O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / Dead or alive (2018 - 1st Album - Dead or Alive)

Solid as Rock

This recording makes me happy and I am glad to have found it. First of the production is good, the muscians are great (from guitars, bass and drumms to vocals) and finally and maybe most important it's a good solid rock track with a solid and steady beat. I bet when this group play live the crowd can't stand still. I know I wouldn't be able too at laest :) So to sum it up: Well done guys and keep them comming :)


O-NYX has sent you a request to review their 2nd track of their 1st Album - "Dead or Alive"... What you have here are excellent tracks & mix. Not much you can say bad about "O-NYX" except, the CD cover photo of a giant black head being popped with fire! I've listened to a lot of "O-NYX's" songs, all unusually interesting... Where ever "O-NYX" have originated, don't know if they are British or Frenchish, they claim the latter, France, it sounds like both country's have that American English accent going on when they sing. Check out "O-NYX" page and their other LP's/CD's "You Can't Get Away" & "If You Leave Me Now"...Rock On...

Alive Fer Sher

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song Onyx heads back to basics with solid vocals that are dynamic, powerful - yet tender and well timed. Musically, Onyx always is solid with masterful production. More please!

A killer rock song !

It´s great to hear this well written, well performed and arranged song. It has a personal and strong vocal and I guess this band probably sounds even better live :) Well done ! Rock on dudes ! -All the best Kris


Check it out...This isn't the ONYX from the USA back in the early 90's. This is straight outta FRANCE, kick ass rock and roll. Give it a listen and enjoy. Rated a 4.6. Peace out, much love everyone. - J. Ryan Daniel

Dead or Alive.....( Good Tune, )

These Guy's Are Good & Would Be A Great Opening Act For Me> I Love The Musicians, & The Vocalist. They Need Nothing But Exposiers....If You Cain't Get Into This, 'Shame On You>.......I Give It A 4.7. Would , You Gu's Open For Me?

Rock Roots Have Finally returned to Music!!!

Very glad to have clicked onto this track which brought me back to when rock had a tremendous feel with its drums...guitar rifts and tremendous vocals!...This Song is Killer Guys!!...Loved It!!...you Posess a sound many of us true rock fans have been waiting to hear again!!, upon typing this i could not wait to hit the replay button again!!!!..please, dont ever change your style and keep rockin on with these styles of songs!!!!!!!

Great singer!

The first thing I have to say is wow, awesome vocalist!! I love your intonation, nuance and breathing control. In the chorus, the rhythm guitar should be a little less loud, as it currently is louder than the lead vocalist and I can hardly hear the lyrics. The drum track could also use a little EQing. I think it would be a good idea to boost the high frequencies a bit, as it sounds a tad muffled. Solo is okay, but there is so much going on at the same time with the two guitars that it would need to stand out a bit more and that is only a matter of mixing. Overall, a nice song and something else you could add to it is a few back vocal track, even if it was the lead singer doing them. It would uplift the song that is otherwise a tad too linear. Still, very good overall!

Smooth & solid

I really like these guys. You can tell they have worked hard to find their own original sound. Nicely done! Good melody and hook. Nice guitar solo and solid foundation with smooth vocals make it a complete package!

Great song.

Very good song, I like the sound of the bass and the strength that the guitar prints, the first guitar sounds very good. Good melody and good voice. Good interpretation, this song sounds very good. Greetings.

Dead or alive

It sounds really good. Stylish rock. The drums are a mixed little too high in my opinion, but it is very marginal. The singer increases the feeling of the song. Good and rocky feeling. Good shape on the song and dynamic. The recording quality is also good.


Very cool, very powerful voice and I like the way you use it. There is one part of the song where your voice oddly drops and that is the only part I might change, it’s something you did a few times. I like the way you go hard with the chorus in a very powerful voice. The instrumentals are great. You must be pretty popular already and if you are not you will be soon so keep up the good work because you have a listener in me. Thanks for allowing me to review Courtney couture


Dead or alive. This song like life and death, has lots of twisted dips and highlighted turns. Good drums, better vocalist. I like this song. Very creative. Thanks Magic. Can't wait to hear more.

Another Great Song From Onyx!

Onyx are a class act. This song is well produced and original. It tells a story told with soul by the lead singer who has a great and original voice. Its good that at last real music is making a fight back and much of it is on Number One Music!

Dead or alive

Nice sounding song. Sounds a little like a drum machine. I prefer real drums. The voice is really good. The tune is nice and guitars sound tight and good quality sound. Overall good song. Almost radio quality. Good luck in the future. I like the sound. Keep making music. I think you guys have a future in music. Check mine out. All done with real players and instruments. Take care
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