ONE ROOT / Soldiers of Love / Mr Farmer -Soldiers of Love- 2019


 Keep up the good work it a good song I would recommend this song to a friend .it has that chill and just have a good vibe type of feeling to it cheers man keep up the good work one love blesss

My opinion

I've been listening to One root for a good time now the song is very good as a matter of fact all of they material are very good material but this one I love it. I hope they will continue to make good songs I will give this one five stars there's no doubt about it sky the limit for this artist just keep on doing what you doing.

Eclectic Reggae

I enjoyed this eclectic reggae sound. The sound is also very spacey and dreamy thanks to well synced echo effects. This selection was very easy to listen to, and the horn shots of the brass section added a very spicy flavor to the overall sound as well. I particularly enjoyed the tasteful lead guitar licks.

Musical Youth meets Nina Hagen

This track starts off with some crisp drums then goes straight to those amazing horns and classic vocals dripping with wicked dub... total throwback to Nina Hagen's African Reggae! I was surprised at how smooth and authentic the song felt, not a thing out of place or missing in this awesome creation! Keep up the great work cause you just got a new fan from Canada!

Secret Rival

The lyric of tbe song has a real positive message and grab your ears, but the tempo of the track is too laid back and people like a lively rhythm which they can feel throughout the song, so speed up the beat at least 5 decibals and you have a winner..

Roots Rasta Vibes

Fantastic beats from soul translated in contemporary musica: the essence of Jamaican Grand Masters of Roots Reggae is played with elegance in elaboraterd compositions and very well executed tracks. The power of Jah is with you, guys!

Very nice!

Uma música gostosa de ouvir. Parabéns para você pela bonita melodia, produção bem feita e bem arranjada! Gostei muito de sua música e sua voz também, está adicionada em minhas favoritas. Sucesso para você!

Cut Down Trees

ONE ROOT - MR. FARMER- SOLDIERS OF LOVE is a funky... cool bass driven groove that makes my soul free a sense of freedom and sorrow as I listen to the message of Mr. Farmer's sorrow. Yet the groove makes me want to dance away the blues. I love the Prince falsetto of the vocalist that is grabbing my attention of the story. The mixture of the bass line and it's steady groove with the falsetto vocal is very cool. It draws my ear to what the story is all about. "Million of farmers are trying to cut down the trees.. Seeds are planted... Children... Children!"

Mr Farmer

It took a minute to Start , The riddum is great especially fora well as we call it here in jamaica a foreign reggae song the pitch of the vocalist is good This song will do great in foreign buh mi nuh think it would get any radio time on a radio here in Jamaica

Heartical roots

Hearitcal roots, in the true essence of the word is what this Album is about, and those two words sums it up nicely, heart warming production soothing and relaxing roots rock reggae music, very pleasing to the ear, yet provide a lot of food for mind body and soul, Yes that's what Mr. Farmer - Soldier of Love, One Root, brings to the table, a Refreshing approach but still steep in the tradition of Roots Reggae music, if you love roots reggae Music give a listen, and enjoy to your hearts delight.


Deep, meaningful take you to a roam love it. Has a smooth arrangement new to old reggae sound very creative piece voice was really smooth love the lyric and the intro please make more music

Good vibes

Nice music keep burning the fire ????????????????I can't wait to hear the album I bet it will be a banger ,just keep up the good work because good music will always stand over all other things #oneroot good vibes


There's something indescribable and unfathomable about music, yet it's something that we can all feel and relate to. And while music can never fully be described by words, these quotes powerfully capture different angles of its beauty and put to language all the things we love about it as musicians.

Great beat and vocals

In my opinion, This song has an awesome beat and really nice vocals. Soldiers of Love is a very nice title, All in all, it sounds great. Keep up the good work Id like to hear more of the songs you write.


Blessings in the name of the most high. I'm loving the roots vibes. The music is relaxing and the message is great. Nice vocals too I'm sitting here rocking to your song as I write this review. keep it going and I look forward to hearing more from you. Bless up and one love.
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