O-NYX / If you leave me now / I'll be there (2015 - LP : If you leave now)

Move A Couple Of Things Around...

Hey guys... First let me say that reviewing a lot of stuff on here can be painful...lol... I however was very happy to hear your song. Great groove, Great musicianship, finally a singer that can carry a melody and sing in tune, nice little hooks musically and lyrically...But here is the deal... you have an ok song here. Do you want to make it a great song? I feel this song deserves to become great and the good thing is that it would be very easy to do so. YOUR SONG IS STRUCTURED ALL WRONG. You have made it too easy for me to lose interest. It made me mad when I heard your structure. Here is how you fix this- verse1, chorus1, then verse2, then chorus2 then guitar solo acting as your bridge and then chorus out. Im listening and I hear a great verse and then a chorus doubled it sounds like (if the chorus is not doubled then cut it in half and get back to the verse) and then I have to listen to a guitar solo...why?...I want to hear the story your telling...then the solo section is WAY TOO long.. then another verse chorus and then ANOTHER guitar solo...really? Are you selling the song or the guitar player? GUYS- set the egos aside and protect your song. give me that great verse you have, then give me a 4 bar chorus then give me that second verse back then hook me with another FULL chorus THEN let the guitar player play 4 bars but then give me the song back. If y'all can set your egos aside and just try this and see how it feels you will be amazed at how GREAT of a song you really have. I learned song structure from Grammy winning writers so Im not messing with you... Im trying to help. Go to my page and listen to some of my tunes.. you will find structure and hooks. You have all of this as well. You just need to learn to put your song (your baby) first. Take care of your song. There are a million guitar players out there. But there is only one O-NYX. Peace, B

Checked Out: "I'll Be There" 3-10-2015

Great guitar introduction with rhythm section holding it down. Bass licks coming in good. Vocals mixed in well, like how the drums with cymbals are fit in back there. Good use of back-up vocals. Bold use of lead vocals voice. Guitar solo fits in well. Lyrics interesting. The use of the chorus fits in well. Awesome second guitar solo. Love the effect on the lead guitar at this point. Great distortion. Chorus comes back in well. Thought it was going to fade out more but, the use of that final chord worked good.

I'll be there

First of all the lyrics are good. Good to hear a mature love song. The vocals are well mixed. they are out front and not overpowering. The timber of the vocalist's voice fits the style of music he is singing. The Rythum guitar intro is crisp and on time. I like the drive the guitars add to the song with out comping allover the vocal track. The leads are simple direct and to the point . I do think the second one should be more like the first it just doesn't quite seem like it fits tone wise. The drums are tight but a few more fills and stops would help the flow of the song, especially in the intro. Hope this helps

surprisingly good

Thanks for sharing your song with me and looking for some feedback positive or negative. Very good lyrics and vocals go well with the backing band. I wouldn't mind hearing this on my local radio stations playing this. Keep up the good work and good luck with your future in the music business. -DuHBooZeR

I'll be there

The quality of the recording and production is very good, professional quality. I easily found each instrument in the mix, I'm a drummer so I would have liked to hear a little more tone in the drums. All parts of the song are solid, other then the lyrics get a little old by the third verse. I think the song is very well done. Keep rocking...

I'll be there

Hi great track nice vocal melodies and harmonies which I love , nice guitar riff which holds the whole song together.good production nice driving your car song well done.i

The Recasts review of O-NYX- I'll be there

its really got a lot of potential, the solo in it is great and the chorus is catchy. Very well made track! I think all the instruments sound good together, my only thing would be that the instruments dont sound very live. I think that could put this track a bit higher, but very well made!

I'll Be There

Well the song starts out with a nice building toe tapping song....but then as soon as the vocals come in it kills the arrangement. You should have kept the song stripped down as in the intro and just add a vocal on top instead of hitting the listener full on. Some songs you can do that with but this one you can't.... the other major problem is the song has no melody with muddled vocals...I'll be there...I'll be yours is just not very strong melodically or in any form of a hook. The transition to the bridge is very sloppy I suggest much more thought is put into all transitions ESPECIALLY by the drummer who is very weak. When you write a song you must insure each instrument or vocal part has it's place sonically within the mix..... the mix of this song is also very poor. I have years experience in pegging quickly the talent as most A&R people who have any chops will give a song at best 30 seconds to grab them or it's onto the next song. You had me interested right up until the vocals and everything else all chimed in so think about the building blocks working up to more parts and production by the end of the bridge/solo. Song writing is a craft...it can take years to master and some never do....so you need to sit back and really be critical of what you are listening to...and if you can't hopeful you have others you can bounce stuff off that will not just tell you "oh it's great". Keep working at it guys... it's just one song out of thousands you can write...remember that always! Al the best Cousin C

Excellent to be on the radios.

Hi there: You have a fine guitar phrase,constructed upon a clever chord progression. After this, a efficient hook.I also like the guitar solo,what's great. Certainly,you have all the characteristics to be on the radio. However,i think there's two unfavorable points: 1-The refrain is repeated too much times;it's not necessary. 2-So this problem leads to the second one;the whole song is a bit longer.There's no such amount of information,that justify this. If you eliminate the redundancies, and the overload repetitions,you can solve the problem. Good luck and success: GWB70

I'll Be There - good song, best I've heard on here for a while in fact

Well done O-NYX a nice song. When it first started I thought it was going to be a bit cliched but once it got going it was very catchy with some nice guitar work and vocals that reminded me of the late great Billie Currie at times. The only thing I'd suggest is tightening up the intro and maybe shortening it a little, although I did not lose interest despite it being over 5 minutes long ;0)


Good work,keep rockin,i enjoyed your song!!keep in touch,have fun in all that you do in thje future,good luck!!. from,THOMAS WASHINGTON


This song and sound are very catchy! I like how it is easy to follow, and seems comfortable. I like the singing. The harmony parts sound well together. Overall, I gave it a 3.4, because I could see hearing this on the radio. The Lead Guitar sounded fairly tight. You guys ROCK! Keep going.

Buena, muy buena!!!

Me encantó. Es algo como lo que ami mismo me gustaría hacer. Totalmente identificado con esta canción. Muy linda melodía y colocación de la voz. Los arreglos de guitarra me gustaron mucho. Saludos y éxitos!


I personally think the song has potential and you sound convening but you need too let the song build up it had no build up you came in strong and it stayed strong if you let it build up from the beginning to the chorus you will have a good song so stay at it and keep giving it your all peace. CaNy Entertainment


Nice easy listening rock music, good chops and a great feel, very mainstream and written with a set market inline ,I could hear this on local radio, very impressed ... Could this be a single for a clip ???? perhaps , i would suggest guys approach a local recording company for some exposure perhaps a distribution deal ...could be worth it for you .. Drumming simple yet very effective , bassist is great nice runs that suit , and the guitarist not over playing , all for the song .... good luck guys go get em!
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