O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / Don't go away (2018 - 1st Album - Dead or Alive)


Very nicely done sounds 80ish i love the song vocals are in key and the musically is very well done.keep up the great work and never give up on your dreams almost there. Best of luck I'll looking out for your music. Steve from voodoo dancer

New day awaits

Sounds cool i kind of cool like guitar ..and voice have potential to father in rock need hear more its nice feel haunting well keep up the good work maybe get a contract w music industry yes

very good band

probably one of the best bands in number one music very up beat classic even . i would try to see them live if possible let me know if they come to London UK my best pic of the week. if not the best pic so far.

Straight up Rock

I really like this song. It reminds me a lot of Chris Daughtry. It's got a strong beat and a solid rock structure. Vocal is great and the mix is also very good. Definitely checks all the boxes in its genre. Why haven't I heard this on the radio?

Las buenas melodias de ONIX

Una cancion con un tinte muy alternativo pop. una buena voz bien impostada y que nada tiene que envidiarle a los grandes cantantes. un muy buen groove a lo largo de la cancion que te mantiene a la espectativa que vaya a romper con un estribillo mortal. que de hecho lo tiene con una bella melodia. en mi parecer una gran cancion y ganas de seguir escuchando mas de este artista.

Come Back!

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song O-Nyx gives another powerful rock song I want on my playlist and hit repeat NOW! Expertly produced music, smooth vocals this is an example of what great music should always be. More, please.

sempre bravissimi

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Like it

Excellent piece of Californian rock! Like the beat, like the groove, like the well done Rythmic. Your melody line is strange enough to keep us interested and surprised trying to guess what will be the next note. Excellent. One critic may be, something in the mix is not working ell enough and can be improved to give more depth to the excellent vocals. Try to hear a song oof Daughtry and you will capt immediately how the mix can enhance a vocal depth. Then this song will be exceptional. Because all the components are very well done. Bravo.

Topixx review

Cool song, I think the vocals are nice and fit the music well. I feel like this track just needs a little more production and it would be a hit. One of the best tracks I have heard on this site. Only thing I could say other than that is maybe tweak the arrangement slightly for better radio play. But seriously nice rock track!

Not a Wimpy Ballad.from this Band

Here's what I like about this ballad. The repetitive riff eight notes intertwining with the pleading vocals and drums in the verses. Then subtle power chords in the chorus. Then a not too long guitar oriented break. The production never overwhelms the song. Keeping it relatively simple here, works for me. This song is above the average; these guys are pros. I'm guessing a live version would be even sharper.


You must re write beginning of this song..or drop It..good part starts after 1 min mark..trust me no Music publisher will take That Much Time to listen all You got is max 10 sec to "Catch" The Ear..and is too long for a Radio Play ( they using less than 4 min so the best way is to re record It and after work is done send It out.. is good as It is for a Life Concerts but not so for Music Bizz..I wish You good luck with Pitching.. I like some parts of It.. Good Job..

Bonito tema!!!

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera, me alegro de escuchar tu canción porque entra dentro de mis gustos musicales. Buenos arreglos al final de la canción y una línea suave pero enérgica en todo el tema, felicidades!!!! Por otra parte, he echado de menos algunos cambios, sobre todo en los primeros minutos, más que nada por romper un poco la monotonía tonal, aunque reconozco que soy amante del rock progresivo, y eso puede influenciarme negativamente...en cualquier caso, el tema es estupendo. Un saludo!!!
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