O-NYX / If you leave me now / Let me down (2016 - LP : If you leave me now)


Good riff and vocals,good band,great leads,song is good too,driving drums,I like the progression of the chords,really good lead vocal,and chorus is strong too,would have liked another verse,but the overall arrangement is good,maybe bringing it down after that rocking lead,maybe even back to the original really cool beginning and then a rocking end,even just that part right after the beginning lick as the band comes in,and then a rocking. ending


I really like the intensity of your mix. You sound somewhat like, 'S.T.P' meets Audio Slave? Not bad. Trust me I can't say that with much of the music that tries to pass as art these days! Keep up the good work and please, let me know what you think of my material if you can find the time?

Let Me Down

This song is great! It has a nice groove to it and your singer has one of the better voices I have heard reviewing bands. I love the fact the song has a somewhat "familiar" feeling to it. Your band has an old school rock vibe to it that I just love! You guys are very talented! Everything seems to fit very nicely in place as it should. Tasty guitar work, not too much or too little and not a bunch of overplaying. The bass is right in the pocket and the drums are solid. This is a great band and a great song I would recommend this band to anyone that likes good, solid rock music. I can't say anything but praise for this band and this song!


Let me down review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

O-NYX- Let Me Down- Reviewed by Eja Slade.

Epic stuff this. Gripping, and well arranged. From the opening stop/start guitar riff, the song takes your attention, with dynamic chord changes, and a glorious refrain. And this song does not remind me of anyone else, which is a good thing. This group should go far, as the quality of their material is consistent, and of a very high standard. The production is also of high quality, allowing the band to shine. I almost forgot, what a great guitar solo, the man 'has it goin' on', no doubt about it. A good all- round performance. Well done.

Great Song

Song is great! The sound is good, the singer is nailing it. Played this song several times and I enjoy it every time I listen. Overall, a very good rock song which deserves alot of attention. Great job.

Sweet recording

Just love the recording quality of this track I’ve always joked that I want to be an electric guitar this song really makes me feel that way. Love the guitar sound the crispness of the vocals and the arrangements of the musicality of this track putting it all together for real rock sound. Lyrically this song is very strong makes me want to listen to the end and know more great job, this is top notch!

Let me down

Here's another good song from O-nyx...... Arrangement: I like the arrangement on this one. Very tight, very controlled. Each instrument is correlated within the perameters of it's own track. Drums are consistant in timing, tempo, fills, and careful attention to not overplaying. The bass is good, but could come up in vol just abit, or adjust the bottom end of the EQ. Rhythm guitar is tastefully done, just a bit here, and a bit there, not overplayed throughout the entire song. Lead guitar is also carefully thought out in it own scope and placement. Well done! Vocals: The vocals are clean and well executed. not over modulated or over produced. Pronunciation is crisp and clear. Lyrics: Good lyrics, the story line is easily understood; nice touch on the doubling of the Chorus vocals. Back up vocals are nicely placed just behind the lead vocals, nicely balanced in the EQ/ LR position. Well done! Mix: Perfect! Yes, O-nyx has done it again, another great example of excellent thoughtful application of artistic endeavors. Your on the right 'track' Donivan.


Has a 70's feel to the song. Good harmony. Chorus has a Creed Sound. A little more producing will make it sound better. I like the sound of the song in general. The octave guitars leads give it a more modern sound.


The track "Let Me Down" is so well written, produced and arranged, that I'm not inclined to offer any constructive critisizm that will assist this artist. The track is clean and well balanced. The bass guitar still holds the song in place, despite the effects on the bass. Vocals are spot on. Drums are solid and well played, and the guitars don't ever get too over the top with distortion. Well done O-NYX!!

Solid Song

The instruments and vocals on this song are solid and strong. Really liked the lead guitar part. Sounds like it was all well recorded. I can hear all parts well. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)

I Liked it!

Great work you've done on this track. Nice intro kickin' off a good groove. The back ground guitar work behind the vocals is a good touch. I was waiting to see what the bridge was going to do and was 'not' disappointed. It was excellent the way it was extended and not cut off too soon. Again, it was another nice touch doing that. The vamp out was spot on. There aren't that many songs listed like this that can keep my attention the whole way through. Again..."I Liked it". Keep up the Good Work! ~ Gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

O-NYX My Review!

Hello fellows nice track the music has a rock feel but yet soft on the ears I also enjoy the lyrics as well you and your band are very talented and I am sure your listeners will enjoy your song also I really hope you and your band get a lot of airplay on a scale of 1-10 here is my 10 I hope you fellows continue to work toward your hit record keep up the great work and I hope to hear more from you from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross music Group/UMG.

Got a melancholic touch to it...

I like the reversed delays in the beginning intro, before the voice sets in. Good and melancholic touch to it, but rocking through the parts. Very pathetic and emotional. One little lack: the awesome guitar solo could be mixed louder for my taste. I try to mix solo parts equal to the main voice. But overall good song writing, performance, recording, production and mix. Keep it up that way!

let me down

i really like the verses in this song has a great riff going on through it in a good rockin way,,the jury is still out for me on the chorus suitability with the verses it doesn't quite gel and appears slightly out of context musically but there is relief with the lead guitar solo to keep fans listening I have reviewed other tracks for these guys and this is up there with those other songs
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