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Reggae night :-D

The production is cool, a reggae song. It's not so usual this kind of mixing, the voice so behind, the keyboard so in front. I probably would not mix like this, i find the lyrics are very hard to understand and at the chorus, the two voices together and the guitar makes it a bit freaky... If it's everything made on purpose, then I see the point.


This is fire bro , I cant wait to hear what you drop next. I like how it starts off all mysterious then you come in smooth. And the lyrics are so attention catching. If you ever wanna collab lmk.


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here is a typical reggae song that we've heard the beat a million times before and yet here it is again. Why? Because it works. Vocally, however, the production doesn't serve the singer well.

All the ingredients are there.

This is a really nice tune. I listened on my home studio and this song has all the right ingredients. Comes across like a little spooky fairground, which I think is great. I also listened to a few other tracks which covered a number of genre's and this made me try to focus on why 4 stars & not 5. Talent and ability is not an issue as there is plenty of both. In this case I think the mix could be a bit more adventurous, putting the vocals a bit more up front. The meaning in the lyrics just gets lost in their mix levels, although the feel is great. It's reggae so a little more definition and level on the bass would also be welcome :) Overall 4 stars is really good and I liked the tune. A bit more determination to get the best out of the mix would get it to 5 stars me thinks


this is music and lovely feeling over it this is some dope music with deep roots from reggae can't wait to listen to Moore and Moore music from this great reggae group artist wow wow wow I recommend this awesome music essi


I like Your tune.. but Quality of Recording are not much..if You got a chance make a better Radio Ready Quality..I do not know any Major Music Publisher who will take time and listen this song.. so re record It with better arrangement and after is done send It out.. trust me Music Publishers are very hard to please and They are very sensitive about The Quality..same is with Radio Stations..I wish You good luck with the work ahead You are on the right track..


A nice relaxing rhythm with a lot of potentials puts me in mind of Lee Scratch Perry and the Upsetters. it has that old school roots feel from the 70s. With a little brushing up this tune could be going places. A nice piece of work.


This will be a nice song but some work has to be done.. First Recording Quality are Very make a new Arrangement and Record a Good Vocal ( I'm sure that You know that This vocal part is no good ) found a good singer and all will be Itnow ..Not Ready for a Radio Play .and I do not think Music Publisher will listen.. so Record It make Sure is Radio Ready Quality Recording and when all is done.. tryto send It out.. I wish You good luck with submissions..

Reasonable doubt : REVIEW

It's a very eclectic arrangement displaying unison. The sounds are very fresh and indigenous to reggae music. The resonates well with the lyrics of the song the delivery of such is so addictive and intriguing. A song like this should do well on the European reggae charts in exception to the one issue I find with the song. The master volume is much too low and the listener has to give undivided attention in order to grasp the concept of the material however the arrangments were definitive and enchanting great job overall.


I'm not sure what It is...Recording Quality is Very Bad..You need to rerecord It.. as It is now Music Publishers and Radio Stations will not play .It need a Lot of work to make a Radio Ready Recording .as It is now is just a Working Demo..I know that Your Friends will tell You that This is the best song ever written.. but Trust me.. is not.. so Put a better arrangement and Vocal.. make a Radio Ready Recording and after all is done will be ready to play.. good luck..

Uncharacteristic Reggae Style

One typical feature of reggae-song is a direct message and this one is a good example. The lyrics are short phrase chosen as encapsulating beliefs or ideals guiding the whole song. The whole track is accompained by church organ sound and the beat from a drum computer. The untypical sound from the keyboard for this reggae song plays the main role in this recording. Vocals aren´t always exactly where they should be on track, but the lyrics tell a story and stand out. I like the monotony and easy mood of the track although of sparse instrumentation. Ambitious composition from the songwriter. Maybe you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Reasonable Doubt

Listening to this tune, it's so chilled it drives your spirituality to another level that i can't explain, love the vibe, coolness mixture of African love it, keep up the good I would listen to this tune whenever I want to go deep with my spirituality, nuff Raspect

Honest feed back with love

Hey bro I like your sound this is like a reggae rock county song. Your lyrics are unique and tells a country like folk story but beat is a roots reggae hip hop type be.. I think honestly you need to get a good mix and mastering engineer to make this a good hit..the riddim and your voice is low too low so that would sort u out.. Bless feedback with love #DIAMONDPLUS


I think the song would be better if the vocals become more synchronized. But it is a song wish gives positive vibes to listen to. I think there will be many listener who is found of this sound of reggae forwards.

Nice Job Fun too !

Nice Job Fun too ! As per this genre goes, this is fresh and fun to listen to. It comes across as honest real. Positive critique: The delay on the background vocals is distracting... I would like to have heard the lead vocals a little more "forward" in the final mix... Thanks for sharing your music ! :-)
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