diana Ross & Stephanie Mills days of dance and the sound. Very nice story line and nice lyrics. The track was very nicely put together with a good mixture of drums and congas, good keyboards as well. Great lead vocals and very well blended background vocals as well. Its nice to hear this type of music again and hopefully our old school heads and some of the new school heads will pick up on this track. I wish you the very best!!! Nice Job! -Chandler-

Very Good

This is a very good Composition, the singing is on point, a quality track all around, the mixing is really good, how have yourself a hit song here, this is standard, top on the line composing, arranging, and singer-songwriter, please keep doing Music! You get a 10 from Me!

Great tune... something from the old skool for the easy listeners

This remind me of the time when the likes of Sade, Tina Turner, Brandy and Monica graced the airways. its smooth, definitely from the library of easy listening. The jazzy and percussion filled backing track really gives this song an excited and Latin feel, makes it something that you could imagine dancing to. There is purpose behind the authors making this sound like something from an older purer time. Even the reverb and vocal mix comes across as a simple echo filled reverb without dynamic pans or radical EQs... this is a great song and I really feel like it adds to the rich tapestry of the era it comes from.

Good Sh

Silky, smooth and sensual and well put together. This is the type of music that is missed. The engineering could be a little better. if you get that done, I could hear this song playing on Fm radio somewhere in the U.S. I can get it there if you'd like. All you have to do is get at me.

Soulful Delight

Very moving and heartfelt song with a variation that is unique the way an arrangement ought to be.It's not repetitive like most songs you hear nowdays.The voices blend just right and is so pleasant that you want to listen over and over.I recommend this song for a top chart position.Hats off to Oscar Deric Brown ! Keep telling the story in music my friend.The only thing I would have done is a more jam piano ride somewhere toward the end but that's just me

Enchanting Musical Voyage

Salut Oscar...so glad I had the opportunity to hear this 'enthralling and hypnotic' presentation. It has a freshness and clarity that allows the listener to 'visualize' the lyrics. The instrumentation is flawless...the lead vocal phrasing and range is impressive...and the backing vocals tie everytjing together. It seems as though you've found a treasure. Bon Continuation! Barrymore
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